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  1. I have a Trump connection but MTNL has reduced ISD rates only to few destinations like USA, Canada, Australia etc but UK is not included in it. I'v seen that there r many options to make cheap calls to USA/Canada but UK is quite expensive as compared to other countries.
  2. Hi, I wanna know which mobile operator is giving cheapest call rates for calling UK (mobile phones). Are there any special packs for ISD to UK. Thanks
  3. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    well i know this is not the thread for gprs but since this is the only thread for GSM blackberry so i hope to find her the solution for my GSM bb8310
  4. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    Hi, I have an unlocked Vodafone BB 8310. When i use idea sim on it, it works fine both with voice & data but Airtel connections is giving problems. I m not able to use gprs with airtel but it is working perfectly fine with idea. Whenever i use airtel sim it installs some service books. Plz advice me how i can activate airtel gprs on my BB 8310. Thanks
  5. Plz Suggest A Basic Gsm Phone

    Ya I saw this Nokia phone for Rs 1100 but I find Nokia very sub standard now. I also saw Intex & Micromax Dual Sim (GSM+GSM) basic phones in the price range of 1500-1600 rs but i am really not sure about their speaker quality. I once had a Spice d88 but it was really troublesome to talk on it as its mic could not pick audio properly & its speaker did not had a clear sound. I am very particular about sound.
  6. Hello, I want to buy a very basic & cheap GSM handset. My only requirement is good voice quality. (& if it allows Phonebook transfer then it will b really great). Also suggest me any cheap GSM+CDMA phone. Thanks
  7. Gsm Usb Modem?

    U dont actually need a GSM usb modem as there are many handsets available in market which can be used as a GSM modem. MTS same tariff will be valid in any state u travel provided that state has MTS services availabole. You don't have to change ur plan if u move to any other state.
  8. Icici Imobile On Htc

    i was using icici imobile perfectly on my bb8830 but I upgraded it to version 3.1 & this new version is giving errors & not at all opening. I even consulted cc but they have no solutions. can anyone give me the older version whcih is 2.15 or 2.25 for bb8830. i'll b thankful.
  9. If u browse & search in Bolt website, u will find that they have an application which when installed makes Bolt as your default browser. I could not install it on my BB as it showed some module missing error moreover I have 4.2 os installed on my BB & I don't want to mess with it. But techies out there can try installing this bolt application & share their experiences with us. :GirandoOjos:
  10. I really can't say on 'How they are offering the wireless internet' but the only thing I can tell u is that, It's been 2 months since I'v applied for a connection (which they promised will be installed in 2 days) & still they have not done the installation. Everytime I call cc I find a new person to answer my query & he always promises that it will be done within 24 hrs (& they never make me talk to the one with whom I spoke earlier). I'v made more than 20 calls to cc but every call fell on deaf ears. No mails, no calls , no sms, no reply from the customers care. This is perhaps the WORST SERVICE PROVIDER I'V EVER MET IN MY LIFE. DISGUSTING.
  11. You can always download third party browsers like Opera & Bolt for PC like browsing. So browsing is not an issue on BB.
  12. I went to BSNL exchange office thay have no clue about the device. I bought a MTS evado data card. The speed is very good & the plans are also cheap as compared to others. The only trouble is that I doubt they dont deduct balance honestly.
  13. Icici Imobile On Bb8830

    Hi, I was using ICICI bank iMobile app on my bb 8830. It was working perfectly fine but one day I tried to upgrade this & a new version 3.1 was downloaded & installed. Now this new ver is not working on my handset, it is giving some module error. I m not able to download the older ver 2.15 which was working fine. Even the bank cc is not ble to give me the older ver of app. Can anyone give me the older ver of imobile. Thanks
  14. Well that's a problem everyone is facing with BB8830. But sometimes it works on my BB & most of times it doesn't. . I don't know weather its some network thing or what but if u try doing it at different times of the day it might work.