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  1. Thanks friends fro your kind support to update my Moto G CDMA XT1031 from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 and activate its voice & data successfully. I love 4.4.4 as it is fast & working well. But ACR (Automatic Call Recorder) , which I was using successfully on 4.3.2 , is not working on 4.4.4 Is there any Call Recorder which can be used on Moto G CDMA 4.4.4 XT4031 flashed for Reliance India? Or do we need to downgrade 4.3.2 to use ACR?
  2. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    I didn't buy mobile from a seller of rim web forum. It was outside located at Lajpat nagar delhi
  3. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    He refuse to give data dump.He is saying that he doesn't have data dump & will do it by another way. I am at the stake and can't do nothing except pay him.
  4. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    Thanks Bhai for such a prompt reply. It means that for Data , I need to rely on seller , who otherwise costing INR1000/- for flash/program.
  5. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    Dear Hitesh Bhai , Thanks for such nice blogs on CDMA knowledge base especially Reliance & Moto G. I have Moto G Boost flashed for Reliance CDMA during 03.2014. It has updated to 4.4.2 recently and in a market , I paid a good amount to reprogram it for Reliance CDMA. I am getting calls but not able to do most of outgoing calls as calls drops before connecting. Some numbers are connecting not others. I want to flash 4.3 stock ROM in this moto G phone as same was working well since 6 months. I have prl file , MIN & can use CDMAtools. I am downloading http://sbfdownload.droid-developers.org/download/falcon/falcon_boost_user_4.3_14.10.0Q3.X-84-9_11_release-keys-cid9.xml.zip for further flash it to moto G as per procedure laid in post. After flashing 4.3 , I will upload prl file , Enter MIN.. Can I download data dump file /settings for 3G/EVDO from existing phone before starting for downgrading it to 4.3 by CDMA tools? So that I can re-up these data dump/network settings back to downgraded ROM. It would be kind to tell some steps to do so i.e. 1. FLASH DOWNGRADED ROM. 2. Program it for Reliance CDMA (If we know MIN/prl already) 3. Should we need to contact Reliance Call Center after such flash of ROM? etc. Please help Hitesh Bhai ..... Regards
  7. I have Moto G Boost already patched for Reliance CDMA. Recently I wrongly update it to Kitkat 4.4.2. It stops to show the signals for Reliance. I used procedure listed in forum. I got signals. I dial *228 it says that it is already registered to reliance. I switched off & on the phone. Not able to do and receive calls. MIN=0000000000 MDN=0000000000 reliance prl already patched. Please advice for further action....