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  1. Is this the reason that 4G is throttled to ZERO speed but whatsapp calling work absolutely fine on 4G without recharging 4G data pack?
  2. Can anyone tell me what is this plan for?? SF VP AudioTalk30 Subscription.... Rs. 30 Per month. I've not noticed this charge in by bills before. Is this for miss call alert service? or something else?
  3. !!RANT!! Thank you Jio to reminding me what buffering is while playing a video on 720p resolution. And waiting for 20min to download your Jio4GVoice app from playstore.
  4. HTC One M7 will not work with Jio SIM. It don't have hardware for it. But Jio4GVoice app is also not working on HTC One M7. Does this app works on M9?
  5. Their servers are extremely overloaded. I received activation link after 3 days.
  6. The JIO SIM i got with Mifi device is working on other LTE phones. But I guess JIO SIM with Lyf devices dont work on other LTE phones.
  7. Difference between this and Mifi2 other than the battery life?
  8. Jio4GVoice... Will work on 1 device only at a time. To change the device, one need to uninstall Jio4gVoice app from old device, and install the app in new device. New device should be connected to Jio network (thru Mifi device or Sim in new device). It will ask for OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number. Just enter the OTP and Jio4GVoice will start to work on new device. But it's not working on Sprint HTC One M7. Guess it will not work with any imported handset either.
  9. This app works on my old S4 (India purchase). But do not work on Sprint HTC One M7. When I tap on Configure it says "You are not allowed to use the application on this device. Please contact customer care care for further details". Guess Jio wont work on imported handsets, even thru Jio4GVoice app.
  10. Jio is throttling their speed. Is this not against Net Neutrality? App download from Google Play store... 20MB took more than 4 minutes. But simultaneously Speed test results shows 35+Mbps
  11. Yes, on a Samsung handset purchased in India? Is it like Jio4GVoice will work on only 1 handset? How to unregister from Samsung handset?
  12. Jio4GVoice app (an app to make and receive calls on non VOLTE device) don't work on my Sprint HTC One M7. It says You are not allowed to use this application on this device. Please contact customer care for further details. (yeah as if customer care is so freaking easily approachable). Jio apps are not working on imported phones?
  13. Nope it didnt get activated. Went to Reliance Xpress store from where I purchased the device. He told me that I need to contact customer care and inform them RSN, IMEI and mobile number and then they will activate it. Normally plan is activated automatically, but sometimes subscriber need to call back customer care. So two of my phones are busy dialing customer care numbers since 2hrs 35min (as of now) and I'm bored of their music. They could have option to shuffle various musical tracks so that person trying to contact them don't get bored to death.
  14. So you mean this time I do not need to download few Jio apps and then activate the preview/welcome offer? I had to do the same when I got Jio sim thru Samsung handset offer about a month ago. Edit: By the way the sim I got with Mifi device... when I use it in my Phone, Voice works but Data do not work.
  15. I've got Jio Mifi device yesterday, today its activated and working. But how would I know its on Jio Preview offer and not on 2gb default data with each new sim? When I inserted the sim in my Phone and checked with MyJio app, it says data balance: 1.87GB remaining (out of 2GB). How to activate Jio Preview offer? Or data used thru Jio Mifi device is Jio Preview offer and if the same sim is used in a phone then their default 2GB will be used?