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  1. As per today's cost, yes you can calculate spending vacations by interest on your investment, but think of 5-7 years down the line when the vacation of Club Mahindra's status would cost you around 100000 minimum for seven days, then you will realise the mistake made by not signing the membership. I know people who are taking membership by paying 8-10 lakhs even today. If you have money to invest for future, you should invest.
  2. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    Available in Chennai for 45000
  3. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    I bought it
  4. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    I want this phone, who can get me fastest?
  5. Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56

    A very sad day, not only for the Tech World, but for the entire world.
  6. TATA Docomo Premium Numbering

    Hexa 0 is double the cost of normal hexa. Sorry to say that policy circulars cannot be shared
  7. TATA Docomo Premium Numbering

    Prices differs from location to location, operator to operator. CC is not aware of these charges. one will have to visit only company store for full details RATES FOR EXAMPLE IN CHENNAI for HEXA numbers, except 0 Hexa 100000 reliance 50000 airtel 25000 aircel 25000 tata
  8. TATA Docomo Premium Numbering

    These prices are Pnuts
  9. I heard, by end of Sep-2011 Reliance would be launching their services in PAN India with tie agreement between Aircel, BSNL and MTNL.
  10. Reliance GSM Mobile Net Plans are not free now in Roaming?

    When RCOM customer used RTL roaming, they used to get charged while on roaming but from June 2011, both have been merged and no more charges being levied, to the best of my knowledge.
  11. Aircel Chennai has a plan in 3G, 1275.00 per month for Unlimited Download, without any FUP. I had recently been to Delhi and similar tabs are available in the market for around 8000 only.
  12. iOS 5 New Features

    Check more features, click link below. http://itcomputerproducts.com/list-of-all-200-new-features-of-ios-5.htm
  13. iOS 5 New Features

    Hi friends i am using ios 5 from yesterday morning, thanks to one of my friends mr. Reddy who helped me in getting the developer module of ios 5 installed on my iphone and ipad 2. I am glad to mention few features which were not covered in the keynotes of apple but part of 200 new features. 1) single call entry can now be deleted from call log, earlier it was only possible with jail broken phone. 2) short cuts have been added under keyboard, very useful. 3) there is no separate icon for imessages, the normal message application detect the ios 5 user and accordingly sends the message. If the send button is green it goes as a normal message and if blue, it goes as imessage. 4) now in ios there is a separate option for face time, now face time is allowed even if the mobile number is not verified, it is routed through the apple id. This is the same as available in ipod touch 4. 5) ipod feature have been seperated in terms of video and music, different apps for both. 6) map search have become very fast, this is not an additional feature but very good improvement. Will keep updating as and when comes to know about the new features.
  14. Please ensure the word Port is written in Capital letters. Please ensure, the phone from which you are sending the message, auto signature is switched off. Still if you are not getting the UID, you may call the CC and inform them that you are willing to port out and they will create an SR for UID creation.