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  1. Suggest me a New Handset

    If you don't need camera, go for 6585. With 3105/3125/6225/6585 you will have to use data cable for Rconnect - Infrared won't work. However infrared is best to get your phone syncronized with your laptop. If you don't want to sync with your laptop, then go for 3125 or like me for 3105 that is the cheapest one. I got mine at 5.5K at WW. Regards UD
  2. Nokia 3105

    I wrote this to Nokia India support by email and they confirmed saying it's just like that. Pretty strange considering even my 3 yr old 3350 has alarm clock that can be set on a day wise basis. Dunno why such basic features are left out of CDMA phones. Even the alarm snooze function is missing on 3105. Anyway, as long as the phone servers my purpose i.e. speakerphone which is very good, I don't care much.
  3. Nokia 3105 - Dku5 Cable

    Does anyone have info on where apart from Nokia shops or Webworld to get the DKU5 cable that will work with PC Suite as well and not only for Rconnect. I tried to buy one from Baazee and this cable is not even working for Rconnect on my 3105. Has anyone bought the DKU5 cable available on the RIMWEB accessories site ? Regards UD
  4. Nokia 3105

    Hi Guys, Found one amazing issue with Nokia 3105. When I set Alarm clock, it's valid only one time and does not repeat daily. So you have to set the alarm daily. Anyone else has noticed the issue and have update ? Checked my firmware and it shows: SW Version V J150V0401.nep 01-09-04 RH-48 ©NMP I guess 01-09-04 is software release date which doesn't seem to be age old. Regards UD
  5. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    Hi Guys, Just bought a 3105 a week back. Found that RWorld is working with most of the options. I still get application errors sometimes while downloading ringtones but have downloaded 2-3 without any issues. Was this something already working ? Or this is new ? Regards UD
  6. Call Divert On 3105

    Hi there Ashish, Just bought 3105 too. And I use following codes for a long time - just checked and these work on 3105 as well. So you should not have any problems. *305 followed by number where you want the calls to get forwarded is what you are supposed to dial. For voice mail dial *3053600. To cancel all call diverts dial *308 If you need code for forward all calls, checkout RIM site - I don't use that usualy so don't remember. Hope this helps. Regards UD
  7. Nokia 3205 Data Cable

    Have you downloaded and installed DKU-5 driver from Nokia website ? Just installing PC Suite won't help. Regards UD
  8. All about Nokia 3205

    Maybe this is off topic but would still post the question. Anyone in Mumbai has bought 6585 or 6225 or 3205 ? I have been told at Malad / Borivali webworlds that these handsets are out of stock. Regards UD
  9. Nokia Cdma Prices Slashed!

    Interesting . . I haven't seen any such chart when I visited webworld yesterday (Saturday). Anyway . . is it because RIM wants to launch new phones soon ? Nokia 6255 ? Stock Clearance maybe !! Regards UD
  10. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    Yes ! None of the current Nokia models on RIM have RWORLD. Regards UD
  11. Suggest me a New Handset

    Hi nil, Nokia 6225 has everything you want and if you can live without RWORLD. If you like funky phones, select 3205 that has a torch too and it actualy works. The lower cost 6585 is same as 6225 without camera. Regards UD
  12. Reliance Launches 5 Nokia Handsets

    Anyone checked 6585 model ? I checked Nokia site and feature wise it looks much better than 6012 or 3105. Mainly Infrared connectivity (PC Suite), 500 contacts and FM Radio and all legendary user friendly Nokia features. Looks like this is CDMA equivalent of 6610 plus voice dialing. I would prefer this over camera phones any time. Anyone has info on pricing ? If it's around 7500/- this should be better buy. Regards UD
  13. Nokia 2280 Cdma Data Cable Works On Nokia Gsm?

    Looking at the specs of 2280 and GSM phones, both use DKU-5 cable. So if you have bought DKU-5 cable, it should work on both CDMA and GSM phones. However my brother bought a local cable for 2280 which works perfectly for RConnect but is not working on GSM with Nokia PC Suite so it may be a issue of local vs genuine Nokia cables. Regards UD
  14. New Nokia Cdma Handsets

    Well . . I differ on the opinion on Nokia. I feel it's the user friendly features and "choice of features and phones" that's keeping them going. In almost every case you would find a Nokia phone that would suit your need right from entry level users to business users and gadget freaks. And Redshift, while I agree on the delay from Nokia on speakerphone front, just compare the quality of lowest cost Nokia speakerphone 2300 against speakerphone on any similar priced panasonic phone and you will know the difference. Not that I favour Nokia handsets on each count but I don't feel it's only their marketing that is getting them big market share. And of course once you have a brand name, you can and should demand some premium at least. Regards UD
  15. Hey Raccoon, That sounds strange. I have a flat on the outskirts of Lonavala city and I get damn good coverage there whereas my dad's GSM phone keeps switching between operators because it hardly gets coverage. On highways the coverage is poor but I'm ready to live with that. Regards UD