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  1. Mine is Micromax colours A120. I know its not 4G handset. I inserted sim in one of my friend who has Samsung J5, but it was only showing E & that too network was fluctuating a lot. Visited nearest Reliance store, they did software upgrade on the SIM, but still the same issue. still showing E. Also, store guy told, 4G will start on 20th June, till then only 2G. Also he told Rcom has either 2G or 4G there is no 3G.
  2. My number is already switched from CDMA to 4G sim. Getting network on the phone, voice calling is working, balance got carried forward, but data seems to be not working. Do I need to recharge with Rs. 1 to get the free 4G benefits or is something still missing & needs to be done by Rcom ? I am from Pune.
  3. i too have upgraded thanks.....
  4. yes its a very good move favouring RIL.... seems to be good for us if the tariffs go down...
  5. Hi friends, I am planning to purchase assembled PC & planning to go for following configuration : 2nd generation i5 2GB graphics card 4GB DDR3 ram 1TB HDD DVD writer 21" or 23" LED need your experts advice for the same on the below factors : 1. which i5 processor model should i go for ? 2. compatible motherboard ? looking for intel m/b 3. which graphics card to purchase ? 4. For LED samsung or LG ? 5. Planning to for external TV tuner. which brand is better ? 6. lastly a good resolution webcam. which brand ? Please share your views & let me know what can be the best options to go for.
  6. a good one Chirag.... i absulotely agree with you... teenagers have gone crazy with this mobile revolution & telecom operators with free sms's have made the problem even more worst......
  7. lets see wht RCOM has planned for survival of CDMA......
  8. wht talk time do we get after the recharge ??
  9. I have ported my two reliance CDMA nos. to Uninor...... thanks MNP.......
  10. HP has gone crazy...... Their support is becoming worst day by day.... & management is just keep on acquiring new companies without giving any hikes to their employees..... wht a shame.....
  11. Wishing all EID mubarak, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi & Michhami Dukkadam..
  12. a very well said & detailed explanation...... same with me too.... i started investing in mid sept last year where index was at 21000 & since after that all my figures are in negative.... :( ;(
  13. yes dude agreed with you... these politicians & terrorist should be shoot-down openly...... they don't deserve any mercy......
  14. anything can happen with ADA.... :winko:
  15. Exactly..... Reliance should think on it.... instead of cheating customers they should come up with cheaper & better offers.... but if all these things continue they would soon loss their customer base count in huge number as MNP is already in place......