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  1. Tutorials for Uploading Ringtones on LG2030

    hi buddy how do i replace the melody5.dat there is no copy and paste option i tried to drag but no result.. can u help me :'(
  2. is this software supported by lg rd 2030. and if not nthen plz help me findin one thanxxxx :'(
  3. Software For Ringtones & Wallpapers

    hi buddy but yr link is not workin i tried it many times but no reply. can u help me out....
  4. Secret Service Codes for All LG Handsets

    hi buddy can u tell me where will i find ver-17 for rd2030........ thanxxxx :'(
  5. Show Your Love!

    i had 2 rd2030 just bought one more recently, all three r workin in good condition and the last 2 r since 3yrs now and i am happy with this model...basically all, i own samsung 191, slim, boss, nokia 2280, 1255,6585 lg 2030,2130,2230,2650,2530, ut starcom smarty C1122 all these r with me and someone or the other is using in my family....some 3 postpaid and rest prepaid....................