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  1. I too got credited with 10GB add-on pack last Saturday.
  2. I agree with @KanagaDeepan. I also have not received 10GB add-on as I too have changed the handset recently & have few recharges in queue. But got the 10GB add-on pack on my other jio numbers.
  3. thank you @LTE4G Jio had never mentioned voucher validity in their earlier offers. Anyways as mentioned by you Jio is very much unpredictable...
  4. @LTE4G thank you for the explanation. Where could we see validity of Rs. 50 vouchers, as I am unable to see it in my voucher section.
  5. Hi All, I have a question regarding Jio 100% cashback vouchers(Rs.50*8). Jio first launched Jio Diwali 100% cashback which was valid from 12th October and 18th October 2017 with limit of 5 recharges per number. Then they had some other similar offer (dont remember the name) with different name & now they have Surprise cashback offer valid from 26th December 2017 and 15th January 2018 & same limit of 5 recharges per Jio number. My question is if someone has already done 5 recharges during Diwali offer & Christmas offer, are they still eligible to get (Rs.50*8) vouchers if they recharge now under Surprise cashback offer ? Thank you.
  6. yes, I had tried that option from the Jio account which had vouchers, but when it goes to the payment page, voucher discount is not applied.. One other question, I have 1 voucher (Rs.303) which I have not redeemed yet. I also have 2 Rs.459 plans in the queue (upcoming plan). My current plan expires on 3rd Jan 2018. If I want to activate Rs. 303 voucher plan instead of Rs. 459 plan which is showing as upcoming plan what is the option to do it ? Manually redeem Rs. 303 voucher on the last date of current plan ? If I activate Rs. 303 voucher on last day of current plan what will happen to Rs.459 plan which is showing as upcoming plan ?
  7. @LTE4G yes, you are correct, after switching account you no longer see the vouchers. Jio has played very smart, to get voucher benefit, you have to recharge each individual numbers..
  8. Later on after about 2 hours, I got 50*8 vouchers & also e-commerce coupons.
  9. Using MyJio App, I just did recharge of Rs. 459 (by using Rs. 50 voucher), so total amount paid R.s 409, but I have neither received (50*8) vouchers nor e-commerce coupons As per Jio, shouldn't I be eligible for the offer ?
  10. @LTE4G thank you. Also where you able to check on my recharge query ? To recharge other number using Jio voucher ? Also, can I use my voucher to recharge my number & still eligible to get 50*8 voucher if recharge done before 25th Nov. ?
  11. @KAPILKDEV I have tried with your above method (switch account) but while recharge Jio voucher is not getting applied. Also, does anyone know what is the expiry date of the 8 cashback vouchers ?
  12. Hi @LTE4G where you able to check on the above ?
  13. @commonman I am not trying to transfer the voucher. I would like to recharge other jio number using Myjio app from my mobile which has voucher. Even that is not allowed ?
  14. @LTE4G Can I use Rs. 50 voucher to recharge any other number ? As with the above method, I can recharge only number which has voucher. I mean, I would like to reacharge other number by using Rs. 50 voucher which I have in Myjio App.
  15. Thank you @LTE4G I was using the voucher section & clicking on buy to do the recharge & it was not given option to use the voucher.