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  1. hi are these plans applicable for phones too, or only on 3g dongles? i had called on 31st to change 3g plan on my reliance 3g-gsm phone in delhi, and they said they are not aware of any such changes.
  2. Hi guys, i want to know if any of you are aware of the retention plans currently being offered by reliance for Netconnect+? Thanks
  3. hi guys, i want to know the current full talk time offers in delhi? or any otherpromo rehcarges for talktime. also do they have any dedicated line where we can know all such offers? thanks
  4. Reliance 3G In Delhi

    hi guys thnx for the reply, speed sounds to be decent. how is there network in general? i had taken their prepaid gsm sim almost a year back, and felt that the network was pathetic. hardly any coverage. and one couldnt even call reliance gsm from other phones, even if the network bars showed full. since, u guys seem to be not having much trouble would it be correct to assume that their network has become better, or is it just for the 3g network (for voice/data). thnx
  5. Reliance 3G In Delhi

    Hi guys i have been offered reliance 3g sim in delhi, with monthly rental of Rs500, which will include 1000 mintues for all type of calls local/std/roaming, 100mb of data usage and 600 sms per month. i want to know, how is their 3g network in delhi, if at all they have launched. as per my understanding they had announced the service, but not commerically rolled out the service.
  6. i have been an extremely happy vodafone customer all my life, the only reason i want to port the number is cause, the new place i m shifting to has very very poor vodafone signal. while the rest of them work just fine. i m thinking of moving to airtel, as it is the only other 1 worth moving to having 3g in delhi. reliance and mtnl are not in my consideration list.
  7. Hi, what operator are you with? Rgds Jasmeet Vodafone
  8. Hi guys, is MNP available in Delhi, today i sent message to generate MNP code, and surprisingly i did get a message back mentioning the code for porting. i suppose then mnp is now available here. please let me know. thnx
  9. Hi i m on vdafone delhi, and i use iphone, with prepaid connection. i want to know, how can i switch off balance display service after every call/sms? thnx
  10. Netconnect+ Pre To Post Conversion

    Sorry guys, for the confusion caused, i want to convert post to pre paid.
  11. Hi, i m using netconnect+ in delhi, can i convert from postpaid to prepaid? Sorry for the wrong heading, conversion required is post to pre.
  12. Hi guys, i want to upgrade my samsung galaxy spica, from 1.5 to 2.2/2.1. please tell me what is the procedure for the same. regards thanks for reading.
  13. yes i it enabled, could some1 provide me with the settings
  14. hi guys i m on vodafone delhi, but the mobile internet is not working. i have chosen the vodafone settings in the phone settings but it does not work. please help thnx for looking