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  1. Hello: I am looking for someone who can help me with this: 1. I have cdma 1900Mhz Fixed Wireless Phone ZTE-WP902/HUAWEI-ETS-2556 with NO-RIUM support; 2. Make these with RIUM-support; 3. OR - copy ESN/other parameters to any Fixed Wireless Terminal CDMA (with or without RIUM support); 4. This is for attaching the unit to external dialer, such as payphone, voip gateway etc. Please include me: skype=ma_hiroshi; hotmail=naga_saki1945@hotmail.com those who have the technical capability only please. Thanks, John
  2. Hello - I am interested in what you can do for this - Please add me at naga_saki1945@hotmail.com