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Found 1 result

  1. HTC Site : http://www.htc.com/www/smartphones/htc-one/ HTC Support Site : http://www.htc.com/www/support/ Sprint Site : http://www.sprint.com/landings/htcone/ Sprint HTC One User Guide : http://support.sprint.com/global/pdf/user_guides/htc/one/htc_one_ug.pdf Engadget Review : http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/12/htc-one-review/ HTC One India site : http://www.htc.com/in/smartphones/htc-one/ The World's Number ONE phone? Initial Observations : 1. Very convenient size to handle. 2. Absolutely brilliant build quality. The HTC's Aluminum Unibody is a class apart from Samsung. Feels very solid in hand. 3. 4.7" Super LCD 3 screen is brilliant and brightness is better than Note 2. Though overall the Super AMOLED of Note 2 can be called slightly better. 4. The Beats Audio sound quality is just brilliant, the best I have seen yet on any phone. 5. The 4MP camera is again brilliant. Don't go by mega pixels, the sensor quality is far superior to anything seen on many phones. Front Camera is 2 MP. 6. It is on stock 4.3 and as a existing Note2 owner, I had no issues transitioning to this device. If anything the level of customisations is now miles ahead. 7. Easily handled with One hand. 8. GPS locking is without any error and very very fast, even better than Note2. 9. 32GB in built memory but NO option to add micro sd card. Though I feel that amount of memory is sufficient. Also the micro usb/mhl port supports usb chips upto 64MB by special cable. 10. NO dedicated camera button. 11. Notification light is present. 12. Sufficient 2300mah battery lasts a day but Note 2's battery is still the benchmark which lasts even upto 2 days for normal usage. 13. The back is all aluminum with sandwitched poly carbonate and is NOT openable. Micro SIM slot is on the side which supports GSM sims with full 3G. So this in effect is the First World Phone (CDMA+GSM) that I have owned. Though only one netwrok works at a time. Also there needs to be some GSM sim installed (working or non working) otherwise the phone gives 4G error. 14. Awesome 3G speeds. What I don't like: 1. I am told that some people are facing "Purple Photos" problem in low light shooting. No such issues faced by me. 2. Some people are also getting 3G speeds problem, not faced by me. 3. No flip case in box (cost cutting nowadays?). 4. No kickstand. Even with these, it is now the arguably one the BEST DESIGNED phones in the world at the moment. Now for some PHOTOS: The Phone The Box is slick and thin The Box opened in multi layers The Box's total contents. Notice the black charger, USB cable and Beats Audio Red headset. Close up Shots of the Camera (also note the noise cancellation mic on the back) and the back. The back also supports NFC. The top showing the Power Button with built in IR blaster. I use it also as a remote to control my Tata Sky Box and Samsung TV. Also visible the 3.5mm audio jack. The Micro SIM Slot on the left side The right side features only these slick volume controls. Also visible the 2MP front camera which also clicks brilliant photos and videos. The bottom features the micro usb port (reverse configuration than Samsung) and the microphone The blink feed Home Page is highly customizable Brilliant photo quality Size comparison with Samsung Note2