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    There is not a single thread which gives all the information regarding the LS980. also i was getting lot of pm's regarding the GSM unlock. so basically this thread will have all the information, if anything is left out please feel free so message me or in thread. Phone Config LG-G2-LS980 Phone Drivers LS980 Drivers My Experience Personally i was a Samsung fan until they came out with the Kn0x security. i had 2 choice the Note 3 and the LG G2, since the Note 3 had issues with data not working on CDMA mode and the G2 was and still is wallet friendly, so i decided to go with the G2 and till date i DO NOT regret it. LAG is something that is simply not in its dictionary, super smooth. Like the HTC One this phone is also sealed and comes in 2 variants 16 and 32 Gigs. Initially only 2 colors Black and White, now the actual(international) site has many different ones. This one is a LCD compared to the S4 with AMOLED, To be frank only if you have the two phones together you might see the difference. I found the G2 to be more vibrant and a lil brighter side compared to the S4. 1000 times more accurate smartstay display than the S4, Same with auto brightness. Feels much lighter than the S4 and the build quality is anyday better than S4, feels solid in hand. Many have debated about the volume and power keys being at the back, actually its something you have to try and then understand, now if i handle any other phone than my G2 i tend to Tap the display 2 times softly to get the screen going, like the home or power button, im so used to it now. Tap 2 times on display to lock the screen & same to to light the display back again. Initially when i first got the phone i used to tap hard thinking that was the right way and 7/10 times it used to work, did not know that one has to tap very lightly as possible. Soft tap 2 times gets it locked and vice-versa 10/10 times. Its actually easier to use volume rockers in the center position then one side like anyother phone. Theres more to this phone and i dont have the patience nor time to explain everything. Phone definitely requires a case to protect it from fall, i have the Spigen Slim Armour. Runs on 4.2.2JB and 2 updates have been released till date. LS980ZV7 (Initial Release) LS980ZV8 (Security Update) LS980ZVA (Sprint Spark and loki-killer) Not used in India so i have not taken it. LS980ZVC (KitKat 4.4.2 OS Update) Also if you are a custom ROM freak DO NOT INSTALL the ZVA update as it removes the ability to do that. People who have taken it do not worry as there is a work around. Custom ROM installation for people who have taken ZVA update. Only if you understand everything mentioned in the above link proceed else you just might end up with a hard brick. Sprint Dialer Codes Source 5689#*980# - LG Hidden Service Menu Thanks to EricDabbs ##RTN# - RTN Menu ##SCRTN# - Erases any info that has been OTA provisioned. Forces a reboot and re-activation. ##DIAG# - Enables diag mode. this menu blocked by MSL. Simply enter your MSL ##DATA# - Advanced data menu. ##DEBUG# - Debug Menu ##CLEAR# - Reset network settings ##UPDATE# - Forces Activation ##GPSCLRX# - Clear GPS ##GPSTESTPRL# - ?? ##WLAN# - WLAN info ##LOG# - syslog info ##MRU# - MRU Clear ##SSDRTN# - Reset SSD ##TEST - Data Test menu ##YOUROWNMSLHERE# - Service Programming menu ##443336772# Shows MSL code near the bottom of the screen thanks mojo4321 ##4433386368# - Developer menu ##4437736368# - Producer menu How to back up EFS Its already confirmed RUIM data only works if used before flashing anything to the phone, Out of the box phone can be used for RUIM with calls sms and data. so its very important to back up complete stock state EFS partition Two ways to backup EFS, below i have mentioned how to root, during the root process at one stage EFS partition is backed up auto. Or after root use FreeGee from Google Play (Requires root access) Install and backup EFS. How to get you MSL/SPC Easiest method to get SPC: Dial ##443336772# and your SPC/MSL will be displayed on the screen! Probably this will work for other LG phones also. [Credit goes to phonegeek] How to Gain Root Access Root FIle Works with All Baseband Updated ioroot.zip where did i get this ? SOURCE 1 After you have downloaded the file required for root, Put the phone in Debug mode, for this under settings go to Developer Options. If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tab on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. 2 Under display settings set the screen timeout to 5 minutes(you can set it back to your liking later when you are done with root) 3 Connect your phone to PC/Laptop 4 Under pull down notification change the USB settings from MTP to Charge Only 5 Unzip the ioroot file and from the folder execute the run.bat file 6 The command prompt will ask you to press any key as show in pic below 7 You will be prompted to toggle USB connection shown marked in red, three ways you can toggle that, show in marked yellow, select the first one, remove usb connection from the phone and re-plug it back. the PRESS ENTER. 8 Your phone will show toggled notification and also it will ask you to allow USB Debugging with the computer showing the computers RSA key, Mark "Always allow from this computer" & select ok. The command prompt it will warn you again about loosing warranty and more warnings, this is the last point to decide to continue or press CTRL+C to cancel. PRESS ENTER. Your phone EFS will be backed up like shown in pic below and again it will ask you to press enter, PRESS ENTER. 9 Phone is rooted and phone will reboot. check if you have SuperSu or SU in your phone. How to Unroot Access Superuser app, go to settings of the app & look for Full unroot. Select it and wait for the phone to reboot. Recovery for KitKat 4.4.2 LS980ZVC SOURCE GSM Unlock For G2 LS980 This is a temporary GSM unlock & not a permanent or a solid one. Two known issues, you cant access Wi-Fi settings, as it crashes if you try to access, and you cant dial any number without adding 0 before it. Example: Sunny Leons phone number is 6969696969, to call her you gotta dial 06969696969. If you dial direct 6969696969 the phone app crashes and your phone switches to GSM mode if you are in CDMA mode. As far as i know these are only 2 known bugs this unlock has. hope we get a more stable unlock. Install ROM Toolbox Lite 1 Run Rom Toolbox Lite and select performance marked in red 2 Select build.prop editor marked in red 3 Select search using the magnifying glass icon below marked in red 4 In search field type "build.target" as shown in pic below 5 Select "ro.build,target_operator" as show in pic below 6 Change value from "SPR" to "spr" as show in pic below and press ok marked in yellow. 7 Reboot popup will come, select ok and reboot the phone. Your phone should be GSM unlocked now. Install HIAPN or Tweakker for APN settings of your service provider. Install Telinfo to switch between CDMA(CDMA Auto PRL) & GSM(GSM Auto PRL) Permanent Unlock for the LG-G2-LS980
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    Good news is that SPR L720 works on OMH very well with data. I received a few phones last week which were shipped on 4.3 OTA. Rooted, flashed phil's recovery and updated to NAE 4.4 modem.tar, flashed rooted stock TW NAE 4.4 flashable ROM.zip from recovery and it reads any RUIM. Have also tested other international CDMA SIM cards on this baked tutorial. Chinese tutorial:- http://www.cdmamod.com/thread-1840-1-1.html the files:- http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqsUCJU Note 1:- that GSM unlocking requires MDC modem, s4 unlocker and such, and that hidden menu may not be operable on 4.3/4.4 so please make sure its done before this procedure. The chinese tutorial states that a stock MK2 odin file is used, and then the 4.4 zip and the NAE modem, but i have not updated to 4.3 bootloader. Note 2:- OMH/GSM/NV mode (3 networks as called in China) also works on MDC base and CM roms. *Please use your favourite CDMA software to make the phone RUIM only/RUIM if avail before proceeding to this topic. *GSM usage by this method is under development. The entire tutorial is experimental and aimed towards achieving stock like performance.
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    Well, to be frank, I am NOT really happy with the Summer SURPRISE and am sure I will be in the minority now. I was planning to port out my secondary number + all of my corporate connections to Jio, except my main number. But we have to wait for minimum 4 months for the speed to come back to normal. I was very happy about Jio's digital revolution in India, where thugs like Airtel are trying their level best to milk their customers (even now if given chance) by forming a CARTEL to sell data as luxury plus killing the net neutrality and what not. I was eagerly waiting for the paid services by Jio. I was expecting new exclusive Postpaid plans, new JioLink plans and even the introduction of VoLTE feature phones. But what happened on 31st March night was tragedy, imho. Well, I can understand the need of the 15 day extension for Prime enrollment, due to last day server fails, crowds in RD stores, etc. Well, it is bad to know that even many Indians do something as simple as 99Rs recharge, on the LAST day of deadline. But for Rs303 recharge and get 4 more months (3 free + one more for that 303) of FREE usage like NHY offer? It is as good as unlimted data + calls + SMS for Rs100 per month. So we have to bear with the 4 more months of pathetic speeds + bad voice calls. Jio is becoming a heaven for freeloaders and NOT for real customers ready to pay for good services. Now let us look from ANOTHER ANGLE:- Asking Rs256 to Rs296 for 1GB of data is outrageous + UnLimited Greed for sure, but all for FREE at just Rs100 per month is nothing short of predatory right?? All I want is Jio forcing the AVoId Thugs to wake up from slumber, connect their towers with Fiber instead of relying on useless microwave backhaul for reliable connections, treat customers the way they deserve, etc. But what Jio doing now is "KILLING / BLEEDING THE COMPETITION", which is NOT at all good in long term for customers, imho. So our earlier assumption about the earlier HNY is an excuse for correcting / testing their network is NOT true at last. Jio is like a very big Giant THUG beating the hell out of the old-bad-tiny THUGs of AVoId group. Well, how can we sure the Giant will NOT beat us next? Decades ago, RIL has done the same in PVC business. Who knows, may be even "MONSOON OFFER" is on the pipeline, after the end of so called "SUMMER OFFER", if Jio finds Competition has still some breath left out. ------------------- I am not sure, how many people will agree with my views. I have started having doubt on Jio's real intentions now.
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    LG's G2 is one of the most under-rated super phone, which is much much better than S4 and ONE, even specs wise as good as Note3 (except s-Pen of course). Such a nice treatment for that phone is much needed and thanks a lot Vinod ji for your hard work...
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    Get Missed Call Alert Service from Airtel for 1 / 2 / 3 months absolutely FREE. Dear friends, to activate FREE missed call alert service on your Airtel Mobile dial any one the given number in your Airtel mobile : *321*885# *321*884# *321*882# *321*881# *321*880# After dialing this number you will get a reply like this: "Reply with 1 to subscribe MCA @ Rs.0 for 30 days and never miss your calls." Now reply 1 and active this service free on your Airtel mobile. Do not forget to unsubscribe the service after the free period by dialing *321*883# if you don't want to continue. P.S. : I'm not an Airtel subscriber, so didn't tried it before posting. But many of my friends got this service activated for free. Most of them reported that they got 3 months FREE subscription after dialing *321*885#, so try this code first. Also these codes could work in some circles and may not work in others. Still you can give it a try.
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    Jio is good as your secondary calling SIM and primary data SIM. What are dual SIM phones for.
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    ^^ This was fixed yesterday
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    ^^ Even after more than 1.5 years of testing if the network is not ready then it shows the infra and the preparedness of jio in a negative light. In the quest of pulling more users from other operators Jio must ensure they dont loose out on existing customers or prospective heavy users. Atleast 70-80% users are ready to pay and use Jio services if it improves there is no point in going free free free and loosing prospective customers. When Mr.Ambani announced that jio sim is available to all he said he has put in so much money into infra that he can launch 5g 6g as and when available present state even g is not working properly. Mukesh Ambani is a more dangerous business man than a Sunil Mittal if he reduces competition or gets into monopoly it would mean disaster to customers. People may not leave jio if free services continue agreed but at same time customers who chose jio for better services will leave jio if services are not upto mark
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    The main problem is that Jio is still not in a position to handle such big traffic and has planned to add 100000 new towers. Mark his words in the letter "Jio has created the world’s largest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network, with over 100,000 mobile towers. And we will add another 100,000 towers to our network in the coming months. This greenfield investment – of over Rs 200,000 crores – is the largest anywhere in the world. We are acutely aware that we have small pockets of congestion on our network. With our investment in network expansion, you will see a dramatic improvement in service quality in the coming weeks." He has come up with "Summer Surprise" so that he can 1. Improve his network. 2. Hold back subscribers by way of FREE offer. (no one will leave the network even after facing congestion issues. 3. Bring the competitors to their knees. 4. Pull more users from other operators. 5. The way Jio is imposing ₹99/-, he may dictate terms in future after gaining monopoly in the Market. 6. While other operators are struggling for survival Jio is squeezing money from its users and investing in infrastructure upgrades. 7. We all obsessed by Jio have done not only ₹99/-, but also multiple recharges of ₹303/- or above to avail JioMoney ₹50/- Cashback. No matter how much we criticize Jio, we cannot deny the wholesome package which includes bundled apps & subscriptions provided by Jio is the best in the market at present. We thought that Jio has come to teach lesson to AVOID but now it's too much though Jio have its own reasons. Every thing is fair in love & war. (4G love & 4G war)
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    It should be Queued & shall come in to effect automatically on 29Apr2017 00.00hrs (Midnight of 28Apr2017). You will require a Booster-pack which will last till the remaining days of the prevailing plan (validity till the expiry of the current plan). Till date Jio has projected themselves differently compared to the regular prepaid module used by other companies wherein any prepaid recharge supercedes the existing plan/recharge. They have come up with queued recharges instead. They have introduced booster packs for prepaid users. Jio's prepaid Recharges give full 24 hrs cycle from the time of activation unlike other operators who forfeit plan at midnight irrespective of the time of activation. Jio will observe it's users usage behavior after the commercial services start from April & may come up with some more plan variants by June for non prime customers as well.
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    What is the best way of transferring google contacts to BLACKBERRY TOUR 9630 of Reliance
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    Hi, L720 on NAE 4.4.2 not working with OMH sim card. Says "Invalid Sim". Any settings needs to be adjusted? Thanks
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    Didn't work for me on latest ND1 rom on USC S4. Any trick or settings, please share.
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    please follow the steps to download the files:- 1. In that folder, go to the folder where you can see the files and two folders listed. Choose the files you want to download, except first two folder which contains the update and the full firmware. now click download icon in the top. it should give you second option which is normal download for a zip file contains all of your chosen file. 2. for downloading the 4.4 update file in the first folder, click on the folder and click the link for the file( make sure you choose that file only), now you can download that file. 3. for the full firmware, use the download link : www.mediafire.com/download/uzlq1g9oizof7x2/SPR-L720VPUEMK2-20131212171424.zip
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    Epic day in rimweb history. Super Saturday really. Doctor on fire today. And I know there is more work in progress which will be out in few days. Keep up the good work sir.
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    No you dont, on G2 every reliance OMH sim is "Special" Screenshot:
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    I personally have not tried it, but many have confirmed RUIM to work, some have claimed data does not work on Sprint. tried and tested works like a charm in nv mode... and for sim card need special moded sim for reliance... tested with the reliance modded sim also working perfectly as it should...
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    Indeed the LG G2 is a wonderful phone and yet doesn't burn a big hole in your pocket.. To write such a beautiful and detailed description+tutorial in one post.. I can imagine the time spent in making this happen.. Hats off to you Vinod ji..
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    That is why I don't have much hope on ChoRCom. ChoRCom 2G's voice call quality is very very horrible, that even the pathetic BSNL's 2G voice calls are much better. Reg coverage, ChoRCom's 2G GSM was a very very BAD joke. I agree that Jio is NOT a threat to ChoRCom's 2G voice business. They are already giving dirt cheap 2G voice calls for years. But NOW they are NOT alone. Even BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have started giving better voice plans (NOT DATA) to their 2G / 3G users. They have better coverage and great voice call clarity as well. Among Telcos, Whoever may be the loser, at last customers are going to be the winners.
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    Yes ! I still have two Rcom 4G connections which are latching to Aircel towers from quite some time and network has improved drastically as compared to rcom. So users who use mobile for telephony (voice communication) only & are not heavy users will never shell ₹149/- for unlimited voice for 28 days as they can sustain outgoing connectivity for more than two - three months by way of paid voice calls using ₹149 talk time (full talk time voucher) or even top up with so called "chota recharge" ₹10/- etc. to keep outgoing enabled. Basically Jio is eyeing Data segment only - as for voice user, 4G or 2G doesn't make any difference as long as connectivity and coverage is good.
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    Aircel offers very good services in many circles and there are dedicated Aircel customers. If RCom users are also migrated to same experience, if would be a better experience for them. So churn out ratio may come down.
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    I agree that market has been dominant by 2G users... now lets see the facts by END of 2015 - 3 Million 4G user Reports says 2017 End around 50 Million 4G users, fact is Mid 2017 Jio itself have 100 Million 4G users, plus AVOID numbers with introduction of feature 4G phones (which Jio is expected to launch). 4G base is expected to grow exponentially (it may be almost double of what article predicts by 2020) Now coming to Voice users....it is past....with Voice becoming free(mature market already have free voice), who will stick to Voice only. next upgrade will be either to feature phones or smart phones. Many countries are now closing 2G...(Singapore already closed, Australia - largest telco have closed others have announced by Sep 2017). Even indian Telcos will have to close 2G at some point so as to utilize spectrum in efficient way. Telco wants profit. 2G only is not profitable with ARPU on the lowest side. In terms of Coverage/Speed/Quantity ...AVOID is far better than RCOM/AIRCEL. Not to mention about customer services which is almost non existence for RCOM Plus not to forget the low quality of users on RCOM/AIRCEL, huge debt, reducing subscriber, increasing losses, No funds for expansion, 800Mhz of RCOM near its expiry. I dont see RCOM/AIRCEL surviving in this market Just to give u some more inside RCOM had 100 Million customer on Dec15, with VLR around 91%..Close to 91 Million active users as of Dec16 RCOM is having 86Million with VLR around 85%...close to 73 Million active users(may have further reduced in Jan-Dec due to onslaught from Jio/Matching offers from AVOID) Stock price of RCOM hovering around 33 today. which is near to its all time low(Gives u a fair bit of idea that even experts are not buying RCOM story) RCOM most profitable users were EVDO Data card users..(they are gone now), User looking for Data have moved to Jio, for 2G only service why should one stick to RCOM?? For user with low usage 20-60Rs default rates are same across all Telco's. No international roaming on prepaid, frequent unwanted deductions, messy vouchers(advertise something but actual benefits does not match). Check any online forum you will see people calling CHORCOM...
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    I guess RCOM/Aircel is gone case ... in last few months most of the high paid user have switched out of RCOM. Combined entity(when ever they combine) may very well be behind Jio in terms of active subscribers...
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    I have noted that sometimes when we face data speed reduction on Jio, merely switching Data off & on regains the speed. Are you using tethering from Android phone ? If so - you can increase speed whenever you face speed limitation between 800Kbps - 1.2 Mbps by following steps below. 1. Disconnect your connection from laptop or desktop. 2. Go to device manager & disable Wireless Network adapter (under Network adapters) and after few seconds enable it again. OR restart your PC/Laptop. 3. Reconnect to Wifi Hotspot of your Android. 4. Speed will jump to 13 - 16 Mbps during peak hours & 22 - 38 Mbps during night. FYI - recently I downloaded Windows 10 creator update ISO 64bit + 32bit (4GB+3GB = 7GB) in less than 40 minutes from Microsoft. Whenever I am stuck with such bandwidth limitation situation after following above steps I regain proper speed within minutes. Tested several times. Seems there is some secure connection bug while connecting Windows device to Android (via tethering) which causes speed throttling. I used to think that the ISP is throttling but later found that while downloading on mobile itself - the speed is excellent where as at the same time downloading on PC/Laptop through tethering was facing limited bandwidth. Do let me know if it helps.
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    Looks like Jio wants users to avoid their LYF handsets and go for others (Vivo here). I like their honesty here..
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    Already on Jio Website. What is Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN? Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN provides special recharge benefits to Jio customers in which they can enjoy unlimited data and voice benefits for 3 months (84 days). If you are already a Jio Prime member, you can recharge with Rs. 309 and enjoy 1GB high speed data per day, unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice calls & SMS and access to Jio Premium apps. You can also recharge with Rs. 509 and get 2GB high speed data per day, unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice calls & SMS and access to Jio Premium apps. In case you are not a Jio Prime member, you can recharge with Rs. 408 or Rs. 608 and enjoy the above benefits. I have already recharged with 149 or lower plan. How can I get Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN benefits? You can recharge with Rs. 408 (309 + 99) or Rs. 608 (509 + 99) plan and enjoy the benefits of Jio Prime membership along with Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN. In Rs. 309 plan, you will enjoy 1GB high speed data and in Rs. 509 plan you will enjoy 2GB high speed data daily. In both these plans, you get unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice & SMS along with access to Jio Premium apps. On the first recharge with these plans, you will get 3 months (84 days) validity. Thereafter the plan validity will be 1 month on every recharge. Can I get Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN benefits along with Jio Summer Surprise offer? As a Jio Summer Surprise customer, you are in a plan which gives you additional three months of complementary services. Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan benefits cannot be availed along with Jio Summer Surprise offer. What is the amount that I need to pay for a new prepaid connection w.e.f. 11th April? You can recharge with Rs. 408 (309 + 99) or Rs. 608 (509 + 99) plan and enjoy the benefits of Jio Prime membership along with Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN. In Rs. 309 plan, you will enjoy 1GB high speed data and in Rs. 509 plan you will enjoy 2GB high speed data daily. In both these plans, you get unlimited local, STD, national roaming voice & SMS along with access to Jio Premium apps. On the first recharge with these plans, you will get 3 months (84 days) validity. Thereafter the plan validity will be 1 month on every recharge. What is the validity of Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN? Jio DHAN DHANA DHAN is available for existing and new customers till further notice. Under this offer, you will enjoy the unlimited benefits for 3 months (84 days) when you do the first recharge. For more details visit jio.
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    So the way Airtel is given time till 11th April to remove or modify its "fastest network" ad - Jio also said that it will respect the advice of Trai but will take some time to withdraw ("as soon as operationally feasible, over the next few days.") may be by 15th April.
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    thank you @tech.ba & everyone.
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    Yes U will get Higher pack benefits in summer surprise Either its 303 1gb/day Or 499 2gb/day As per requirement But after offer summer surprise recharge works in queue Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    They have said first surprise of many more, they are still trying to improve their network, I really want that free scheme should be close now so that people who want to use paid services can get actual speed. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Good to see, I am not alone. Further due to the Rs339 (2GB 3G data + UnLimited onnet + 25 offnet minutes per day for 28 days) of BSNL and Rs349 (1GB per day + Unlimited LIKE calls) offer by AVoId group, even BSNL and AVoId network is pathetic nowadays. Good competition gives good network to all, but killing competition ultimately kill choices for customers.
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    I would have to agree to this post entirely as what you say is completely true. To be frank I was hoping Jio becomes complete paid service from December itself. But they chose to extend till March and now till June giving freebies maybe good for a certain period and Jio is banking on heavy load of incoming customers either new or MNP to avail this free service. In a way Jio is killing competition but people like AirHell still fooling customers by certain check points what Jio offers at 303 is charged at 349 by Airhell and the 1 GB data is split as .5gb in day and .5gb between 12-6 am.If I were to believe in what I saw on 30th and 31st March as to how pathetic Jio was in terms of calls and connectivity with intermittent network outage I'd say it will be a up n down 3 months.I was expecting some announcement about JIO Gigafiber or dth only to hear about Summer Surprise. Kanaga Bro it works out less than 75 per month considering your 303 is valid for 4 months as the recharge will be applicable only in 303 after 3 free months. I seriously hope it improves connectivity or we as customers are in for big issues with only 2-3 major operators remaining in scence
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    Agree with u was hoping for good paid data service. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    I used it for 13 years. Still use MTS CDMA. But all good things come to an end.........
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    All you can get is FREE incoming calls (in home circle for sure, NOT sure about roaming circles)...
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    You can export contacts to a csv file and then again that file can be imported to outlook... Then sync your blackberry to outlook with desktop manager... (blackberry pc suite)
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    Javed Bhai, I have a USSC S4 R970. Based on your post on the forum I tried testing for OMH for USSC S4 on stock ND1 (Latest 4.4.2), fresh ODIN flash. The phone says invalid sim card and doesn't catches a signal. Any settings required, please share. I shall be highly obliged to you for your kind help.
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    This method works , that's why it is posted here !!Sent by Moto G on Reliance CDMA
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    Got this by force. Thanks to st_7 Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
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    now my(not only mine)statement is changed for S4. "any s4 will not work on RUIM with data" its called "Doctor Dhamaal" will try now...
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    Works from remote, 2k per unlock. Putting up requirements for unlock soon in this site. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
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    Can you please share how we can obtain this unlock ? Via you / contact ? Will the unlock be done remotely or will we have to send the phone ? Thanks.
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    You sir.. Have made my day.. Please update whether its working on RUIM after the unlock process..
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    Brilliant stuff, well done Vinod
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    Core of Intel's New Core i7 CPUs The Core i7 family doesn't just mean new CPUs, they use a new chipset, a new system bus, and a new socket structure. In short, it's a whole new ballgame. This is the first major technology jump since mid-2006, when Core 2 CPUs showed up on the scene. http://www.pcworld.com/article/154361/gett...re_i7_cpus.html
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    @Ashoksoft: Not a problem dude... its cool. @sklm: just that, ppl who 'request' for s_hit could thank or ATLEAST acknowledge when they get their link... Imean, i dont even know if sklm or amit found the stuff useful.