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    Even Supreme Court is saying different things on different days. So eKYC for mobile connection is MUST, but aadhaar is optional. So they are trying to defend by saying that taking mobile connection is OPTIONAL? WTF?? Mobile connection, even mobile data has become more like a necessity than a LUXURY, even for middle class person today (esp when Govt themselves flooding play store with apps day by day). Actually making aadhaar compulsary with PAN / IT filing is a master stroke to avoid black money rotation. Say for example, somebody is operating bank account without giving PAN for years, with some proof like DL / Voters ID, after linking PAN and aadhaar, that bank a/c is just a simple search command away from Govt side. I will be happy, if they announced aadhaar is MANDATORY FOR ALL, incl Diplomats in India. But they are NOT doing that. Thats why I am suspicious. I wonder how many politicians have NOT taken aadhaar till date???
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    Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android to order : https://shopmeenova.appspot.com/st/order.html about them : https://shopmeenova.appspot.com/st/p/m3r.html#devList the project : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andyfei/mini-microsd-reader-for-android-smartphones-and-ta?ref=email Due to hardware and software limitations of many Android devices -- especially older ones, this card reader is only compatible with the following tested and verified devices. It will ONLY work with devices listed here. HTC One, HTC First, HTC One X+, Evo 4G LTE, DROID DNA. Motorola Moto X, Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, Xyboard 8.2" Tablet. Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 7 (2012 Original & 2013 New) & Nexus 10; requires third-party software or device being rooted. Sony Xperia Z; Xiaomi 1S, 2, 2S, 2A, Xiaomi Box; Meizu MX, MX2; Huawei Ascend D2, Mate; Asus MeMO ME171. Technical Specifications Dimensions: 0.8"x0.9"x0.3" (21x23x8mm) Outer dimensions when plugged-in: 0.8"x0.6"x0.3" (21x16x8mm) Weight: 0.1oz (2.7g) Interface: USB Micro-B, USB 2.0 SD card supported: MicroSDHC up to 32GB, MicroSDXC up to 64GB and higher. Power consumption: 0.25w PC compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, Linux 2.6 and up; using USB-to-MicroUSB adapter (included).Smartphone/Tablet requirement: Android 4.0 and up with power-enabled USB-OTG hardware capability and USB Mass Storage support in software. Really small. Truly portable. Actually useful. Specially engineered for your Android smartphones & tablets. Like an SD/MicroSD card reader that you often use on PC computers, except this one comes with a MicroUSB connector to plug into smartphones & tablets with MicroUSB port. Use it to play video/music on a MicroSD card. View photos/documents, copy and backup any and all of your files. Just like you are used to do on a PC. Attach this coin-size card reader to your keyring and take it anywhere you go. Never run out of storage space again.
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    True!! Mobile is essential & has become our identity. OTP / alerts for bank services or IMPS or UPI or any other online registration - buying e-ticket or what not - even Aadhaar without mobile registration is incomplete. PAN is still not mandatory for bank account (bank account without PAN has some restrictions) but existing PAN holder's need to attach their Aadhaar to be able to file returns from 1st July this year or their PAN will become invalid till Aadhaar is not furnished & new PAN can only be obtained if you have Aadhaar card as well (petition filled against this is pending under Supreme Court). Finally it may become mandatory for all as seems by Govt's approach. In fact it should be mandatory for fighting elections also. The only issue worries me is the security of biometric data of individuals which can be disastrous if leaked or stolen. Recently there was a news about such an event & different entities were blaming each other.
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    I seriously don understand this mail me business. If you post it out in the open then it'll at least benefit a few more people?????
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    They are shown jointly (not marked separately) as data/data/sms/mobile voice balances for 28 days listed one after another multiple times, so it is difficult to understand. Download the Pdf statement of that particular period when you have done the recharge and check "Your Spend" (number of transactions & total amount) as well as recharge transactions listed properly under "Your Plan Balance". I am sure that your recharges will be listed there.
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    Did you receive confirmation sms for your recharges? If so, recharges were successful. While generating statement ensure that the date on which the recharge was done is included within the statement date for it to reflect in the statement. Further under Your Spend the amount should be ₹99 + ₹499 + ₹499 + ₹499 = ₹1596 if all recharging dates fall within the statement date. Select the radio button beside ₹499 to view all your 3 recharges which are listed below under "Your Plan Balance" or download the statement for more clarity.
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    ensure that the "From" & "To" dates are 30 or less days apart! if your Recharges do not appear in full - generate multiple statements.
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    In my Reliance 4G it is offering 1GB/day for 28 days for ₹93/- only under *129#. Calling @1p/sec for 90 days.
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    Reliance Prepaid offer !! 1GB/Day for 180 days for ₹786/- Only (available on 3G as well as 4G SIM in Mumbai Circle) Per GB cost = ₹786/180 = ₹4.36 approx. [NOT BAD]
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    Very TRUE. Jio need to correct them, both are very very important. In my place, performance of Jio has increased to mind-blowing levels. We are using Jio mainly for data, as almost all of my family members are using Airtel's infinity postpaid plans (Thanks to JIO) for voice calls. Speed of Airtel has reduced to 10Mbps (which is still NOT bad, comparing 3Mbps of Vodafone, 0.3Mbps of BSNL) from earlier 20+Mbps speed. But Jio speed is great around 26 to 35Mbps (speed varies by time of course). We already have good Local broadband provider with 3Mbps unlimited -- a very reliable connection and JioLink with 4GB per day, which is also working great. The backup BSNL BB connection was closed as its the most un-reliable one. I have recharged my family members' 3 Jio numbers with Rs999 on March itself, all those have got 100GB FREE usage for 3 months without any daily limit, we find it very hard to exhaust them. Few years ago, we don't had any reliable BB connection, even if we are ready to spend upto Rs3k to 5k per month. But now, we are spoiled with choices, all thanks to Jio. Even wrt voice calls, Jio is good enough, except to Bull $hit Nigam Limited LandLine calls. But we rarely use Jio for voice calls, as Airtel was super generous and succeeded in retaining us. I used to pay Rs1599 + Taxes to Airtel to get 10,000 minutes (incl roaming) + 8GB of 3G/4G data. Now I am paying just Rs649 for unlimited calls (incl roaming) and 21GB of data. My other family members are paying Rs349 for Unlimited calls (incoming roaming FREE) and 11GB of data. Further HD Voice calls in Airtel (on its DC-HSPA network -- 10MHz 3G) network is equal or better than VoLTE calls of Jio, imho. Yes, calls to most numbers (especially Airtel) connect instantly, like Jio 2 Jio calls. But in roaming, normal voice calls on Airtel 3G (5MHz 3G) is good-enough only as its NOT HD, like DC-HSPA of TN. I know Jio is the reason for Airtel's new found love for its customers. So thanks to Jio. I am waiting for Jio's VoLTE button-phone. Without that I can't move all my Corp connections to Jio, even if I want to.
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    In terms of Porting, I had shifted my Dad's primary number to Jio... satisfied... monthly outgoing usage of 1200-1500 mins. My main number is still with Vodafone due to international Roaming, at home 40% of time it latches to Edge...yes E...but I have bsnl broadband to take care of my and Mom's internet usage at home Overall we have 5 Jio connections in family ..all are satisfied(3 Main number, 2 secondary. Location is roaming Nasik, Mumbai, Jaipur and heavy roaming usage at Bhopal, Jabalpur, Itarsi). But even with secondary number it is treated as main No for Internet and Outgoing
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    This is a contradictory statement by Supreme Court itself as on one side it is saying that Aadhaar is optional and cannot be made mandatory where as on the other side it is making eKYC compulsory for Mobile. From this year Govt has made Aadhaar mandatory for PAN / Income tax filing also and the case is still pending in Supreme Court. Though making Aadhaar based eKYC mandatory for mobile may help prevent misuse of mobile for criminal activities but how will it benefit in case of PAN. In some places Govt has also forcefully implemented Aadhaar for new born babies wherein Birth Certificate is being issued only after issue of Aadhaar. Since the passing of Aadhaar Bill the Govt is trying to make it mandatory. Aadhaar data leakage / theft can be disastrous. We can just wait and see.
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    Nothing so top secret Bro but he is charging few bucks for so called unlocking work. Today when i inserted my jio sim (After long time) inside LG G3 USC after installing my jio app, network was available automatically without any so called unlocking or tweaks. Data also started after manually adding APN. Only issue now is calling because phone is not able to register for "jio 4G Voice" application. For that also i raised complaint to CC and they assured me to start jio 4G Voice within hour. So i guess any foreign handsets having band 5 will automatically catch 4G signal and after addition of APN manually data will start for sure. If anyone having idea about unlocking band 3 and 40 for USC G3 Please share.
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    Its the effect of their shutting down the CDMA service. RCom survived on CDMA. Without CDMA, they are bound to die.
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    If it is beyond 8 K.M from the Municipal limits there is no capital gains arising out of sale of agricultural lands.
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    No. (It is Capital gain tax and is calculated on the basis of years - you get the benefit of "Cost Inflation Index" abbreviated as CII ) You can see the chart from 1981 to today from the following links ( Official PDF for capital gain is available at Income Tax site). https://cadiary.org/cost-inflation-index-capital-gain/ http://wealth18.com/cost-inflation-index-chart-table-1981-to-2014-for-income-tax-capital-gain-purpose/ Suppose you don't have the actual Cost of Acquisition of the land then you can calculate on the basis of fair market value as on 1st April 1981 (Get the property valuation done by a Approved Registered Valuer as on 1st April 1981 and use it as COA). So COA (Cost of Acquisition) = Fair Market Value as on 1st April 1981 + any other cost incurred thereafter for development etc. Thereafter you can calculate by the formula : Capital Gain = Sale Price - Indexed Cost of the Property (Further any expense occurred while selling can also be deducted such as brokerage & other expenses) Indexed Cost of the Property = Actual COA x (Index in the year of Sale which is 2017 / Index in the Year of Purchase which is 1981 in your case) So suppose the COA was ₹4 Lakh (as on 1-04-1981) & you sold the property for ₹50 Lakh ( Since the CII value is not yet announced for 2017-2018 we will consider that the property was sold in 2016-2017 i.e. Last year for our calculations) Now the Indexed Cost of the Property = COA x (CII of 2016-17 / CII of 1981-82) = ₹4 Lakh x (1125 / 100) = ₹45 Lakh So the Capital Gain = Sale Price - Indexed Cost of the Property = ₹50 Lakh - ₹45 Lakh = ₹5 Lakh If the Seller of the property are more than one person then this gain would divide among them according to the share in the property. So it has nothing to do with the Government value. The Government value is the minimum value fixed for the collection of Stamp Duty etc. If you sell your property this year then you should use the CII of 2017-2018. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Shabz, After u have put 'bsnlnet' in APN, give your cell phone no in user id and password. Try doing this, as I use my cell phone no as user id and both password, and in APN, select static and use access no as *99# Let me know if your able to use the card with these settings. Regards, Mohammed P.
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    Type in Lesser WOrds but appropriate ones and with the exact spellings This searching trick applies to all search algo's.
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    ^^^ @punbros Thanks a lot my dear friend for editing "Custom Member Title" to look different than member's information. Now its looking really cool in default skin also. Regards.
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    ^^^ Thanks my dear Arun for replying. As "Custom Member Title" is enabled now. I want to suggest that if "Custom Member Title" display above the group icon (as it displayed in old version) then it will look much nice. As, by now, it is looking mix-up with other details of the member below the group icon. Or, if the colour of the text in "Custom Member Title" is different, then it will be OK below the group icon also. Its only a suggestion my dear friend. Regards.