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  1. RConnect & Linux

    HI all, after much strugle , i am connected to Internet from my Linux OS here is the complete set of steps i followed (it took me 4 months and N number of Hr to Connect to Internet) To Connect to Internet using Reliance Phone (any) with Fedora core 3 I create a file in /etc/wvdial.conf 1.file:/etc/wvdial.conf [Modem0] Modem= /dev/ttyACM0 Baud= 115200 SetVolume=0 DialCommand= ATDT FlowControl= Hardware(CRTSCTS) [Dialer R] Username= my phone number Password= my phone number Phone= #777 Stupid Mode= 1 Inherits= Modem0 2. edit following file as follow file:/etc/resolv.conf service named start nameserver nameserver nameserver 3. change Mobile\settings\phone\datarate = 115200 4. now to dial to Internet we need to follow these things 5. Connect Mobile to system using a USB cable 6. login as root 7. type following command modprobe uhci modprobe usbserial modprobe ftdi_sio wvdial R Huuuuure I am connected to Internet to disconnect killall pppd remove phone after some time
  2. Linux Configuration

    hi i have redhat 9 installled on my pc, its very easy to intall the lsp340 lg phone , all you have to do is login as root with your password. then open your terminal and give the path to install. sh file provided by Reliance, and run at terminal. . you must first download the driver from relianceinfo.com, and then it works for all phones.. bye 29103[/snapback] I tryed to search Linux Rconnect .sh file on Reliance web site, but i think now they removed the file. if some one have can you pleas share that file
  3. Lg Rd 7230 Video Camera Phone

    LG RD 7230 is not at all worth above 10000 Rs , Only thing is it have a camara which is best (in CDMA and GSM ) compared toany other phone but all other features are frustating
  4. Issues with RIM Ethics !

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I talked with an consumer fourm lawyre , and he said we can fight the case if we have those historic pamplates which says 600 Rs check per month only any one have it imagin what all is on the stack 24 Rs per month from may 2003 = 24 x14 = 336 Rs per head and for reliance 336 x millions so any one have the old pemplate
  5. Bitpim Sync Errors

    hi again i am tyring to connect LG RD 7230 with bitpim .7 the error message comes is what went wrong ???
  6. Bitpim Sync Errors

    i downloaded bitpim .7 i have LG RD 7230 but my model is not listed in choose phone in bitpim which should i use
  7. Issues with RIM Ethics !

    Dose justice depends on good & expensive lawyers???I thought it depends on truth yes we are but not double tax??? if a pamphlet sayas 600 Rs a month check, then it means tax are calculated and integral part of that amount. for example if pepsi ad says 5 Rs bottel it means 5 Rs include every tax.... Well any way any one has any pamphlet relating to this i will appreciate if he sends it to me, i am ready to go to consumer court and follow through And any info/link/phone number/... to any consumer forum (who have lawyers) in Bangalore Plus a lot of luck All modulators and victims of reliance please show me the right path. I am going to take on the Reliance Empire
  8. Issues with RIM Ethics !

    HI all, i was just going through some old papers and found some thing. remember when we all taken DAPO the rules were deposit 3000 Rs check and then 1800 Rs check per quarte, and u will get 400 min per month with no bill deposit 1000 Rs more to call more then 400 min (local) and 2000 Rs more for std. right here i remember the sealse person told me that i wont get any bill (and more hten 400 min ) if i pay only 3000 Rs i did that and after 1 month or so my std and 400+ min automatically started. now commign to the main thing when a bill from reliance comes it takes tax on 400 Rs from our check amount i.e. 24 Rs till now (40 from now on) if we stick to what costomer service said in those days then every month we are cheated for 24 Rs. cos onces u say " 600 Rs check per month without any bill" and then u charge tax on a fraction of the amount this is cheating according to me tax has to be integral part of that 600 Rs. hope i explained it properly so guys what all can be done should we go to court , sue them ??? pls do some thing
  9. G-mail Account

    I agree with mastermind What is privacy in mail, its some thing important and should be shared on “need to know basis” right So if I opt for Gmail and give Gmail id to a friend, I already understand what kind of mail is coming to my gmail account and I accept it. My official mail comes on my office mail ID so where is the question of privacy lost ??? And if some sender thinks that his message need to be private then he should send it to my other private email id. For Information to those who doesn’t know, every message is scanned some where we never now where. Ok here I will give example All official mail can be viewed by system admin in any office (I had seen this thing happening) Any mail coming in America can be viewed by CIA,PIA,TIA ….. So where is the privacy ????? If some one wants to track our message and if he has resources he can, nothing can be done to stop him. So instead of suppressing Gmail all these controlling bodies should consecrate on spam and other important problems like chield sexual abuse through mail??
  10. Mobile Charging

    I have RD 7230 with travel charge (which comes free ) do u thing it also have auto cut ???
  11. Voice Enabled Call History Menu

    I have 7230 I am in DAPO i dialed #444 and i got the message as code got i called up #333 they say #444 was used for roming and the service is no more avilable ??? nikit r u sure u dialed #444 OK are there any other services like this i mean dial #123 and get a Taj mahal free ??
  12. Lg Rd 7230 A Enpnacive Mess

    o man its not working .. i think problem is not in my mobile but in my linux i reinstalled linux but still it doesnt recognize the modem on usb port do i need to upgrade my pppd or chat ???
  13. Lg Rd 7230 A Enpnacive Mess

    sorry forgot to add here it is one thing again there is no "/dev/modem 115200" line in my /etc/ppp/options file
  14. Lg Rd 7230 A Enpnacive Mess

    Hi again here is the log file that i had done here is intersting thing , this is portion of my sys tem log files , seem that no one is claming the device on USB port any solution ??? Dhananjay
  15. Lg Rd 7230 A Enpnacive Mess

    Hi there, well i tryed every thing , but its still not working i done modprobe usbserial modprobe ftdi_sio modprobe acm but in the file /etc/ppp/options " /dev/modem 115200" This line is not present when i do kilall -9 pppd no process get killed and then ppd command dosent work , i mean shell accepts the command but dosent do any thing even after 1 Hr i tried both ports, nothing happens i tried AMC0-4,USB0-6 every thing what to do now ??