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  1. The experience has been pretty much the same for me. The only difference is that the customs duty for electronics has gone up tremendously.
  2. Any update on the scene? You guys found any alternatives?
  3. Did anyone find any alternatives?
  4. I called Sneha from SnS today. She told it is risky to import used phones since they will charge market value 90% of the times (sometimes even more) & also since it is not allowed by law. She advised me against it. Anuradha is not taking calls. She gave me Sneha's number.
  5. I got the exact same query. What are our options now, after PPOBOX has shut shop?
  6. Yes, there is an increase in duty. Also, importing used phones is not allowed via PPOBox anymore. What are our options, now? Which is the next cheapest available service?
  7. Is HSG cheaper than PPOBox after their 4% hike in custom duty?
  8. Thanks for the info. That would be castastrophical if it turns out that way. The only positive I can think of is this would also increase prices of imported retail cell phones sold in India.
  9. Any updates on the new custom duty to be charged on mobile phones? Things seem a bit unclear at the moment.
  10. Tell you what, I was charged Rs.3,051 for a new G2. They told me customs was charged on $400. Any cheaper alternatives?
  11. What is New Other? Also, how does the custom official decide if the phone is New or used? Based on the seal?
  12. Is the duty charged on the invoice or the market price when using SNS?
  13. Did you get your PPOBox invoice?