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  1. Download Applications For Nokia 6235

    hi, some games which i 'v loaded on my nokia 6230(gsm) i hope it'll work fine on nokia 6235 & 6255 MoneyManager.zip money manager to manage your expenditures. try it its a nice application SWATSniper.zip nice commando game
  2. Bsnl Broadband Tarrif Slashed

    well i m using a plan that is quiet economical & fits to my needs. i m using airtel broadband. Rental rs 250 download 200mb 100pulses free on phone. add on pack rs 100 unlimited surfing during nite (9 pm to 8 am). speed uptp 256 kbps. so monthly bill around Rs 400 inclusive taxes. But its almost like unlimited plan. since i surf mostly in nights. Earlier i was using tata indicom broadband which was Rs 421 & 500 mb, 256 kbps speed. i was more satisfied with its speed but it was expensive as it has limited mb's. I feel that if we analyze our surfing habbits we'll find that among all the surfing we do only 40% is meaningful & informative rest 60% is unwanted & mostly its time killing. if u r not a desperate downloader of movies & games through p2p then i think 1gb/month is enough for surfing.
  3. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Today i got a sms from reliance, it says.. Dear reliance customer, get the newly launched nokia6275with 2megapixel camera, 256mb memory, bluetooth, FM and mp3 playerat just Rs 11,750/- Now why is it 11,750 when all my friends at rimweb have bought it for less amount ? Are reliance people giving anything extra ?
  4. well Sanket, this free incoming while roaming is only regulated for 750 mins /month. while earlier free incoming was not restricted to certain minutes. u can receive free incoming calls from any operator be it gsm, cdma or landline. it is not only restricted to only tata phones. for more details click the link & scroll down to ROAM INDIA http://www.tataindicom.com/personal/mobile...value_packs.asp
  5. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    It appears to be a good phone. But is this handset being sold by any service provider rel or tata ? or do we have to purchase it from nokia & get it activated ? does it supports r-uim & t-sim ? what is the price difference between microSD & miniSD ?
  6. well for sure tata has done good job. Unlike reliance They have great plans to offer which are very user friendly. for eg. onnet calling pack for rs 75, 3000 national sms to any mobile rs 50, free roaming(no rentals). free incoming on roaming for rs 150. std & on roaming incoming rs1 for rs100. these value packs can be clubbed with any plans. Such kind of features we can only dream of getting on reliance. Moreover reliance c.care is so pathetic, they tell u a different story whenever u call them for any assistance. After comparing both rel & tata i find tata stresses more on giving benefits to their customers & rel insists on making more money from their customers.
  7. well even i m surprized why mumbai is not mentioned in the dropdown list ? Although it includes many small states & cities.
  8. Haier T1100 On Tata Indicom

    even i have lg & i too hate it, i dont feel like calling or smesing becaus the phone is so badly designed.
  9. Free Or Cheap Std ?

    hi, thanx a lot for all your suggestions. i'v been to tata indicom website & studied about their plans. i think that tata have much better plans to offer than reliance. i.ll be switching to tata to get their std & free roam benefits. thanx again.
  10. Gsm User Have Happy Time

    Everyday i get a stroke like this which makes me hate using Reliance .. well there's no need to fell so happy about the 2 in 1 sim card holder product. I bought such a product for my GSM phone & i found it useless. If u have 2 sim card & only 1 handset , u can use it. Evyrytime u switch on ur mobile it takes the alternate sim as base sim, & u cannot make calls from other sim & also to receive calls from other sim, u have to divert all calls fro that sim to the active sim number. So, ultimately i found this product bul**** & useless as it proves to be a pain in ther ***. Moreover it also rapes the hansets as it is not well positioned in the handset. So i suggest its better to carry two cheap handsts than using such product.
  11. Lg Rd2530

    i have tried with usb cable, i have bitpim 8.0 & the lg rd2530 pc sync software, but the phone is not being detected by both the s/w. both s/w give message phone not detected. Plz tell the right method to connect.