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  1. 34 minutes ago, sanjay0501 said:

    It seems the news might be true.
    A friend bought a lyf handset today and he was told it will be free for an year, scheme launched yesterday only. Sim still not activated so cant confirm validity yet but will report as soon as the handset shows free data and calls validity.

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    Plz update it as soon as u get to know and is it applicable to old buyers as well?

  2. 41 minutes ago, LTE4G said:

    They are putting up many different packs which do not work . I recharged and lost money. When I called customer care - they said "no such plans". Seems Rcom is just collecting money from prepaid users by giving all rubbish recharge options and not providing any benefit. One such option is ₹97 pack (Mumbai Circle) and ₹51 (1GB for 15days Mumbai circle - listed under DATA_COMBO in myservices as well as instant online recharge and instacare app). It doesn't give what is mentioned there but gives roaming pack instead (Which is mentioned in reliance 4G page under STV). After recharge they are not ready to file a complain too - saying no such option is on our website.My question is "Why such a recharge is available for selection while recharging online through Rcom as well as instacare app with the description saying 1GB for 15 days?". I have mailed them the snapshot of the recharge pages stating details but nothing happened. Yesterday I went to web world and lodged a manual complain after I showed them the options available on their website and instacare.

    Tata Docomo  and Vodafone also gives such My Offers which provide additional benefit apart from the basic pack.

    Reliance also provides such offers for RGSM 3G connections and they work too (Like the one ₹91 gives you 400 MB 3G for 3 days and I got 400MB for 3 Days + promo 1648.00MB for 8 days = 2GB because it was offered under *129# for my particular number. But before recharge one has to double confirm from the Customer care these days whether the offer is valid or not (after the frequent horrified experiences with 4G recharges).

    I am highly disappointed with Rcom 4G recharges - and planning to port out as I find no other solution (was using CDMA since 2003).:angry:

    Jio lo tension free ho jayo 

    No MBS no gbs. Totally unlimited 

  3. 4 hours ago, LTE4G said:

    You can migrate till August 16 for Mumbai circle (as mentioned in TRAI Notice on rcom.co.in for Mumbai Circle). You can check for your circle specific date in the notice - the 90 days lock-in period will start from 16th August for Mumbai users (Probably the commercal launch will start on the same day).


    It is same for Delhi too - 16th August 2016.

    Go to this page http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/aboutus/news/4G-notice.html


    Thanx for info bro

  4. 50 minutes ago, advsushiltater said:

    Dear Customer,your existing plan is being discontinued.You will now enjoy 3GB 4G Data,2500 All India Mins,1500 SMS @Rs.1300 MRC w.e.f 26th july.T&C RCom.

    Any one from Ahmedabad, want to join in filing consumer complaint and criminal action??

    As more we together more we strengthen.

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    Are u on magic 1300 plan?

  5. 1 hour ago, KanagaDeepan said:

    Yeah, I know about Rcdma and that's why I said RGsm is not worth it. But whether they will allow you to port out is the question. They may argue that moving to RGsm is also like MNP and so you can't move away for 90 days. But argue that it's INP and you have rights to move away even now. Even though chances are slim, you should not give up easily, IMHO.. All the best.

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    55 minutes ago, abhi5819 said:

    You can try to move to Prepaid first then after 90 days switch operator via MNP. In this way you can save monthly rental and your number too.

    Will they allow me to convert my postpaid to prepaid so that I can save my rental for 90days den I can switch to Jio hopefully.

  6. 13 hours ago, Mohit Kumaar said:

    I am using Samsung Galaxy A5 2016.

    Circle Delhi

    Plan Magic 1300

    Problem - not catching 4g, stuck on H+.

    Common areas - Rohini, Pitam Pura, Rani Bagh

     I was able to get 4g on 29 June while they were testing for 3-4 hours. (not sure if that was on previous HTC desire 828 dual sim or this samsung a5 2016 but am not getting Rcom 4g on this phone. Sim has been patched. 

    Is this area issue, phone issue or Rcom issue.

    Please help.



    Your A5 supports 850 band ? And ur magic plan has any cap now on data limit?

  7. 2 hours ago, caringlover said:


    I got the sim patched when this GSM sim got active. Do I need to get it patched again after LTE is active? Are you using it in smartphone or wipod?

    Also please confirm that once you receive any call during LTE access, you are pushed to 3G & then after the call is over you latch back to LTE..


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    Yes sim has to be patched only once. No need to patch it again for LTE and I m using it in mobile not in wipod using lyf wind 4.

    Yes fall back to 3g once call is on.

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  8. 1 hour ago, caringlover said:



    Is 4G in NCR working with wipod only..?
    I am having Redmi note 3 which is 850mhz handset, then I also found that national roaming is activated in the sim toolkit as well. Still I am not able to connect to 4G but 3G is working fine. Is it something else.


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    Have u patched ur sim? I patched n after that I got LTE. It's working but not stable much.