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  1. Jus confused. Whether to recharge with ₹ 399 or wait for 19th for new plans..
  2. In today's DNA (mumbia edition) it says that new tariffs to be launched on 18th November, may see increase in price or discontinuation of 399/84 plan. I agree with @KanagaDeepan that such plans are adversely affecting the quality and none of the telcos are not willing to invest in network.
  3. Is there any details available on new plans? My plan is expiring on 24th of this month and have to recharge it.
  4. Tata has already informed its employees about closure of the company. They can leave anytime they want or can stay till 31st March 2018. It is also offering severance package or VRS. Only few employees whom they think can be useful to other group company will be retained. I think even landline service will also be discontinued.
  5. TRAI lowers IUC

    Its good move. But then AVOId (Airtel/Vodafone/Idea) will oppose it. Really good move for the consumers.
  6. News Snippets

    After Idea-Vodafone, now Tata and Airtel are in talks for merger for telecom & DTH. Source: Economic Times (Mumbai edition)
  7. Reliance JioFiber High Speed Broadband Internet

    In Mumbai, it is not available across the city. There are few patches where it is available since more than a year and totally free. Nobody knows when it will be available.
  8. That happens many times. I started raising complain on twitter. They will respond there. I had the same problem and complain was closed without any feedback. I again raised the issue and got a call. The problem was solved within a month as site required an upgrade.
  9. Which shop you are talking about? because reliance Digital stores and express stores say they don't have bar codes.
  10. I go my wife RGSM to Jio without any issue. Executive at Jio stored asked me to be specific about LTE and regular SIM. I showed him the SIM and chose accordingly. Even one of my colleagues also ported from Reliance (not sure was LTE) to Jio without any issue.
  11. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    ^^^ Vodafone offer is for prepaid users only and it says for first time activation. I don't know whether it means new customers only. Nobody from AVOID has announced any plans for post paid customers as of now.
  12. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    I think ₹ 149/- & ₹ 303/- would be sufficient for the most users. However quality of service is more important than anything else.
  13. Jio DTH / IPTV

    Jio is working on it since long. I heard from many that Jio is working on All-in-One device for STB, internet/wifi router and DVR.
  14. From which store you tried. As couple stores in South Mumbai refused to port it
  15. News Snippets

    This could be a real shocker. Phones send data secretly to servers in China as per NY Times.