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  1. Hi Rajan, Thanks for the quick reply. I am sending only PORT <mobile number> to 1900. There are no signatures or any prefix, suffix. Regards Suhas
  2. Hi, From my Reliance CDMA mobile, I am unable to send SMS PORT <mobile number> to 1900. I get 'Invalid Address' error. Anybody else facing similar issue? Please help me resolve this issue. Regards Suhas
  3. MNP Experience

    Hi All, Has anybody faced any issues or problems with billing (in case of post paid connection) after porting from one operator to other operator. Please highlight. Regards Suhas
  4. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    The ad can be seen in TOI Bangalore edition also. Corby Speed is for CDMA. Also, Reliance is offering 15GB free for 2 months (post paid). The ad for Omnia is only for GSM.