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  1. Using Pc To Make Calls Through Nokia 6255

    rather you can use DATA CARD for that surf internet in your laptop/PC and call also you call through that..
  2. no idea, i think you cant even select Manual network selection. this is also a biggest problem...
  3. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Hey guys, I noticed one thing that volume of headset while call is so slow, even in traffic i am not able to hear properly even full volume. whereas listening music (songs) output is ok. Is there any solution of it ?????
  4. Try on winxp sp2, there are so many compatibility issues with win vista..
  5. @ Hetal Thanks a ton to you first of all, this is realy such a nice software which worths a price and you are sharing that with all of us for free. HPSMS is realy a nice software and working nice with my nokia 6275 and HP Laptop through bluetooth connectivity, initialy i had some problem but when i read your and other members post and solution i solved issues and started massging through import mode and sms text mode also. 1- i felt some difficulty when sending sms through import option, because we send sms in bulk through this option and we have to write phone no manualy for each sms. Solution for that - syncronise your nokia phone with microsoft out look express / outlook express (windows defalut address book) and then open microsoft address book / outlook addrees book and export that to csv file. now convert that in to excel thats done now you have all your contacts in excel which you can use for back up and also for sending sms too...... 2- sending sms to 160 charecters is realy an issue in this software, because smoetimes it realy required. (i have seen your reply why is this not possible but hope as this software grown from version 1.00 to version 2.00, will definatly find some solution) suggestions dear hetal, i am not a software develeper but i just thought about it if HPSMS (software) may not access phone book but it may accses adress book of microsoft outlook/ outlook express. Hope it may lead to any solution...
  6. Sms From Pc 6235

    Sourav Sir ji, i think you are using oxygen phone manager 2 v 2.5 or below. Have you used v 2.8 ??
  7. Bulk Sms Via Reliance Phone Attached To Pc

    Guys yes this possible to send sms from pc using nokia handset (confirmed with 6235 and 6255), but you need a software named "Oxygen phone manager II for Nokia mobiles V 2.8" please note this is diffrent from Oxygen phone manager for Series 60 handsets. You may experience it by downloading from www.oxygenphonemanager.com the trial version. Now problem - i have this trial version but i am searching c***k for it, i request to you all please help and let us enjoy reliance sms facility to its full extent
  8. New Handsets

    dear i come to know that in delhi nokia 6600 is launched by reliance as on 20 jan 06... is it trueeee ????
  9. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    Buddy i have doubt that vedio file can be played on lg6230 because there is no format defined which this handset can play same as in nokia 40 series we can play 3gp and 3gp2 and nokia 60series we can play .3gp .rm .avi .mp4 .og and so on, but i am quite sure that we can't install .sis and .jar files on lg6230. because .sis is only for symbian operating system(please correct me if i am wrong) and for .jar --- if lg6230 is java enabled handset then how to install that game on the handset.
  10. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    HI all, basicaly i am nokia lover and i am using nokia 6255 but due to hipe created before launch of lg6230, i was little qurious about this handset. But after launch of this lg 6230 its very clear that there is no comparision between Lg and Nokia handsets. Though evry RWWE CC says you can upload up to 500 songs in Lg 6230 if you use 512 MB mini SD card, but here my quistion is ? is there any who has sucessfuly uploded even 10 songs. I didnt mean to completly dominate Lg but this is true all the stuff available in Lg handsets are very difficult to execute one needs to be tecnicaly sound if he wants to enjoy lg handsets. As far as Mp3 to amr converter go to forum.nokia.com and serach for multimedia converter, this is the best Mp3 to amr and .dat to 3gp converter.
  11. Hack Your Nokia Phone

    Dear As we are looking for how to enable mobile browser, i was also thinking of it. Now i have 2 points lets us see our technical may help. 1 While Internet browsing through rim what IP it accsess 2 as we all know that 6255 has in built modem. I am highlighting these points because i have Nokia 6630 and On that i have airtel Connection, On Nokia 6630 i can browse same as my Pc, even while making connection through Pc i dont need to install any driver or anything just go and create a new Internet connection Network connections because browsing happens through handset. I request to all our Technical Experts, please consider this aspect also.
  12. All About Nokia 6255

    Guys i am facing strange type of problem in my nokia 6255, its gets switched of automaticaly and when i went to nokia service centere for this issue there i came to know that i was not alone 2 more person were complaining for the same. We didnt find any solution from nokia, I request to all of our rimwebian technical experts to help me. Thanks in advance.
  13. All About Nokia 6255

    Good and interesting one... Lagta hai maza ayega
  14. All About Nokia 6255

    Guys i have an interesting find in Nokia 6255, this handset has an option for call restriction, means you can restrict all the numbers or particular numbers for outgoing calls and same with incoming calls.
  15. I Screwed Myself

    i have experiance of nokia service center, actualy these people told me that warenty is for manufacturing faults not for this kind of damag. now first of all nokia people will charge you service charge, i have been charged rs 645 only at pune, but still i recomend you must go to nokia service center because they can better take care of your handset.