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  2. OnePlus One issues - Discuss here

    Anyone has a Dead OnePlus One Mobile??
  3. tried searching for the files but moto never released the files nor they get leaked for this model . checked file factory and AFH link for moto firmware folder but there is no file for xt1528 . CHECK PM .
  4. Thanks for reply, i am not sure about stock version can you please tell me how to find the stock android version and stock file for the same. I downloaded few files of different versions randomly but none of them working. Maybe i am flashing wrong version or my method of flashing is wrong.
  5. it’s nearly a paper weight if you cant flash stock file . xt1528 can not be bootloader unlocked . so custom recovery and custom roms is no way for this . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Back to this forum after a long time, need sone URGENT HELP regarding moto e 2nd gen 4g xt1528 from Verizon, mobile not booting to android.
  7. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    Yes. It supports 2 CA, with band 3 + Band 40 only. So no Band 5 + Band 40 and even no Band 40 + Band 40 support as well. Still Useful for Airtel and Jio. From my personal experience Poco F1 works better with Airtel than Jio.
  8. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    Does POCO F1 supports CA or not
  9. Handset supporting carrier aggregation

    Even though most of the mid range Samsung smartphones used to support 4g+ earlier, recent M series and budget A series phones doesn't support 4G+, afaik (even though all support Dual VoLTE). Too sad, those are good vfm phones from Samsung, IMHO. Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
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