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  1. hi all, well i know this thread got nothing to do with rimweb but still just to inform you, Tata indicom has launched a site for online purchase of cdma handsets & connections. http://www.ichoose.in/etrade/ Atleast we all can visit the site to get the latest prices & features of handsets. It may help somehow.
  2. not very impressive & useful pack
  3. Tata Indicom Wap Setting

    Thanks Heatal, These settings worked perfectly on my spice d88n.
  4. Confirmed with cc, these plans are available for Delhi/ NCR subscribers but not available in Mumbai.
  5. Which China Mobile Brand?

    you can also try spice d88n. Its a good dual sim handset.
  6. tata website does not shows these new plans. although there are some new plans added in the website like 'Value 299', 'value 224', 'Platinum 349' but these plans are not as attractive as the "Honest" plans. I wish tata soon starts giving these plans to its subscribers.
  7. I don't think it is nation-wide offer. It has been written by the thread-starter B R Shivananda that this offer is for Karnatak only. TATA lifetime connection is available in all cities for rs 299. but i m not sure if tariffs are same or not.
  8. D-88n With Opera Mini

    Dear drtrrk I am very much able to send cdma sms without doing any particular settings. Although sometimes i don't receive delivery reports but messages are delivered on the other end. You can not use your wap browser by connecting thorugh the CDMA network as this does not have preinstalled wap settings for CDMA.(it has pre installed wap settings for some major GSM operators). You have to manually insert CDMA wap settings which unfortunately no body properly knows. Although somewhere in this thread wap settings for Relience are posted, if u r lucky it may work on your handset. Anyways, you can easily connect this handset to your PC/laptop & use it as CDMA data modem.
  9. Platinum 349 has attractive tariffs but the only drawback is that the free value of rs349 is only valid for local calls. No sms, std included in this free value.
  10. I have seen Nokia 6233 which was symbian and for 7.5K, I think very good handset. @kshah Nokia 6233 is indeed a good handset but has series 40 platform not symbian. Moreover it does not have a camera flash.
  11. Whats so special in Nokia ? Why dont u try Sony Erickson K790i or K810i with excellent 3.2 megapix camera along with real xenon flash (flash just like in actual cameras). durable & good looking with many impressive features. Price range 9k - 11k. In Nokia you will get those N series phones (n70, n93) in this price range.
  12. Gsm Simcard In Nokia 6275

    GSM sim will not work with any CDMA handset. even dual sim handsets have fixed slots for CDMA & GSM sim. However Nokia CDMA handsets can be used as a sim card reader for GSM sim. I was able to read & transfer the phone book of my GSM sim by inserting it in my Nokia 6265.
  13. D-88n With Opera Mini

    even i gave my nokia 6265 to buy a Spice D88n. Go for it you'll be happy.
  14. Nokia 6275 Or Spice D88n

    I own both Nokia 6275 & Spice D88n. Both handsets are good in some way or the other. 6275 has a good camera with flash, fm, mp3 and an easy to use nokia interface. Whereas Spice D88n has dual sim, mp3 & a very good 1.3 megapix camera ( i m really impressed with its camera quality, No grains & no pixelate, very clear image). I gave up my nokia 6265 to buy D88n & i m satisfied with its performance. Hot Spot is selling it for 7350/- but i bought it from a local dealer for 7000/-
  15. D-88n With Opera Mini

    Does that mean with Java in this model, you can use java applications which need to connect to the net through CDMA network? Any java application which needs to access the net will connect to the net through which ever connection u have set as default either cdma of gprs(gsm).
  16. Plz Help Me To Buy A Cdma + Gsm Duo Phone

    im using spice D88n since 1 week and it has all the features u r looking for (bluetooth, good camers, mp3 player) & i must tell u that its battery life is not that bad as people comment about it. i am a moderate user & i dont need to charge it for 2 days. It's battery backup is just like my Nokia 6265. (Moreover Spice gives u 2 batteries, an extra battery for backup)
  17. D-88n With Opera Mini

    @ @ksh@T Someone has posted these Reliance settings for Spice C-810. I hope it will work on Spice D-88 too. serverip: wapgw.ricinfo.com server port: 8080 server dial:#777 login name: SC810@wap.relianceinfo.com Password: PaEs98nsde
  18. D-88n With Opera Mini

    Can someone plz post settings of TATA indicom for Spice D-88n. The setting menu requires following fields.. User Name : Password : Gateway : Number : Port :
  19. D-88n With Opera Mini

    Just bought a Spice D-88n for 7000/- in Delhi, Although Hot Spot is selling it for Rs 7400/-. It is a good phone. I'll post the complete reviews soon. This phone has preloaded GPRS settings for some major service providers. Meanwhile i'll be really thankful if someone can post me settings for Tata Indicom for this handset.
  20. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Can someone plz post settings of TATA indicom for Spice D-88n. The setting menu requires following fields.. User Name : Password : Gateway : Number : Port : I hope somebody knows these settings.
  21. Windows Xp Service Pack 3 Final

    I downloaded this file but was unable to unzip it as it was a corrupt file.
  22. Memory Card In 6265

    i have a micro sd card, is it possible to use it with 6265 ??
  23. Any Cheap Sms Packs In Delhi ?

    hi, Are there any cheap SMS packs available in Delhi area by any GSM operator ? I need very cheap sms rates for bulk messaging. There is a good tata plan available (3000 local/mational sms for Rs50) but cdma handsets does not support pc connectivity. Plz suggest any cheap CDMA handset that supports pc connectivity & enables sms via pc.
  24. New Moderators! Now Hetal Too!

    congrats dear Honest & Sadiq . Keep it up!
  25. Tata's Web Love

    On their online purchase website (ichoose) many outdated handsets are listed & that too on old hiked prices ( check the Maharastra/mumbai section) By logging in 'My account ' you can not opt for any new plan or add on package as they are not updated in the list.