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  1. Vw Polo Coming To India Soon.

    Exactley. WV is a premium car maker so they will never price a car at lower rates
  2. Tata Prima Luxury Sedan Car....!

    just forget to get this car on road atleast till next 3-5 yrs. This is just a concept car displayed in a motor show.
  3. I agree. I use TATA, Airtel and Reliance. Tata is value for money. Reliance has the best coverage. In case you dont live in a remote location or travel to the interiors - the best option is Tata. ya thats true. tata has perhaps the most attractive & economical plans than any other provider.
  4. i bought a new tata mobile connection but i was shocked to discovcer that it is not working with my Nokia 6275 & Samsung hero nxt (bought from tata) when i inserted the RUIM in samsung hero it displayed 'MIN out of range, replace card' & b'coz of it the phone got locked. & when i insert it into Nokia 6275, the phone does not starts. I contacted the tata store but they say that new sim will not work on old handsets. but the cc says that i need to upgrade handsets softwares. i went to samsung service but they are charging high & are not assuring that the handset will work with the new sim or not. & i m not very optimist about nokia care especially with cdma handsets. So finally i bought a new tata handset for that connection but i want to use this RUIM with my old Nokia 6275. Is there any way through which i can do this ? Plz reply.
  5. What is MEID & Pesn ? can Nokia 6275 be modified to work with new tata sim ? Hi... I have'nt got any solution to my problem. Is there any way through which i can use my Nokia 6275 with a new tata RUIM ? can some changes be done on the .pri file to make handset compatible with the new RUIM ? 6275_Tata.zip I had downloaded this .pri file from some thread on rimweb but even after updating this the phone does not works. Any solutions ??????????????????
  6. i use Nokia 3110c good for internet purpose.
  7. Phone Book Transfer

    This is the most simple process to do it. If you try it through some other process even then u have to install some more complicated software. By the was Npokia PC suite is free software. u can download it from Nokia website.
  8. [off topic] I just wanted to say that can we upload our stuff on some other server other than Rapidshare? Rapidshare creates a lot of troubles in downloading for free members. is there something better than Rapidshare for sharing stuff ?
  9. What is MEID & Pesn ? can Nokia 6275 be modified to work with new tata sim ?
  10. D-88n With Opera Mini

    it is very simple. 1. Connect your 6265 to pc through a data cable. (You need to have Nokia Pc Suite installed on your PC before you conect your phone) 2. Now browse your mobile phone memory -> contacts & copy all your contacts on your pc (all contacts will be in .vcf format) 3. Now connect your Spice D88n to ur pc & copy all your contacts on yourr phone memory card's 'Contacts' folder ('contacts' folder will be present on your memory card by default) 4. after copying contacts.... on spice d88 go to Menu->Phone Book (or press 1)->Import & outport (press 9)-> import from file (press 2)->now just access your 'contacts' folder on your memory card. It will take few minutes & it will import all your contacts from your memory card to your phone book. *** you can follow the same steps to "export" or backup your phone book.
  11. Backing Up Phone

    check out this link, you'll find the solution. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?s=&a...st&p=127531
  12. Transferring Files Between 6275 And Pc!

    Although data transfer is slow through data cable but u can back up & sync your phone book & other phone data only through a data cable. You can get a data cable for around 100 bucks & a card reader for Rs. 150-225.
  13. I am using Idea GPRS on my edge enabled handset (Nokia 3110c) & i am somewhat satisfied by its services as it is neither too slow nor too fast. it is really helpful on the move. It is good for surfing, chat, mail but not very useful for downloading files. I have a corporate Idea connection & i am getting a special offer for GPRS, Rs 245 rental pm for unlimited surfing. The question i want to ask is that DO WE REALLY NEED TO BUY A USB MODEM FOR INTERNET WHEN WE CAN DO THE SAME ON AN EDGE ENABLED HANDSET ? What is the difference between the two ?
  14. Hi, I have a Nokia 3110c (edge enabled handset). I am using Idea (Delhi) gprs connection on this handset. The gprs works perfectly fine with the wap browser on the handset but whenever i try to to connect through any application from the handset ( like Gmail, opera mini,games, softwares etc.) It shows an error & does not connects stating "Data connection not available" or "check your settings". I 'v even called in to Idea cc regarding this but they say if the wap browser is working fine then its ok from their side, they dont have any other settings so they cant help. Earlier I have used Airtel & Vodafone gprs on this handset. The applications connection worked on Airtel but not on vodafone. If anyone has any solution to fix this , plz let me know. By the way i'v got this very cheap gprs connection from Idea Rs 245 pm for unlimited internet surfing (wap or Internet on laptop). The speed is also satisfactory gives about 50-70 kbps.
  15. @ Kshah yes I m able to acess net on my laptop & it works really fine. I dont understand why it does not works with the mobile applications.
  16. Phone Book Transfer

    What are friends for kumaar ? U r most welcome.
  17. Phone Book Transfer

    To do this you need to have 2 things installed on your PC 1.Nokia Pc suite (any version) 2.Microsoft Outlook Steps to do it. 1. connect your phone to PC (u can use cable or bluetooth). 2. open Pc suite & open Syncronize ( make sure that that in Syncronize settings you select for 'update mobile data to PC') 3.now after syncronize is ove your will see all your contacts, calender items, notes in Outlook. 4.Click on contacts in Outlook, all your contacts will appear in it. 5.Now goto File-> 'Import & Export' option in outlook, Select 'Export to file' -> 'Microsoft Excel' (it might ask to install a converter, just press 'yes') 6.now it will ask the source location (which is 'Contacts') & ask for a destination to save the excel file. Go ahead with it & you will have all your contacts saved in one excel file. This is the most simple method to transfer your contacts from any nokia phone to excel/access/cvs or any other format. I hope it will work fine with you.
  18. I just wanted to know that does calls from Tata to Virgin & vise versa considered as Onnet calls ?
  19. D-88n With Opera Mini

    i have a MTNL lofe time pre paid connection which i have not recharged for more than an year & it working fine. Although it had a condition of rechargin for atleast Rs. 100 once in 6 months. I dont think that service providers disconnect life time connections for not recharging.
  20. Airtel also has this feature. I think it is called 'Tune Catcher'
  21. Dual Sim Holder

    Dual sim holders do not work, it is a useless thing, they very rarely work but most of the time they put you in trouble. moreover it also damages your handset. So it is abvisable to rather go for any cheap dual sim handset than opting for a dual sim holder.
  22. Haier T1100 On Tata Indicom

    Hi, i went to a tata dealer & i saw this handset Haier T1100C. This is a basic color phone but this is perhaps the most beautiful looking cdma phone i have ever seen. Moreover it only costs less than 3k. http://mobile.haier.com/English/Product/CD...100C/T1100C.htm http://www.tataindicom.com/personal/mobile...le_handsets.asp I just wanted to know your previews on this handset if anyone using it. & plz tell me if i can get it for my reliance connection ? Thanx
  23. I wanted to know that does gprs speed got anything to do with network strength ? I use GPRS on my EDGE enabled nokia handset (gsm), I connect this handset to my laptop for surfing, Although my handset shows full network strength but most of the time the gprs fails to give even minimal speeed for surfing. Even my handset applictions (like gmail mobile) gives a message 'Signal strength too weak'. How can i increase my gprs strength ? (i have Idea connection)
  24. We Have Lost A Good Member Forever

    I wish for the same..... May Saleems soul rest in peace & his family gets the strength to overcome this pain.
  25. Tata gives 3000 national/local sms for Rs 50 i.e. 0.016 paise per SMS, local or national !