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  1. Tata's Web Love

    Although tata website claims to provide many features but you can hardly do anything with them. Many features are not active in your a/c. & errors occur while performing many functions on their website. I m hardly able to do anything except paying my bills online.
  2. D-88n With Opera Mini

    What are the major differences between D-88 & D-88n ?
  3. Home Pack And Max Pack

    Hi, well as far as Tata zone std packs are they concerned, they are mentioned on the Tata official website. http://www.tataindicom.com/t-personal-mobi...alue-packs.aspx But as these packs are new so they are not updated on the systems of tata cc & moreover cc executives in tata are as dumb as any executives in any other cc. So no wonders if these tata cc people refuse to know anything about these plans. But you can always write a mail to tata cc & the nodal officer stating that despite the plans are mentioned on the official website cc people refuse to activate them & even they do not know about it. @KumaarShah you cannot opt for a south zone pack on a no. that belongs to south zone. Only packs are available for opposite zones. Like North pack is valid for south & west zone but not for north zone connections.
  4. Home Pack And Max Pack

    these add on packs were launched even before six months ago. Tata really have some very good userfriendly plans. Now they have launched NORTH , WEST & SOUTH corridor packs. 75 rs rental & 50p std on any selected zone od India. West Unlimited ( West Corridor ) Make STD Calls to Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh at 50 p /min Monthly Rental - Rs.75 (Not Available in Maharashtra & Goa) South Unlimited ( South Corridor ) Make STD calls to Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Kerala at 50 p /min Monthly Rental - Rs.75 (Not available in Andhra Pradesh) North Unlimited ( North Corridor ) Make STD calls to Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh ( UP E & UP W ) at 50 p /min Monthly Rental - Rs.75 But these packages are not vavailable in MAharastra & Goa region (including mumbai)
  5. Not Able To Format Memory Card

    are u able to format or write on memory card through a pc or laptop ??
  6. Nokia 6265 Problems

    Hi Anurag, I donno which version of USB you are using coz even with my mobile also, I was not able to connect to my PC. But, it is not a problem with the phone. There are two types of USB ports available one is which an older one where this Nokia model will not get detected and another one is USB 2.0 where it supports high speed data transfer and auto detects the devices connected. Try connecting your mobile to a laptop / some other new system and then check whether you are not able to connect. If you not able to connect in any machine, then it might be your phone's problem. ya i m trying to connect it to a laptop which is usb2.0 complient. When i connect through a data cable i get a msg on handset 'Connect via data storage mode ?' & when i press yes then it says ' Data storage mode disabled'.
  7. Nokia 6265 Problems

    My nokia 6265 does not get detected by my pc when connected throught a data cable although my other gsm does. 6265 is detected through a bluetooth dongle but to use it with other softwares like Dieogo i need to use it with a data cable. Plz tell me how can i connect it through a data cable ? what is preventing it from being detected through a data cable ??
  8. Want Hd Headphone

    if you want a real good headphone then go for BOSE. Will cost around 8k. Excellent comfort & Sound Quality.
  9. Best Gsm Below 5k

    you can also try Nokia 3110c
  10. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Can anyone tell me what is the current price of Nokia 6275 & where can i get it in Mumbai ???
  11. Help Me In Writing A Cd

    u can also try it by making a playlist according to your sequence on winamp, save that playlist & burn it on the cd along with the tracks.
  12. Can Some 1 Tell Me The Name Of The Song ......

    You may not easily find that song to download. Its rather better to search it on any P2P software or torrent site.
  13. Can Some 1 Tell Me The Name Of The Song ......

    That 'bebo bebo" is a song by 'Black Eyed Peas'. I dont remember the name of the song but if you'll search you'll surely find it.( & i think the album is "monkey business" , i m not sure about it)
  14. Cdma/gsm Dual Mobile

    at futurebazaar.com it is available for rs. 6990 http://www.futurebazaar.com/b2c_futurebaza...romotype=SIMPLE
  15. Pros And Cons Of Nokia 6275 And Motorola L7c.

    Nokia 6275 Has infact much better camera as compared to Moto. You can also consider newly launched Samsung Max, it gives better value for money as per its features. costs around 7100/- http://www.samsungcdma.in/samsung-max-cdma-mobile-phone.aspx
  16. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    Plz do that ASAP. we all are waiting for some honest reviews.
  17. I think it all depends on your usage what mode of of a mobile connection should you have. But i believe that pre-paid proves to be a bit more costlier than post paid for havy users. (but if the post paid plan is not chosen wisely then it can prove to be more costlier than a satellite phone ). I m never comfortable with pre paids as i always have this fear that its calling value may finish at the time when i'll need it the most. Specially while roaming.
  18. Cdma/gsm Dual Mobile

    Yes u can use any combination of CDMA/GSM on this handset provided u have both the connection on RUIM/SIM cards.
  19. Cdma/gsm Dual Mobile

    Spice D88 is available for Rs. 7299. for Mumbai residents. According to an ad printed in "Mumbai Mirror" on Jan 2, 2008 (pg 39) (it is a local mumbai newspaper). they are offering a Brand new Spice D88 for Rs 7299. This offer is from indiatimes.com Although the link mentioned in this ad (www.knockoutoffers.com) does not varifies about such offer, on the site the price mentioned is Rs 9699. (it is also mentioned in the ad that this offer is only valid for a day, although if u need any more information u can call at 9867748888, 9910118888{as written in the ad})
  20. Authorized Service Centers Or Local Shops ?

    I too agree that for minor hardware repairs 'reliable' local repair shops are good. but not to forget that local can also damage the handset more if they are not experienced people. Hardware repairs can be done by any person who have even little knowledge of components as they actually soldire the broken circuits or replace the damaged components with a new one. & if u have ever visited the "Gaffar Market" in Karol Bagh in New Delhi, you will see that you can buy ANY component from screen to keypads to circuit boards to sockets of any mobile. & that too at very cheap prices as they import & even manufacture components in bulks. But i have this doubt that does local repairers provide good solutions for the SOFTWARE problems ? Can they upgrade FIRMWARES of particular handsets ? ** As far as ASC are concerned i believe that not not all ASC are same (they too employ those repairers who work earlier as local repairers). Once i took a friends NOkia 6600 for a minor repair, its power button was damaged. I went to 5 different Nokia ASC that day & i got different answers from everyone. Some said that board will be replaced, some said button, some said it will take a week to repair have to send it to the main centre but at last finally at one good ASC it was repaied, it just needed a soldire & it took ony 10 mins. He charged me nothing for it. But i must say that Nokia products are getting low on quality. & their ASC evern worser. There are so many complaints in their handsets & their ASC are always packed with so many people for repairs. (In Delhi you have to wait for hours for you turn at company main ASC, & franchisee ASC only provide minor solutions.)
  21. Camera Problem With Nokia 6275.

    there is some error sometimes. Its rather better if you remove the card & format it on a pc & then try. I think it will work.
  22. Memory Card Help

    your question is not clear. plz explain clearly what is actually happening? (System folders are only made on the phone memory not on memory card.)
  23. Having Trouble Couriering A Mobile

    well i haved faced this problem 3 months ago. I went to each & every courier service in Delhi & they simply refused to send it as there are some strict rules in certain areas regarding security. They believe can contain explosives as it contain a battery which can blast. So forget to send it by air as the scanners in airport will never pass it. If u remove the battery then it might be possible. or you may go to some other small city nearby & try to send it who might courier it through road or train. I'v heard that due to security reasons transfering mobiles phone is not allowed for courier service providers in Delhi but courier companies in Faridabad or Ghaziabad accept to transfer mobiles. So u just give a it a try in some other city. In Delhi Bluedart or DHL agreed to send it but they wanted its original bill & they were charging too much amount Rs. 1250 to transfer a mobile worth 1000. Strange!
  24. Required Nokia Obex & Drivers.

    Hi, I have two Nokia Handsets Nokia 6265 & Nokia 3110c (gsm). Whenever i connect both the phones to my pc through data cable they do not install the required drivers like OBEX, Modem driver etc (which the handset install automatically when connected to a pc for the first time). I have tried it on different pc but in vain. Although i m able to connect both phones using bluetooth dongle but in this case i m not able to use my phones as modem. I'v aslo googled for Nokia OBEX drivers but i m not abel to download it as the download page Nokia website is not available or it has been removed. Plz suggest what shoul i do to connect my phones through a data cable? & where can i find these drivers.
  25. Required Nokia Obex & Drivers.

    Dear, i m NOT looking for PC suite. I m looking out for Obex, modem driver & other drivers whcih are installed automatically when a phone is coonected for the first time to a pc.