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  1. Recently I also had faced a strange issue with SMS. I was in Mumbai & when I tried sending sms to jio, non-jio number, I got message sending failed error. But my daily sms count got reduced. Not sure what was the issue..
  2. thank you @LTE4G I will try sending an email & will wait for the response.
  3. After not getting callback from CC, I had raised another service request through Both the tickets were resolved, without any solution. I raised third ticket, & this time I got call from CC. CC told their seems to be congestion in my area due to high usage. CC told they will address the issue & again resolved the ticket. Is there any other way, I can escalate the issue ?
  4. I agree with @LTE4G data & call works simultaneously for me as well. Mine is VoLTE handset (Redmi 4A), not sure about non-volte handsets.
  5. On its mentioned that customer has to recharge minimum Rs. 149. "Step 6: Post Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, customer has to recharge with Min. Rs. 149/- & above"
  6. No call back from customer care till... Also, no WiFi hotspot near my home it was showing 3 hotspot & all are almost 3 Km away..
  7. for me otp & Bank sms all are working. I went to & did sign up with the email id & mobile number, then under settings it has DND option for us to choose as per our needs.
  8. I have just ported one of my idea prepaid number to Jio by paying 99+309 for DDD offer. But at my home I am getting very pathetic speed it is even slow then 2g . HD video call is also not working upto the mark. I am getting average/good speed in my office. I have raised service request through, but still no response. Is there any other option available ?
  9. thank you @LTE4G & @ramtech. Porting from Idea to Jio was successful. As mentioned by @LTE4G, my number got ported in 6 days. I had submitted porting request on 1st May & on 6th May number got ported to jio. It was very fast. I have one question regarding DDD. While porting I had paid Rs.408 (99 prime membership + 309 DDD offer for 84 days. But when I check in myjio app under my plan, the validity for DDD is showing till 30th June 2017. Shouldn't it be 30th July ?
  10. hi Guys, Yesterday, I had generated UPC code from my Idea pre-paid number & have generated bar code from myjio app. Visited reliance digital store & have done e-kyc. Store guy asked me to pay Rs.408. I contacted idea today & they say they have not received any request from the recipient operator yet. Is there any other way we can track the MNP process & whom should I contact now ?
  11. thank you & everyone.
  12. @ashishsethi yes, you are correct. I have taken prime membership (99) & have done 3 recharges of Rs. 149. As per reply & @LTE4G, I think if I recharage with 303 now (even though my first recharge is of 149), I should be eligible for summer surprise offer. Please correct me, if I am wrong. There is no info available on
  13. Can anybody please tell me what will happen to someone who has opted for prime membership (99) + has done mulitple 149 recharges before 31st March. Will they be getting summer surprise offer by doing a recharge of Rs.303 or they are no longer eligible ? If by doing Rs. 303 recharge, they are eligible for summer surprise offer, then how the recharges will be applied after June. I was unable to find any info on summer surprise offer on Thank you in advance.
  14. Mine is Micromax colours A120. I know its not 4G handset. I inserted sim in one of my friend who has Samsung J5, but it was only showing E & that too network was fluctuating a lot. Visited nearest Reliance store, they did software upgrade on the SIM, but still the same issue. still showing E. Also, store guy told, 4G will start on 20th June, till then only 2G. Also he told Rcom has either 2G or 4G there is no 3G.