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  1. thank you @SUDYEcaZ & @LTE4G Good going Jio...
  2. Hi All, I had done multiple recharges for my Jio number & I am able to see all the recharges under my plan section. The change I am seeing now is "There is an Activate option in front of each upcoming plan." Does this mean, we can activate the plan in advance ? Have anyone tried using the Activate option ?
  3. Hi All, Suppose a person already using Jio sim on Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime is purchasing new Xiaomi phone, then will he be applicable for the Jio-Xiaomi Additional Data offer ( which provides 5GB of data for 6 recharges).
  4. One of my friend had SuSu offer yesterday night. He had done recharge of Rs. 149 earlier, in the morning his 149 plan got activated & he got the BOGO offer also. He is getting 3GB in total for 28 days.
  5. do we still get Rs. 50 cashback for recharging plans through Jio Money ?
  6. Thank you.... have just gone through the FAQ & they have mentioned that... So that means 303*3 was earlier giving total data of 84 GB with total validity of 84 days & now same will give data of 168 GB with validity of 168 days... correct ? Hope so things happens seamlessly without any service requests.
  7. you mean 303 plan will have 56 days validity ? In my statements under upcoming plans, validity for 303 is shown as 28 days only.
  8. I agree with you... changing plans every now & then is not a good strategy.... Regarding BOGO offer on 149, in my statements under upcoming plans it is only showing 2GB, nowhere information of BOGO offer. Have you raised service request with Jio for not showing that 1GB extra booster ? Please let us know, as I might have to do the same when my Rs. 149 plan starts in my another number.
  9. What about someone who had done multiple recharges of Rs. 303 earlier ? As per earlier 303 plan, it was giving 28 GB for 28 days (1GB/Day). But now 309 is offering 56 GB for 56 days (1GB/Day).
  10. @commonman I have latest version of myjio, jio cinema, jio music apps, but still not getting download option. I have even tried re-installing all the jio apps twice, but still the same issue. The issue started when I updated my phone via OTA MIUI Before that all was working fine. One strange thing I noticed is, when the first time I had launch jio cinema, it has asked me for permissions & I had selected allowed. But while re-installing twice it has never asked me again. Same for jio music app also. As mentioned by you, I have checked permissions also & it seems to be good. I have raised requests with Jio care, but as usual waiting for their reply...
  11. jiocare seems to be playing round the bush.... asking to uninstall & re-install, clear cache etc.. all of which I had tried earlier... anyone else with Redmi 4A facing the same issue ?
  12. @LTE4G I have tried shutting down & rebooting mobile, but no luck.. Have sent email to jiocare, waiting for their reply now...
  13. Hi All, I am facing a strange issue with Jio Cinema & Jio Music apps. I had recently installed Android MIUI patch on my Redmi 4A device. After which I am not getting download option in both the apps. I even tried un-installing & re-installing both the apps, but the problem still persists. Also all my earlier downloaded movies & songs are not playable. Has anyone faced this issue ???
  14. validity is 30th sept. 2017 for me as well.
  15. Recently I also had faced a strange issue with SMS. I was in Mumbai & when I tried sending sms to jio, non-jio number, I got message sending failed error. But my daily sms count got reduced. Not sure what was the issue..