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  1. Please Suggest for Best GPS Mobile for old Parents

    @raccon> agree @rajan sir will google about it more.. pls gime some lead. @Kamal bhai > thanks
  2. Please Suggest for Best GPS Mobile for old Parents

    thank you gurus and seniors for advice, rajan sir thanks for your +1, they(my parents) have taken care of me all my life (still caring..), just trying to make it easy for them. @raccoon > i have used DOCOMO in mumbai and its comparatively good(value for money), A_GPS or GPS , not sure which one is better in my case, or will behave same as the accounts will talk to each other for coordinates. @Dhiraj Bhai > without android 2.2 its not value for money (that's what i feel) , with LG optimus and like i will go out of budget. @Karthik > " Friend, I dont think it is possible to keep the Tata Docomo's (or any other in this regard) gprs data active 24x7 for 30 days. It will eventually time out and the data connection will snap. Else one need to keep it frequently refreshed, which can be cumbersome. " .. i think its a valid point > any probable solution for this..
  3. hi guys, pls advice me some good mobiles for my old parents so that they can see each-others movements/whereabouts,(i will train them how to use it). Oky now the idea is.. my government servant (now retired father); does have a particular habit of not picking up phone , and my mom get too worried about his whereabouts as he have lots of time(after his retirement) and just rome-around a lot. so this is to keep a check on his movements and whereabouts. action plan: A)i will buy two handsets, download and install Google maps on both handsets, create gmail ids for both parents and add them to each other and keep the data on always. B)will buy two docomo prepaid sims get them topped for rs. 95/6gb data on each handset will keep always data on mode. so that live update happen always, i think 6 GB of data should be sufficient for 30 days 24/7, for on mobile gps. C)Seeking advice on: 1.Will my above plan work/solve the purpose. 2.I am seeking advice on how accurate gps/location show-up will be 3.handset suggestion pls. 4.do anyone have/think of anything better plan for this. 5.i know A-GPS will use data, but if i go for TRUE-GPS mobile like NOKIA 5230 will it have any advantage on my purpose. anyways my both parents love this idea. i have planned to buy two NOKIA 5233 from ebay that will cost me around 11k+ free 250 GB hard disk = 11k-2k= effectively a 9k deal. which looks perfect at this moment (though i was looking for some android mobiles , but cant find at this price/value point.) thanks for reading my family saga . and thanks a lot to all rimwebains for their contribution and support.
  4. Photography Tips For Beginners

    thankyou kamalji for tips
  5. i found this page ..http://www.myfirstandroid.com/ < guys check it.. looks cool (i am talking about the webpage )
  6. New Launch: Lg 235 Cookie Spark

    source pls..
  7. Possible: Two Cdma Connections In One Cdma Phone?

    Thanx Guys, I am just asking because i want to give a to my mother so that whenever she is here in (Mumbai) she can use mumbai circle number and whenever she stays with my brother at (UP East Circle) she can use (UP East Circle) , i hope soft reset and changing from nam1 to nam2 is not that tech thingy stuff in Touch Pro
  8. Possible: Two Cdma Connections In One Cdma Phone?

    thnx doc , but can i programme both the numbers by sitting here in mumbai.. i mean for the (UP east circle) number if i call *228..from the handset sitting here in mumbai, doc also pls include me a link on how to program the handset for nam 1 and 2. thanx and regards
  9. Possible: Two Cdma Connections In One Cdma Phone?

    hey guys.. i alos want to buy one htc diamond for my mother... and want to programe two numbers pls tell me the requirements to do the excercise 1. Nam1 - Reliance Number (Mumbai Circle) (Handset will be me here in Mumbai) 2. Nam2 - Again Reliance Number (UP-West Circle) (Handset will be here with me in Mumbai) Pls enlist the requirement/pre-requiste or possible combinations Regards
  10. hey saket, i am in mumbai.. can i buy bsnl EVDO or 3G modem/connection ( i will buy it from Pune) and use it in mumbai (do they have roaming charges in Data)
  11. Bluetooth Stereo Headset Problem In 8830 We ?

    Yes. My sprint 4.5 firmware 8830 WE do the same with my Motorola S705 Stereo bluetooth unit.. till date i havent got a solution.. but u can try .. going to bluetooth> options and try switching either one Headset or Handsfree and go back to device profile refresh services and it might work if not then restart and repair.. this should work with either of the one "Headset" or "Handsfree" if not then check with doc about how to update only bluetooth module in bb88830we..
  12. Blackberry 8830 .... Bsnl 3G?

    n bro bb8830 is edge enabled.... Yes it is .. Forum Experts pls confirm with source.. some people get it some not.. Pls elaborate i never understand sm things abt bb... like sm times u can know balance by dialing *123# but most of the time it doesn't work.... why call customer care then conference call *123# u will always get balance info
  13. Blackberry 8830 .... Bsnl 3G?

    Get GSM + BIS on this phone, (100% possible) which will be MAX for your phone. I am not on BES/BIS .. but how it is going to change/increase data transfer speed..?? Pls throw some light on this ( and any possible tweak to get maximum possible data transfer speed), which is i believe (theoretical maximum is 473.6 kbit/s) which means > 473.6/8 = 59.2 KB/s.
  14. Blackberry 8830 .... Bsnl 3G?