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  1. Nokia 3806

    whats its price?symbian os?will it be available with reliance in india,because reliance have announced alliance with coolpad to sell coolpad mobile..
  2. in stv 45, 1p/2s is for local aircel numbers or applicable to all local numbers
  3. 3g doubts

    after reliance gets a good gsm market share will they quit cdma business? i think main focus is on gsm rather than cdma.. why people are speaking only about 3G gsm and not 3G cdma? is there any possibilities of gsm players entering cdma space as reliance and tata docomo did? whats the difference between 3G cdma and 3G gsm?which one will be better....
  4. 3g doubts

    Hi every one, I've following doubts,please clarify... 1.Reliance gsm is 3G?what about reliance cdma?what generation is it? 2.is 3G common for both cdma and gsm player?i.e,will 3G auction for cdma has to come for network upgradation? 3.what all are the difference that a end user feel if he switches from 2G to 3G? thank you