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  1. Hi

    I have a Samsung J3 pro on which i have installed custom rom to enjouy features of android 7, but unfortunately jio sim & 4g cvolte is not supported on it. I have to install jio volte call app to make receive cvalls on this rom. By default the handset supports jio sim on stock trom but the latest version is android 5. Is there a way to install android 7 custom rom and also use volte features on jio wothout installing jio voice app.

  2. Hi

    I have a Samsung J3 pro on which i have installed custom rom to enjouy features of android 7, but unfortunately jio sim & 4g cvolte is not supported on it. I have to install jio volte call app to make receive cvalls on this rom. By default the handset supports jio sim on stock trom but the latest version is android 5. Is there a way to install android 7 custom rom and also use volte features on jio wothout installing jio voice app.

  3. MTNL has aggressive offer till September end. Re.1 per minute. Thats a peanut.

    Buy a prepaid SIM and use it for a while. See if the offer is extended.

    I had some calls for US and I obtained one and used it well.

    I have a Trump connection but MTNL has reduced ISD rates only to few destinations like USA, Canada, Australia etc but UK is not included in it.

    I'v seen that there r many options to make cheap calls to USA/Canada but UK is quite expensive as compared to other countries.

  4. Hi, I have an unlocked Vodafone BB 8310. When i use idea sim on it, it works fine both with voice & data but Airtel connections is giving problems. I m not able to use gprs with airtel but it is working perfectly fine with idea. Whenever i use airtel sim it installs some service books. Plz advice me how i can activate airtel gprs on my BB 8310.


  5. Hey has mentioned "very basic", so obviously around 1k.

    Anyway, beware of Nokia 1203 and similar handsets from Nokia. They have a single speaker and duct/outlet on the back side, so all your private conversations will always become public! wacko.gif Battery life is also very poor.

    Ya I saw this Nokia phone for Rs 1100 but I find Nokia very sub standard now. I also saw Intex & Micromax Dual Sim (GSM+GSM) basic phones in the price range of 1500-1600 rs but i am really not sure about their speaker quality. I once had a Spice d88 but it was really troublesome to talk on it as its mic could not pick audio properly & its speaker did not had a clear sound.

    I am very particular about sound.

  6. Hi Guys

    I am not sure if such thing exists, but many of ya'll might be technically more sound to answer my doubt..

    I would like to know if there is any USB modem in which any GSM card can be plugged in to access GPRS through PC?

    Open market USB modem?

    Does MTS has same data charges in roaming?

    If i buy a modem in pune / m'bai & take it to say Rajasthan, will the existing plan work w/o much difference?

    If it doesn't, say can we load a plan of the new circle to the existing card? or a complete new card / number is required

    U dont actually need a GSM usb modem as there are many handsets available in market which can be used as a GSM modem.

    MTS same tariff will be valid in any state u travel provided that state has MTS services availabole. You don't have to change ur plan if u move to any other state.

  7. i was using icici imobile perfectly on my bb8830 but I upgraded it to version 3.1 & this new version is giving errors & not at all opening. I even consulted cc but they have no solutions. can anyone give me the older version whcih is 2.15 or 2.25 for bb8830. i'll b thankful.

  8. previous.gifyeah but for downloading smthng like songs or games or anything it ll redirect u to original browser n there the problems start...

    If u browse & search in Bolt website, u will find that they have an application which when installed makes Bolt as your default browser. I could not install it on my BB as it showed some module missing error moreover I have 4.2 os installed on my BB & I don't want to mess with it.

    But techies out there can try installing this bolt application & share their experiences with us. :GirandoOjos: :GirandoOjos:

  9. I really can't say on 'How they are offering the wireless internet' but the only thing I can tell u is that, It's been 2 months since I'v applied for a connection (which they promised will be installed in 2 days) & still they have not done the installation. Everytime I call cc I find a new person to answer my query & he always promises that it will be done within 24 hrs (& they never make me talk to the one with whom I spoke earlier). I'v made more than 20 calls to cc but every call fell on deaf ears. No mails, no calls , no sms, no reply from the customers care. This is perhaps the WORST SERVICE PROVIDER I'V EVER MET IN MY LIFE. DISGUSTING.

  10. Hi, I was using ICICI bank iMobile app on my bb 8830. It was working perfectly fine but one day I tried to upgrade this & a new version 3.1 was downloaded & installed. Now this new ver is not working on my handset, it is giving some module error. I m not able to download the older ver 2.15 which was working fine. Even the bank cc is not ble to give me the older ver of app. Can anyone give me the older ver of imobile. Thanks

  11. Many congratulations to all the rimweb members. I must mention that each & every post has tought someone something important.

    So keep up the good work & keep on posting sensible stuff on the forum, dont just try to increase ur post count but try to make it more meaningful this year.


  12. I agree Dhiraj. But if one doesnt want to go either for lower end phones (below 2500) or higher end phone (above 10k) then for multimedia phones, CDMA has very limited choice (one or two LG and/or samsung). At that price point (arround 5/6k) GSM has hundred quality choices.

    I agree with MOBILE FAN. CDMA service providers do not provide handsets at competitive prices, moreover they do lock their handsets which are useless if u want to switch to other network.

    CDMA handsets are high priced BB 8830 is sold for 27k from TATA & Rel which we get for 10k from Sadikk.

    even samsung corby CDMA will also cost 10k whereas its GSM varient is about 6-7k.

    Nokia 6275 is still 10K but with much better features u will get a Nokia GSM phone for 5-6k

    Now if u r not a geek

    & u dont have friends in US

    & u cant unlock handsets

    & u r not a rimweb member

    & u dont know anyone called Sadikk

    & u r just a lay man who goes to market & buys a moblie phone just like any electronic item

    then in that case choices are very very limited in CDMA market.

    I bought a very basic Samsung GSM phone for Rs1400 (GURU) & I did bought a basic CDMA handset for same price (Huwai TATA) the difference in quality in both the handsets is vey wide.

    Now if u have a budget of 6k & i ask u to buy a good multimedia CDMA phone then u have no options in the market but for GSM there are dozens of handses in this range too.

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  13. @Tarun

    Can u test this call waiting beep option for me ? Just dial Cstomer care from ur Blackberry & from another phone call ur BB. If u'll hear the 'beep' that means it is working fine.

    Which OS version do u have on BB ?

    Generally in GSM phones dial *43# to activate call waiting & #43# is for deactivation.

    You are right Anurag, there is no beep for call waiting, though call waiting is working. Very strange problem, I looked for many other forums but couldn't even find any one posting any such problem. I will try some alert software like berrybuzz and alikes, let see if any of these helps. I also found one software called Missedcall on website "www.barrymax.cn" (Chinese website) but I couldn't get myself registered for downloading that. Please try if you can get that software, it may help us.

    one more thing you will get the call waiting option in the cdma mode on bb 8830 but not on gsm mode. anyway that option doesn't help as I think it has the codes / dialing for sprint network


    Tarun I'v searched & found that many other users are also facing the same problem. But in none of the forums there was'nt any solution to this problem, the only conclusion which they had reached was to 'contact your service provider'.

    I dont thoink that any third party software is going to work.

    The only solution could be installing another version of OS.

    I just wanted to find out that Does 4.2 version users are also facing same problem ???

    Is anyone there using vesion 4.2 on Blackberry 8830 ????

    Are there other users on Rimweb facing same problem ?

    I just dont understand that why just a very basic feature which even works on a third grade cheap 500 Rs chinese phone, does not being supported by a Blackberry Smartphone ?

    Any replies from the experts ??? Sadikk, Dr Mudaffal, Arun................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifsos.gifsos.gifsos.gifhelp.gifhelp.gifhelp.gif

    So Finally I found the solution for this Call waiting trouble.

    First I flashed my 8830 & downgraded to Sprint ver but in this ver there was a big error in call waiting.

    Although i was able to hear the call waiting 'beep' but as soon as the 2nd caller disconnects his call my first call automatically used to go to speakerphone & there was

    no way through which i could shut the speakerphone the only way was to pull the battery & restart.

    Then I upgraded to ver (sprint).

    In this ver Call Waiting is working perfectly fine, I can hear the 'beep', i can take the second call, i can also go back to first call.

    So if u really don't want to miss any calls u have to install ver

    The other benefits of this 4.2 OS which i found good over ver 4.5 are

    1. Very good battery life. In ver 4.5 10% battery used to drain out in 1hr but in this OS i dont need to charge for 3 days.

    2. The os is fast, it does not takes time in opening dierent applications.

    3. Almost all applications are working fine like Gmail, Google Sync, gmaps, browsers, Gtalk , nimbuzz etc. Only few themes dont work.

    4. Call waiting is working Perfectly fine on OS, which is a very essential feature.

    If u want to install this 4.2 os it is advisable to also downgrade ur Desktop Manager to ver 4.2

  14. Hi all,

    After all tries I am not able to use Reliance Net Connect on my Windows 7 PC withh BB8830 as modem. After creating the dial up connection, when I try to connect, it shows Error 651. What can be wrong, is there some settings required in device for R-connect.


    Hi Tarun,

    I dont know weather it is allowed to post link of other forums here but still i am posting this link from where i got my Blackberry working as a modem in first attempt.



    you can try the below settings.


    These settings are generic it works on my idea GSM.

    Which network are u on ? Rel CDMA or GSM ?