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  2. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    Does POCO F1 supports CA or not
  3. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    Even though most of the mid range Samsung smartphones used to support 4g+ earlier, recent M series and budget A series phones doesn't support 4G+, afaik (even though all support Dual VoLTE). Too sad, those are good vfm phones from Samsung, IMHO. Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
  4. As per https://www.airtel.in/volte/ - unfortunately, RN3 [Redmi Note3] is not supported
  5. Xiaomi India Migrates Cloud Servers to India

    RN3 got MIUI 10.2.1 update, the last one for this handset. No VoLTE support for either Airtel or Voda. Only Jio VoLTE works
  6. Airtel VoLTE is available along with Jio VoLTE on our Redmi 6A, since last evening [30-Jan-2019, 4.00PM]. The device is currently on MiUi Global Stable version
  7. Airtel VoLTE still remains unsupported, even after the latest stable update MiUi [Released on 28-Jan-2019], hope the issue will be resolved soon!
  8. With Ref. to Mi Community Redmi 6A - https://in.c.mi.com/thread-1741458-1-0.html it appears that, "The Airtel VoLTE issue [after latest MiUi update] has been reported to developers and will be resolved soon!"
  9. After Latest System update, Redmi 6A* doesn't support Airtel VoLTE. However, Jio VoLTE is supported. Before update, both Airtel & Jio VoLTE were supported [Dual VoLTE] As suggested by Mi-India Cust Care, did Factory-reset - still Airtel VoLTE is not supported [IMS unregistered]. Hope the issue will be addressed in next System update! *Redmi 6A - 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Dual VoLTE, Rs. 5,999/- Amazon Open Sale
  10. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I have missed the deadline to port my age old number from reliance. Is it still possible to retain the number and move to another provider?
  11. If he doesn't use data, then even JioPhone plan 49 is good. U just need to buy a new JioPhone. You can add his number in your smartphones myjio app and do recharges and check details there. Queuing of recharges is much better than 35Rs per 28 days, imho. If jio is not an option, then go for BSNL. Rs319 gives unlimited calls for 90 days. Still better option is 1699 recharge for One year, which is almost the cost of JioPhone. I am using this in my BSNL number. Difference between 319 and 1699 is just 423Rs per year or Rs35 per month. But you get daily 2GB data (4.1GB now) and UL roaming in MTNL network in Mumbai Delhi as well. Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
  12. daily 30-40 min is not very light use. does BSNL have a plan to suit that. also how good is BSNL signal at your location? Have you thought of Jio 98 plan?
  13. Probably this is the first post in December in the forum. See how Jio changed everything. Any way I came here for my old friends who could help me. As of now Airtel and Vodafone introduced monthly min. recharge of 23/35, and my father speaks 30-40 min/day even less and does not use data. He uses airtel prepaid. What could be the best option for him? Should he port to BSNL ?
  14. After massive porting out request it was bound to happen.
  15. After public outcry, TRAI has intervened. Now, the minimum validity recharge has been reduced to 23 by Airtel and 24 by Voda. To recharge from main balance, for airtel dial *121*51# and choose 23. it can also be put on auto renew mode. for voda dial *444*24#. no auto renew option. for idea dial *369*24#. no auto renew option.
  16. For customers using mobile number for incoming only, BSNL is the only better option. In TN, there is a Recharge called "New Vasantham" lifetime validity plan, for just Rs5 and currently its valid till 29-Feb-2020 (as its license expiry date of BSNL here).
  17. those who use only for incoming would wait till 28+15 (43) days to do validity recharge. so they would be paying about 300 now instead of the earlier 400. And yes TRAI regulations are violated as the to the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation (Sixth Amendment) Rules specify that connection can not be discontinued as long as the main balance is more than Rs.20, but Rs20/30 days can be deducted for inactive numbers.
  18. BSNL Prepaid Karnataka Circle Plan voucher: Rs.36/- Tariff: Local - Rs.0.02/- Per sec; STD - Rs.0.024/- Per sec Plan Validity: 180 days [6 months] After Plan validity Expiry Grace Period GP1: 15 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if recharged, Talktime balance carry forward] Grace period GP2: 165 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if Recharged, Number is retained] Note: Once recharged with Rs.36/-, BSNL customer gets Incoming calls & SMS free for 180+15+165=360 days
  19. I would say Airtel & Vodafone are "Fishing in troubled waters" since, now they are just trying to improve their ARPU figures by shredding low ARPU users or forcing recharge upon them. I totally agree with you regarding the burden of maintaining such huge network but it is not going to help them by taking this step as by the way of loosing customers they cannot reduce their maintenance expenses but instead more calls will terminate to other networks. Though it is going to fetch them some quick revenue but is surely going to affect their future business, since many lifetime validity users were suppose to recharge a minimum of ₹200 every 6 months to continue their services and now forced recharging for them will only yield ₹55 extra ( since ₹35X13 = ₹455 i.e. ₹55 extra for 13X28 days= 364 days). No customer will ever want to live with the fear of losing outgoing after 28 days without any grace period if he forgets to recharge on the last day. IMHO it is a short term revenue collection policy and TRAI is equally involved since this violates the TRAI's 90 days disconnection policy. I am just concerned about the majority of lower income people using mobile - as they are going to be affected badly by this move.
  20. This was bound to happen. There are millions of customers who do not recharge for months but enjoy incoming facility and telcos are burden with maintaining service to them without single paisa coming in. Due to extremely low plans, nad eroded margins, they can't afford such connections. The problem will be for those in lower income groups as only one connection is generaly used for outgoing and rest for incoming. It will be hard for them to maintain all connections.
  21. Yes it is so. Airtel & Vodafone will block OUTGOING calls after 30 Days If You Don’t Recharge. Further they will also block INCOMING calls after 45 days. The minimum recharge for validity extension is ₹35 ( Rs26.66 talk time along with 100MB 3G/4G data, for 28 days). So they have planned to dump all customers of lifetime validity who do not recharge frequently. Though this move will help them shed low ARPU customers and improve their ARPU figures but may also help Jio to induct all Airtel & Vodafone dropouts with ₹49 unlimited calling plan. We can just wait and watch for the outcome of this new development.
  22. Karnataka Circle Jio Celebration pack - 2GB/day credited to my Jio MDN [inactive since July 2018] last morning [31-Oct-2018, 11.04AM] - valid till 04-Nov-2018, 11.04AM
  23. Attention !! Check "MyJio App" - Jio has silently credited 2GB / day Jio Celebration Pack Today.
  24. Jio Mobile

    one of my friends informs that, "there is no point in Rooting Lyf handsets to uninstall LyfCare app - the buyer of the handset can always install the LyfCare app from playstore & the profile is revealed!" instead, he suggested to edit the profile as: Address: xxxxxx [for all fields] E-mail: xxxxxx@lyf.com Phone number: "rarely" used No. [for OTP from LyfCare]. However, Regd. Name can't be edited!
  25. Jio Mobile

    The 2 Yr. Warranty on our Lyf handsets [Wind4=2 & Flame2=1] has expired and i want to dispose the handsets - Exchange for a device with Latest stock android version. unfortunately, the LyfCare app displays our Profile [Name, Address, mobile number & E-mail ID]. However, I can uninstall the app, but it appears after "Factory Reset" & our profile is displayed! I understand that, the LyfCare app & other OEM bloatware can be uninstalled by "Rooting" - i'm a beginner & request the experienced members here to suggest a working step-by-step root guide [web-link] for Wind4 & Flame2 thanks
  26. I think, few days back jio has closed this loophole. Now we can't add booster pack in add voucher section. It was good, till it lasted, since that's the only way to make use of many of the accumulated vouchers. Sent from my AZFMPM16G using Tapatalk
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