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    Subscriber base of Jio has increased drastically without similar increase in infrastructure and that has resulted in pathetic speed. Actually we all should fight for good speed and voice calls rather than low cost.
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    FRC was necessary for Vada. Before FRC, all of the online portals returned transaction failure for Etopup. After I did FRC, online Etopup was possible immediately.
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    my reliance gsm no was deactivated even after submiting my documents afer fed up by response of mobile store guys complained on pgp port. No got activated in the evening and recied sorry call from chairmen desk of reliance
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    @nitink finally you have done it. Congrats bro.
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    Finally Dear Nitin, Welcome to Airtel - India's Fastest Network! Your mobile no. 9313xxxxxx is now active. For seamless data experience, please insert the SIM in slot 1, restart your phone and keep mobile data option ON. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    I've been having a lot of trouble with Jio after activating the international roaming pack for Rs 1101. 16th Nov 17:32 - Recharged for Rs 1101 to activate the IR pack through the MyJio app. Received SMS confirmation stating the recharge was successful. In 5-10 min, I lost signal which was restored in a minute or so. Since then I am unable to make/receive phone calls (VoLTE does not show at all) and send/receive SMS. The funny part is that, data works fine without issues. 16th Nov 18:44 - Finally customer care registered a complaint, after making me check pointless things on my phone (well you can't blame them) I was leaving for an international trip the same night (hence the IR pack) and until 3 AM the issue remained the same. Landed at Frankfurt, Germany at around 1 PM IST (17th Nov) and surprisingly international roaming worked and I was able to make/receive calls and all queued incoming SMS got delivered. There were no issues with international roaming and my number worked just fine all throughout my journey. I just needed it for SMS and maybe emergency calls. It served the purpose without any issues. In fact Jio called me up while I was roaming abroad regarding my original complaint/SR and said its fixed now. I stressed that the issue was with calls/SMS within India and I was assured the issue has been fixed. 5th Dec 3 AM - Back to India and its the same issue as before I left. Data works, but no SMS or calls. VoLTE does not show as active. Inserting the SIM in another known working device fails and shows the same symptoms. And inserting another Jio SIM in my primary phone works as well. Its now 6th Dec 5 AM and the issue is still not fixed. I spoke to customer care multiple times and they keep asking the same pointless questions and said they need to send it to the backend team and will get it fixed soon etc etc. I also spoke to a supervisor who again went through the same cycle and assured me that he has updated the case with all the info and will get it fixed soon. Has anyone else faced similar issues? Any pointers on getting this fixed? It seems to be some sort of provisioning issue to me where non data services got disabled for some reason while not roaming, but how do I reach the right backend team who would have the required privileges to get this fixed? This is my primary number as well which is causing all sorts of issues (banking and others).
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    IMHO SIM swap or IR pack Termination (naturally or forcefully) should end ur Problem. Lets see how things gets improved. If someone technically troubleshoot can easily restore ur service. but Jio doesnt have any such strong support team Call forward is handicapped solution, because, When one need sms, that to bank OTP, call forwards solution fails in both Domestic and international roaming.
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    the airtel express where i got it ported. He even showed me the same on his PC. u can also call their MNP customer care number - 1800 103 1111 , after u hear the voice , simply press 129 for postpaid MNP status and 119 for prepaid MNP status. Your call will be answered by an executive.
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    Health and Education are always primary responsibilities of Govt. I have recently traveled extensively in Tripura and found a large Govt hospital and a Govt high school every 15 km or so. It is the only State where Pvt hospitals are begging for business and Govt hospitals are bursting with patients. Transport, including building of roads and basic postal services are also definitely core sector. Defence can never be privatised. But telecom is no longer a core sector.
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    Check the news...They are asking 700 to be allotted free of cost. Govt to take up additional equity http://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/companies/130617/bsnl-mtnl-meet-img-bsnl-demands-700-mhz-spectrum.html If BSNL was any serious about 4G they could have done that using 800Mhz instead of surrendering it or use 1800Mhz like what Vodafone/Jio is doing
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    They are "Cashback vouchers" just like "Plan vouchers" and will remain in your "My Vouchers" of MyJio app till the number is active. Jio wants you to USE them in the coming years and stay with them by the way of en-cashing vouchers (Marketing trick). Who ever spent ₹399/- got ₹50*8 = ₹400 vouchers. Now to redeem these vouchers you should spend at least ₹309*8 = ₹2472 - ₹400 (50*8) = ₹2072 more. Well someone will say that you can also redeem it against ₹91 top-up, but wait ! - to use a top-up or booster pack you require an active base plan - which means another recharge.
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    How can we forget that Rcom is infamous for NOT keeping its promise.
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    #1 One of my RCom postpaid no was in the name of my late mother. For obvious reasons her documents or fingerprint was not possible to be provided. Ported to Airtel postpaid in my name by quoting the porting code and giving my adhaar and biometrics without any issue. Did not even tell them that it was not earlier in my name. #2 If porting request was already initiated, no fresh port request can be initiated unless the earlier process has been completed, successfully or by rejection #3 No handset in market supports dual active 4G. Some claim dual standby 4G (i.e. both SIM can support 4G individualy) but work only in active 4G + Active 2G mode. Only few works in Active 4G + Active 3G mode. I found RN3 and RN4 supporting this. Call clarity of second SIM is better if it supports Active 3G. But Jio does not support 3G. So if you switch to 4G in second SIM, Jio will stop completely.
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    i hope u were writing many article on telecomtalk. yes u can port with ur EKYC with ur aadhar. only upcoming Iphone X and iphone dual sim will support LTE+LTE.
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    Yes ! You can port to Jio using any aadhaar ID (No issue - verified by porting prepaid connection) AFAIK there is no known issue of blocking port out by Jio. Wait as porting process is taking time these days due to Rcom customers rush. Further - if the Jio SIM is taken by using Aadhaar eKYC then I doubt whether that can be ported out using any other person's name/ aadhaar ID (Not tried yet). May work... AFAIK most handset available in the market support 4G on either sim only - but some new phones are arriving with 4G VoLTE support on both sim simultaneously. Will check & revert...
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    In Jio at least, you can queue up your recharges for long term benefit. In AVoId, you need their permission to get the same offer and that too only after end of validity of current plan. One recharge over other will remove the benefit of first recharge. Prices are only going to be uphill in coming days, though not steep enough to worry, imho.
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    Right now I am using Galaxy C9 PRO and my wife is using A9 PRO. Both are very good. Jio has CA using Band 3 + Band 5 (1800MHz and 850MHz) in most places and in some recent sites its Band 3 + Band 40 (1800MHz & 2300MHz). A9 PRO supports them and I have experienced great speeds. Though Samsung doesn't show LTE-A or LTE+ in signal, we can confirm them via dialing *#0011# on native dialer. Right now I am using C9 pro, because it is having SRVCC facility, which is NOT available in A9 PRO. My main number is in Airtel. Airtel has started testing VoLTE. SRVCC allows calls to fall from VoLTE to 3G without DROPPING it, when we are on call while moving from 4G coverage to 3G or 2G coverage. Only SD625, 626, 630, 653 (used in C9 pro), 835 currently supports SRVCC (not sure about lower end ones). Even SD821 (used in OP3T and LG G6) or 652 (used in A9 PRO) doesn't support SRVCC. But A9 pro supports many LTE bands, including upcoming 700MHz one on Band 28 and 900MHz on Band 8, both are not supported in C9 PRO (at least not till now, may be enabled later via update). Further A9 PRO has better battery life (5000mAh vs 4000mAh of C9 pro) and very very cheaper now. Advantage of both phones is, you can use Airtel for DATA on 3G and still get incoming calls on JIO. It is great feature to use, where Jio data speed is too low, but you want to get calls on both numbers. This feature is supported in very few phones, mostly Samsung. Go for any of them, you will be happy, imho.
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    Reliance Jio, the latest telecom company to enter the market, has started its fiber to home operations in Chennai — making the southern city only the third telecom zone to experience the service, after Mumbai and Gujarat. The address of JioFiber has been given as 2nd Floor, Prestige Palladium Bayan, Greems Road, Chennai 2. The offer promises a speed of 100 Mbps, and states that a 5 GB true-HD movie will download in less than seven minutes on the connection. source
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    This has been doing the round for a few months now Sent from my DROID Turbo using Tapatalk
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    Govt is planning 4G spectrum auction by end of this year. This is really ridiculous as users have still not embrace 3G due to high cost. Even telcos are worried about their investment. Telcos are in big trouble if this happens. If they dont bid, then new cos will get it and will offer 4G at almost same price. IF they bid, then they need to invest again billions. This makes no business sense. Govt should also think how they are going to support industry with such policies.
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    forgot yo post the cdma experience. so I bought a Motorola droid maxx (GSM/CDMA single sim) and a reliance prepaid sim. There was no voice breaking, no call drop on any floor as against GSM network. Great relief for me. I have ported my number to reliance cdma with advance rental plan of 16999/-. Data speed in evdo is not more than 600 kbps.
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    A new cdma prepaid connection would hardly cost 50-100. If nothing works out and u have any sort of old or new CDMA handset, it is worth a try
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    Beg borrow steal a cdma number for some time from some one. If it works well,port out
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    Don't worry RJIO is coming. It will blow their a** . Airtel has always been greedy. In terms of tariff hikes and reducing the freebies, it has been the leader. In terms of improving their network and customer service they are least bothered. I ported one of my vodafone number to Airtel. I get two network bars on my phone for airtel while using 3G in my home in New Delhi. When I use 2G only, then I get full bars. They told me that they will put another tower. I told them the issue is not with their network coverage. Maybe there is some signal interference when using 3G. Though I am a layman. But their engineers are least bothered and are looking forward to put a new tower near my place.
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    This decision will further complicate things for prepaid users as they have to have monitor now 1 more pack. Airtel has analysed and found that only in Internet charges they can make money. So they are trying to achieve this by this ridiculous idea. Lets see if their analysis is correct or it boomerangs against it. For customers, the only hope now is Reliance Jio. Jio need not be very cheap. If they are reasonable and not ridiculous like other 3G players, we can see a change. With the kind of investment Jio is doing, surely they need more numbers. So surely for 3 years, I honestly feel that internet tariffs will not go up much as Airtel wants to charge
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    Was wondering why this phone is not available for sell on Ribweb. Boost version is for sale for 109$, Should be a good Phone around 10K in India
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    In Moto G also you can use 3G in both SIM slots. Triggered from My Moto G
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    One peculiar thing I have noted in this Android One phones is, both the SIM slots accept 3G (from specs written in Box) SIMs.. But only one 3G network at a time...
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    Press Trust of India March 16, 2013 The department of telecom has asked Bharti Airtel to stop offering third generation (3G) services in seven circles where the company does not hold spectrum. "Airtel has been asked to stop 3G services and file a compliance report by 3pm on March 18," sources said. The DoT has also asked Airtel to pay a penalty of Rs 350 crore for offering 3G services beyond permitted zones. The company sources said Airtel has already approached the Delhi High Court against the order. Telecom minister Kapil Sibal had approved the recommendation of a DoT committee to impose Rs 50 crore penalty each on seven licences of Bharti Airtel that entered into 3G roaming agreements with other operators to offer services beyond permitted zones. Airtel won 3G spectrum in 13 out of 22 telecom circles in 2010 through auction and entered into a quid pro quo agreement with other players who won the spectrum in other service area where it did not have spectrum to offer 3G services. DoT has held that it is illegal to offer 3G data services beyond a company's licensed zone or circle. On December 23, 2011, the DoT had issued a letter instructing various telecom service providers including the Bharti Airtel to immediately stop providing the intra circle roaming service in all service area. The operators, however, had moved the tribunal (TDSAT) challenging the DoT order, saying it would harm customers and investment in the sector. In July 2012, the tribunal had delivered a split verdict. While one member of the two-member bench favoured the DoT's claim that roaming agreements were illegal, the other supported the operators who had challenged it.
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    Firstly can it be done legally? How DOT will allocate 3G spectrum to airtel in those circles if they do that? Secondly even if it can be done, other than getting a pleasure of airtel being punished, it would end up hurting you the consumer as you'll pay much MORE for 3G.
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    Delhi High Court Lifts Stay Order On Bharti Airtel 3G Roaming Pact Ban Source The court has allowed Airtel to continue its 3G roaming until the next hearing, scheduled for 8 May. New Delhi: A division bench of the Delhi high court has vacated a stay order on the department of telecommunications (DoT) notice to Bharti Airtel Ltd, asking the telco to pay a Rs.350 crore fine and to stop offering 3G services in circles where it did not win spectrum in the 2010 auction. On 15 March, DoT had sent Bharti the notice that asked the company to stop offering 3G services in seven circles and pay the fine in 72 hours. Bharti was able to get a stay on the order from a single bench judge in the court by 18 March. The court also let the telco continue its 3G roaming until the next hearing, scheduled for 8 May. Bharti was able to offer the services through roaming pacts with Vodafone India Ltd and Idea Cellular Ltd who are also expected to receive similar notices. This stay was then contested by Reliance Communications Ltd which has led to the vacations.
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    Will CDMA suffer from this hike too? I thought this whole 2G scam was related to GSM cause CDMA works on different frequency. I thought 2G scam was about the 850MHz/900MHz(whichever works in India) band.
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    Nothing shocking, as expected. Airtel will be 1st in line for this monkey business
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    I dont think its about handsets,operators themselves have dual spectrum and are neglecting cdma business.
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    Amit and Arun ji, Thanks a lot! EVDO has been activated on my number too. Best wishes, Amit
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    In addition to no roaming charges (which is free incoming while roaming), the policy also talked about numbers which are zone free, which means one would be able to retain the same number even while switching zones! Truly pan India numbers in future. Cant wait for that to happen!
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    Don't know what will be the aftermath once this policy is implemented. Truly One-India.
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    ^^^ Seems exactly like that. A very important observation. Even I got nowhere with AirHELL in the past, even after complaining to DoT. RCom and even Docomo though do pay heed to it.
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    Huawei device india launches IDeos X5 good specs with Value for money price tag 14,299...... quick specks 3.8" display with WVGA resolution android 2.2 800 MHZ processor SRS and WOW HD audio 5 megapixel with LED flash plus 720P rec.. 1500 MAH battery http://huaweidevice.co.in/Products/IDEOS-X5-U8800/
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    Karbonn releases 3G-enabled low-cost Android phone at Rs. 6,999 - Karbonn A1 Source. Karbonn has launched its first Android-based handset in India, the Karbonn A1. Priced at Rs. 6,999, it joins the ranks of low-cost Android handsets from companies like Micromax, Spice, and Huawei. Like the Huawei Ideos U8150 and the new Micromax Andro A70, the Karbonn A1 comes with a capacitive touchscreen. The Karbonn A1’s most remarkable features are its connectivity options, which include 3G (7.2Mbps HSDPA) and GPS, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, apart from Bluetooth. Running Android 2.2 Froyo, the Karbonn A1 has a 2.8-inch display (resolution unknown), a 600MHz processor, a 3.2MP camera, a 3.5mm audio jack, and expandable microSD storage up to 32GB. Also onboard is SWYPE text input functionality, as well as various bundled apps, such as Bollywoodji, Saavn Music, and Tune Wiki. Karbonn is looking to get behind the popular Android platform in a big way in India, and apart from strongly promoting the A1, it intends to launch three other Android phones shortly. Let us hope it manages to deliver usable and well-built devices at prices that trigger even greater adoption of Android in India, providing choice in a still rather empty low-cost market.
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    Even I have posted on PGP for Rcom... As mentioned above i didnt got proper response from cc, had sent email to nodal officer but no reply..... after tht i have posted in PGP..... lets see what happens...
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    It is different from XPeria Arc which is available at letsbuy.com at 28199 and officially priced at 32K.
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    AFAIK, if a operator uses another operator's network to offer 3G services in a circle where they do not have 3G licence, then how will they bill for voice services or can they use the other operator's network only for 3G data? Will it not be roaming for the subscriber? Maybe all operators will remove roaming totally pan India - only then, this is possible. I had asked RCOM about Chennai since they do not have licence here - how they will offer 3G services here? This was the reply I got from them. But anything is possible in India. Though they did not divulge any details, they did hint at tie-ups with other operators, but then voice roaming will apply. Lets wait and watch as things unfold.... And IMHO, competition will not allow 3G pricing to be very ultra premium. Maybe for the first few months, operators may want to make merry, but even then people will start comparing BSNL's pricing for 3G services.
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    ^^^ great piece of information. Aircel has shown great interest according to various sources, that they will be testing, implementing and providing their 'keemti' Broadband wireless 10 MHz freq. dedicated towards LTE over WiMAX. Hope others too implement LTE. Its a known and better technology than WiMAX I personally feel.
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    SO dies it mean that all the BWA spectrum winners have to make an upfront payment of Rs. 1651 crores and get their non UASL license converted to UASL????? Is it so simple??????????
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    Aaya re aaya... Mukesh aaya.. RIL sabki gaa** marne wala hain.. just wait and watch...
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    what about bharti... they pay highest amount for 3g and still manage to win 4 circles. but anyway its good for Rcom subscribers, they are already lagging behind in service standard. one more business could have spoil thing more, and they realise it.
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    It is not . We are a proper mobile development company. http://minkle.in/About tells you more about us. I am Ashish (Pocha).
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    Dont have money like Airtel Vodafone and Reliance, Ideas Balance sheet is very bad now a days