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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know what is the validity of the 8 vouchers (Rs. 50 each) which are credited as cashback for Diwali DDD offer ?
  2. @LTE4G If I now do 2nd recharge of Rs. 399 ( my 1st recharge of Rs.399 is going to expiry on 23rd October) will I be getting 28 days or 84 days as per the new diwali DDD ? Also, are the cashback vouchers transferable or can be used to recharge other jio numbers ? Thank you in advance.
  3. @LTE4G my 399 plan expires on 20th October. Also I had not availed summer surprise plan as my connection got activated when DDD offer was running. As mentioned earlier by you, is Jio coming with any new offers during Diwali ? Also please suggest on the recharge plan. Thank you.
  4. Hi All, My current plan is JDDD for 399 (84 days) which is about to expiry in few days. If I again recharge with JDDD for 399, will I be getting 28 days validity or 84 days validity ?
  5. @LTE4G you are correct, my third recharge of Rs. 303 started yesterday & I didnt got 28 days voucher. I had raised complaint with CC & they told it is valid only for 2nd recharge. So, now if I recharge with 399 (it will be my first recharge of Rs.399) will I be getting 28 days or 84 days ? Similarly what will happen if I recharge with Rs. 309 plan ?
  6. Thank you @LTE4G for your reply.
  7. Hi All, I had done three consecutive recharge of Rs. 303 in the month of March. Then Mr. Ambani announced Jio Summer Surprise offer, which gave additional three months free from (April to June). Earlier 303 plan had 28 days validity. Now when I check in myjio app, I see only 1 (303) plan left in the queue, currently 1(303) I am using which is going to expire on 13th Sept. & I have got 1 voucher (which automatically got added) with 1gb daily with 28 days validity. So my question is what about the 1st 303 recharge which got activated somewhere in the month of July. Shouldn't I get 1 voucher free for the first 303 plan ? Also, will I get another voucher when my last 303 plan starts from 14th Sept ?
  8. Can we do recharge of Rs. 399 twice or thrice like we did for other plans earlier in the month of March ? If Yes, then will Rs. 399 provide 84 days validity or 28 days ?
  9. thank you @SUDYEcaZ & @LTE4G Good going Jio...
  10. Hi All, I had done multiple recharges for my Jio number & I am able to see all the recharges under my plan section. The change I am seeing now is "There is an Activate option in front of each upcoming plan." Does this mean, we can activate the plan in advance ? Have anyone tried using the Activate option ?
  11. Hi All, Suppose a person already using Jio sim on Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime is purchasing new Xiaomi phone, then will he be applicable for the Jio-Xiaomi Additional Data offer ( which provides 5GB of data for 6 recharges).
  12. One of my friend had SuSu offer yesterday night. He had done recharge of Rs. 149 earlier, in the morning his 149 plan got activated & he got the BOGO offer also. He is getting 3GB in total for 28 days.
  13. do we still get Rs. 50 cashback for recharging plans through Jio Money ?
  14. Thank you.... have just gone through the FAQ & they have mentioned that... So that means 303*3 was earlier giving total data of 84 GB with total validity of 84 days & now same will give data of 168 GB with validity of 168 days... correct ? Hope so things happens seamlessly without any service requests.
  15. you mean 303 plan will have 56 days validity ? In my statements under upcoming plans, validity for 303 is shown as 28 days only.