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  1. Funny Pics & Videos

    Why take trouble? http://www.funpic.hu/en.gallery.php?id=20&s=dd&p=1 Give a link to the best collection of funny pictures on the net!! None of the pictures above are real! Just photoshop. Real are the best!!
  2. Mods And Admin Appreciation Thread

    Dude.. .dont take it personally.
  3. New Mods/Super Mods/Admins!

    Wow! All the laghe raho payed off! You can write that on your CV pal Ash! enjoy yourself. Static will be so thrilled!!
  4. Takagism - Escape From Crimson Room & Others

    Found 11 items on my first attempt!! Lotz of Chineese characters (4) Chilled Beer Grey medicine Box with two pills and a Chineese note Old Lighter Photos 2 Male and Female Black Hair CD case A red locked book Shoes? More interesting things. And a mystery to solve And you can keep your stuff on the rack!.. Wonder what that is for What the hell is that noise on opening blue door?
  5. Takagism - Escape From Crimson Room & Others

    The rings go on the red box.. need one more item!
  6. Takagism - Escape From Crimson Room & Others

    How many could you find..? A battery, a CD case, A cassete, A gold key, A silver Key, A ring, A note with a website. 7 ITEMS Whatelse?
  7. Help Me Or I Will Be Gone

    Arun, did you retype his posts? What commitment!! Bravo
  8. Great Voip Deals for ISD calls !

    Seems like voipbuster.com is not even a week old! It is promising, but this seems to be an intro offer.. May not last May not be stable.! BSNL on its web site calls its Webphone VOIP.. but no incoming SIP number.. What are the VOIP solutions available in India, Net2phone is marketing in India from what I hear http://www.myvoipcentre.com/content/blogcategory/104/107/ http://www.voipproviderslist.com/country/v...roviders-india/
  9. Please go thru this site www.sunrocket.com/ * Unlimited calling – U.S. and Canada * Free international minutes ($3.00 allowance every month) * Free extra phone number - Local or AnyWhere Number℠ * Over 10 enhanced calling features * Two free Directory Assistance calls each month * All the necessary equipment to get started * No charge to activate - includes free shipping * No hidden fees * Taxes included in the Bottom-Line price℠ * No cancellation fees * 31 day risk-free guarantee Plus for some promo codes, you can get a free ATA cordless phones VOIP device.. heck, they are giving out TWO!! https://www.sunrocket.com/sign_up/promo_cod...source=national 200$s is like 10000Rs/per year, my cell phone bill used to be twice that amount Why doesny TRAI liberalise VOIP in India?
  10. 2 Mbps Leased Line

    Rs.20,000? Isnt that cheap..! Thats like paying 30$s per month, as cheap as Yahoo DSL (20$s pm for 256kbps) etc.. making it one of the cheapest broadband!! I dont think there is a data limit on this! Leased Line Tarrif Its cheaper than DSL Rs1800 per month package Now, isnt that cute
  11. Cdma Node Using Rd 2030

    Dacodecz, you r quite right! Yes, and apart from the BSNL switch, it is possible to spoof the caller id! Has anybody tried the CDMA node? I dont have a CDMA phone, I dont have a Reliance Phone, hence no experience about the CDMA node.
  12. Cdma Node Using Rd 2030

    Rakesh. Here the logic behind the CDMA node. Its like an SMS gateway, but this gateway for VOIP. You CDMA phone is connected to the computer, and when somebody calls that phone, it is answered by the computer program. The program then routes the call thru VOIP over longdistances (sometimes even overseas!). If you have a VOIP subscription (costs only 20$s a month for unlimited free calls within US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and few other countries) you can route the call from india, via your VOIP CDMA node to these counties for no recurring charges. Above is an example of a business opportunity. But, the reason this thread was started was to show the ability to receive and make calls using RD 2030 via computer.
  13. Cdma Node Using Rd 2030

    Dudes.. This topic was deleted! I had to plead to get it reinstated. So, lets complete the discussion. Yes, this can be used as a VOIP gateway.. however interesting and "creative" it might be... international VOIP gateway is illegal in India.. but not national VOIP gateways.!! Many companies do use VOIP to make national calls (some even international!). Lets avoid discussing on the legality of the issue...are you with me? Questions need to be answered! 1. Someone needs to share their personal experience here on the thread. 2. Are the driver different from the one on reliance website. 3. The "CDMA node" software, how does that work? 4. Is it really possible to make and answer calls using RD2030 with an external dialer (via computer? ) 5. Can a similar software be designed to place/receive calls via computer? PS: Chirag stay away from this thread You are the "Terminator" of the forum Beetle
  14. Where Is My Topic?

    I had posted an interesting topic. It has been deleted!! What can I say Just sugar coated candy
  15. Cdma Node Using Rd 2030

    To run a GSM/CDMA node you need two cables. 1. A Data cable to control the dialing and hangup.(To know more about data cables, read the Installation instructions). 2. An audio cable for voice. The PC's sound card is connected to the phone's handsfree socket through the audio cable. Making the audio cable is very easy. Anyone with basic soldering skills should be able to make these cables for you. Tips: 1. Buy a Motorola handsfree, cut the cable between near the mic and solder the two audio jacks (use different colored jacks). 2. Use a VOM/Multimeter to check that the connections are as per the diagram above. 3. Keep the two jacks of different colors to differentiate between the mic and speaker jacks. Testing the cables You need the help of a friend to do this testing. Step 1: Connect the cable to the cell-phone and the PC sound card. Step 2: Start the sound recorder from Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment. Step 3: From the cell phone, dial your friend's phone number. Step 4: Press record button on the Sound Recorder application. Step 5: When you friend answers the phone, the Sound Recorder Display should show the voice patterns. Step 6: After a few seconds of recording. Press the Stop button and then play back the sound by pressing the Play button. Step 7: Now the friend should be able to hear their own recorded voice. The voice might be slightly distorted (that is okay). If it doesn't work, check the connections. There are two things that usually go wrong: 1. The leads might be swapped. The ground wire could be connected to the tip and the signal to the ring. 2. Check that the jacks are properly connected to their respective sockets on the sound card. That is, the mic jack to the mic socket and the speaker jack to the speaker socket and not the other way.