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  1. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    You are right Anurag, there is no beep for call waiting, though call waiting is working. Very strange problem, I looked for many other forums but couldn't even find any one posting any such problem. I will try some alert software like berrybuzz and alikes, let see if any of these helps. I also found one software called Missedcall on website "www.barrymax.cn" (Chinese website) but I couldn't get myself registered for downloading that. Please try if you can get that software, it may help us. one more thing you will get the call waiting option in the cdma mode on bb 8830 but not on gsm mode. anyway that option doesn't help as I think it has the codes / dialing for sprint network Tarun Tarun I'v searched & found that many other users are also facing the same problem. But in none of the forums there was'nt any solution to this problem, the only conclusion which they had reached was to 'contact your service provider'. I dont thoink that any third party software is going to work. The only solution could be installing another version of OS. I just wanted to find out that Does 4.2 version users are also facing same problem ??? Is anyone there using vesion 4.2 on Blackberry 8830 ???? Are there other users on Rimweb facing same problem ? I just dont understand that why just a very basic feature which even works on a third grade cheap 500 Rs chinese phone, does not being supported by a Blackberry Smartphone ? Any replies from the experts ??? Sadikk, Dr Mudaffal, Arun................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    @Tarun Can u test this call waiting beep option for me ? Just dial Cstomer care from ur Blackberry & from another phone call ur BB. If u'll hear the 'beep' that means it is working fine. Which OS version do u have on BB ? Generally in GSM phones dial *43# to activate call waiting & #43# is for deactivation.
  3. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    Even I faced this problem with my os 4.5 (sprint), I could not find any solution on web. Then I simply dialed *311 from my reliance connection to activate call waiting. I got the confirmation that call waiting activated. There should be such number for all network operators as it is a network specific problem and has nothing to do with handset or OS. Just call your CC for that and it should resolve the problem. Tarun Thanks Tarun even i was thinking of doing the same but i dont know my service provicers 'call wait' activation number. I'll try to find it. But tell me one thing that now when there is a call waiting Do u hear that BEEP sound in the background ?? There's one more thing i'v noticed that my 'Flash messages' ( the msg that flash bill amt or balance amt on screen when u dial a code no like *444# , *147# etc. [no depends on service provider]) This flash msg sometimes displays result on screen & sometimes rater than processing the no. it actually dials the no. & the reply says no. invalid.
  4. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    I have just discovered that since I have upgraded to 4.5 os (bell mobility) on my BB8830, the 'call waiting' option has disappered from the menu. Now whenever i am on i call & i receive a second call, i dont hear any beep but the number is displayed on my screen. when i tried to look out for 'call waiting' option, i was shocked to know that it is not availablein the phone. but i remember it was there when i was on 4.2 os. Is anyone else also facing this problem ? Please advice me how to bring back 'call waiting' option.
  5. Invalid Imei Number

    But out of curosity I sent a msg [iMEI ***************] to 53232 (this is a generic no. to check IMEI of all GSM handsets). My Imei for the Blackberry 8830we bought from u was VALID
  6. Invalid Imei Number

    Even I receive an SMS from ID-53123 which says that I should sms my IMEI no to this no. to check weather it is valid or not & if it is'nt valid then I should get it updated. Is there any way through which I can check weather my IMEI is valid or not ?
  7. Is it only for Pre Paid ? No such plans for Post paid ???
  8. Bb8830 Official 4.5 Os By Bell Mobility

    I recently upgraded to 4.5 OS (bell mobility) on my 8830, although its working fine but I am sometimes I face some problems.. 1. The handset is is bit slower now & also hangs sometimes. 2.sometimes the mobile network automaticlly turns off, them i have to manually switch it on. Is it normal on this OS ?
  9. Deepawali Greetings

    Happy Diwali to all Rimwebians.... May this Diwali brings more Prosperity & Happiness in your life.... & also bless Rimweb with more sensible & useful discussions, more accurate cr@ck$ & fixes, more successful experiments on mobile.... :-) Happy Diwali to ALL..
  10. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    On my BB8830, even when i am not using any data application, on the signal bar I can see data tranaction taking place (as i see those UP/Down arrow marks on the network indicator). Although i have an unlimited Data Plan but I dought that some application in the backend is using data tranaction continuously. Is there any way to check which aplication is using data ? Is there any way through which i can restrict or disconnect my handset from data usage when i dont need it? My battrey drains out b'coz of it.
  11. Gps On Bb8830we Gsm Mode ?

    Hi, I have a Sprint BB 8830 we. The feature of this handset which attracted me most was its GPS receiver. But unfortunately I am not able to activate its GPS feature on its GSM mode. My data & internet connectivity works pretty fine through GPRS. I'v tried all the tricks available on the internet & in Rimweb to crack the GPS feature but nothing worked. On QPST -> gpsOne, after changing the settings, the moment I press 'write to phone', my phone automatically goes to CDMA mode & restarts. And after 'writing on the phone' If i set my network to GSM mode & i got to Settings->Advanced Settings->GPS->GPS data source-> , I see 'None', in front of it. But if i set my phone to '1XEV' mode & the go to Settings->Advanced Settings->GPS->GPS data source-> I see ' Device GPS' option in front of it. Moreover i also get another menu for "GPS services"- Location ON/Off. But as this handset has A-GPS which does not works without data services & I dont have CDMA connection active on BB, so my GPS does not works. As we have mobile crack experts & programmers on rimweb so I m sure someone might have solved this riddle. I hope they will share their expertise with all of us. One more thing I wanna ask On QPST -> gpsOne , do we also need to fill in details of our network provider ??? like PDE IP address, PDE port no., PDE transport ???? (plz look at the attached picture) When i serached on other sites experts have given specific settings for different 'USl service providers' like Bell, Sprint, Verizon,Telus, Alltell, MetroPCS etc.
  12. Gps On Bb8830we Gsm Mode ?

    Hey Mufaddal u dont talk like this. It ruins ur image. u r among those few from whom we all have hopes. Anyways i just wanna ask that whats so spl in those BB on which GPS works on GSM ? Are there any changes in hardware or is it just a restriction in the firmware ?? I m sure somehow it may be done.
  13. Forum Members Attention - Please post about Reliance!

    this forum is only named RIMweb but it has nothing to do with faithfulness with rreliance mobile. This forum is now dedicated to discuss the latest & the best in mobile communications, be it any service provider. Many active visitors of rimweb are neither reliance or tata subscribers but they still visit the forum to get the best mobile solutions. Though i must say that RIMweb is more inclined towards CDMA.
  14. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    I dont think that u need to upgrade to version 4.5, I m on 4.2 (the default version on sprint BB8830) Just press call button -> options -> smart dialing-> country code (set it to unknown) , national number length (10) , area code (blank) & u r done.
  15. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    @ mufaddal Plz tell the trick to install browser. Although my Opera & Bolt browsers are working perfectly fine but many other applications needs default browser to connect to internet, so we need to have a working default BB browser. I had installed a browser using Ashoksoft's tutorial on the forum, that browser worked fine but it disappears from handheld. Another Query : I 'v faced this peculiar problem with BB 8830. If i have a number saved on my phone book as "9891012345" by the name "CCare". Now when i dial this number from my phone book it dials "+19891012345" and as aresult the number does not dials, I receive a reply "no is not correct" But when i re save this no on phonebook as "09891012345", it dials & connect properly. Why does this happen ? Does this means that I have to change all my 10 digit numbers with a prefix "0". All BB8830 users plz check it on ur devices also. (i m on GSM network, IDEA)
  16. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    My Sprint BB8830 automatically starts at 9am (i'v set auto on/off to Disable). Even if its ON then it gives an alarm at 9am. How should i get rid of it ? Another query : How can we install .jar .jad files on BB ?
  17. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    I'v tried this but the trouble is that outlook imports only one .vcf at a time. so if there are 500 contacts then i have to import 500 files in outlook.
  18. Discuss Here All The Problems With Blackberry.....

    Is there any way to transfer .vcf files from PC to BB ? thanks
  19. Sadik's Bb8830 With Tata Indicom

    yes Mufaddal ! Many are waiting for u to research & find a solution for this. I know u can do it
  20. Sadik's Bb8830 With Tata Indicom

    well i m not very optimistic about Tata officials upgrading an outside BB handset. But i have very positive feelings that our experts on rimweb will soon crack this out @ dkaile Sir if tata has different NID & SID for different regions then i was just gueesing what NID & SID would be entered in the authorized tata BB8830. ?? (a friend of mine has authorized tata bb8830 , if u want me to check any settings in that handset, i can do it, but u have to guide me.)
  21. Sadik's Bb8830 With Tata Indicom

    I dont think so that Asheet is using Tata on Sprint BB8830. as posted by him on the forum..... http://www.rimweb.in...ndpost&p=154404 Experts on the forum told me that Tata's Interbnational Roaming Enabled Ruim (which is called as 'pne world one number' by Tata, available for Rs250) will work on Sprint BB8830. But after reading Asheet''s post my hopes went for a toss.
  22. are Tata HCC available in market ? I'v asked many outlets but they say that that it is not available.
  23. Mtnl Gets Initiative

    MTNL Has Really come up with good plans see below the lifetime connection is also available with very cheap call rates. see Modification in Dolphin /Trump Jeevan Saathi Plans tariff on promotional basis. Modified Trump Jeevansathi Tariff Call Charges 1. Local Rs. 0.90/min. 1st min. : Rs.0.90/min. Subsequent min. : Rs. 0.50/min. (ii) To other Network Rs. 1.00/min. 1st min. : Rs.1.00/min. subsequent min. : Rs. 0.50/min Rs. 1.00/min. 1st min. : Rs.1.00/min. subsequent min. : Rs. 0.50/min 2. STD Rs. 1.25/min.
  24. rather than uploading ur phonebook on reliance server u should have taken a backup of ur phonebook on ur pc. 6275 supports pc sync. now what u can try is to borrow a nokia 6275 or any other cdma phone from ur friends, try to download all ur contacts from rel server to ur handset. take backup of the phonebook on ur pc & then try to transfer all numbers on ur new handset.
  25. Local Call@40paise, Std@50paise

    STD is 50p only for Aircel to Aircel just for 3 months & for other operators it is Rs1.50 from day one. but its giving first 300 nat & local sms for free. http://www.aircel.com/Circles/delhi/prepaid-starter-kit.asp Had it been giving .50p std for all operators (forever) it would have been a killer plan.