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  1. Ye Aam Aadmi ko kab milega... kab khatam hoga intazaar
  2. yup forgot to post this http://www.speedtest.net/result/3991456330.png
  3. New plan on In cable - Mumbai 15MBPS FUP: 750 GB p.a. afterwards 1MBPS Annual cost: Rs 5800!!!
  4. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Here is your unique iTunes Promotional Code. You can download the award winning film 'Blood Diamond' on iTunes and watch it on your Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4ANHYYRRYK9K
  5. i know this is not gr8..... but wat gr8 is the price.... yearly Rs 1700 for 120GB http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3670131376
  6. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Thank you for recharging online. Get 7% off(max upto Rs. 750) on www.ebay.in. Your coupon code is HGO4Z7JHXB,valid till 30-JUN-14
  7. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    Marathi movie "Fandry" is tender love story overshadowed by stark realities of the society. Worth watching
  8. Best Of Internet

    all annual Lalbaug Cable MSO : Incable
  9. the concept is gr8 looking the future inflation in prices.... but still i wont go for any membership. the major reason: current no. of members are 167838 (as on 31 dec 2013) current no. of rooms 2430 if u take each room gives 50 weekly vacation, so No. of weekly vacation rooms are 2430*50= 121500. Now this no. is smaller than no. of members secondly, in summer - everyone wants to go to north india in winter: every one wants to go to south india they open booking 6 months in advance. i am too certain for myself that i wont do planning 6 months in advance. The second reason: i been to couple of resorts and they r gr8 except food. as locations are far away , u need to depend for food on them for a person: breakfast is 350 + lunch 450+ dinner 450. i can opt for a la carte. still per person per day wont be less than 1000 means couple per day is 2000. (source: http://www.clubmahindra.com/sites/default/files/investor_news/Investor_Presentation_January_2014.pdf )
  10. Investment & Insurance Related Discussions

    i second that... those who can get postal insurance SHOULD go for it..... the cheapest and most reliable
  11. Non SMS Stuff

    Those who hv missed the MEGA interview: Interview rights sold to Cartoon network!!!