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  1. Invites Thread

    rito!!! i have couple of invites please request in the invites thread to get some. remember the Rules - For Members with more than 50 Posts only
  2. whats Tata Communications , Reliance & Airtel are doing .. sleeping when will they reduce ? this is for Delhi, only, and not Mumbai.. MTNLL unlimited is only in delhi i think after WiMax arruves only then will the real WAR will begin now not every1 has access everywhere
  3. Cheaper Data Cards

    nothing special for our telecoms + computer sector except there small bonuses i was expecting cut in duty's + taxes for computer parts (i wanted to purchase a LCD monitor)
  4. yeah me me!! i won OFFICE + VISTA ULTIMATE .... ...... ........ .......... .......... no !! wait !! ohh yeah i forgot i downloaded em
  5. ie IF FIPB conditions are not satisfied
  6. http://www.moneycontrol.com/india/news/bus.../article/268087
  7. Surging Network Problems

    i think the network booster comes free with FWP/FWT !! @least it came when i installed the landline @ my place 2 yrs ago
  8. yup they should start fine'ing them 50 times the claim amt and utilize it in and as a USO fund then these companies will start giving proper attention to us consumers
  9. haha try calling MTNL CC
  10. they wont get arrested !! previously also there have been warrants against them nothing happened
  11. Chennai Wimax-ed By Aircel

    http://newmedia.agencyfaqs.com/ice_news/1635.html anyone more info on this ?? EDIT the only extra info i got was http://www.sifycorp.com/scripts/press/cont...asp?PressId=234 http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Sifys_W...-79224-583.html
  12. Microsoft Rocks! Why? Chk Out Videos :p

    voice recognization in vista this is the complete coverage
  13. Let’s Protest!

    yup this is what we should go against!! do we have some1 in our forum who knows about legal applications of this !!
  14. spectrum or no spectrum give us what one of the most powerful IT nations in the world deserves a DECENT internet connectivity