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  1. Maybe this is the reason since last 1 week 4G data is not working. Though 3G is working just fine. I do not understand why Reliance did this. I'ts like they throttle the 4G speed just microseconds after you start using it. You can check the speedtest results. All 0.01~0.03mbps speed are on 4G. Higher speed results are on 3G.
  2. Yesterday I got JIO sim using Samsung Jio offer, and gave it to my younger brother. He is enjoying downloads on his OnePlus 3. (but sad that currently major torrent sites are down). I've a question: When I inserted JIO sim the network icon in status bar shows "Volte" and "LTE". But while using Reliance 4G or Vodafone 4G it network icon shows only "4G" Are these technologies different? Which is better? Which technology is more friendly to phone's battery life?
  3. Looking for mobile handset for my brother.. Budget: 15000-30000 Features required : Dual Sim, should work on all India 4g network providers Would like to avoid Chinese brands. Imported phones is also fine as long as it checks above requirements.
  4. I think it's Rs.200 off for Local/STD calls made from Home locations. That's it.
  5. Delhi post paid user here. Just checked my last month's bill (Jun-2016.. 14-May-2016 to 13-Jun-2016) ARPSimple1194 plan.. call rates have been changed from 0.01p/set to 0.50/min from the month of June. Are they any other good postpaid plans available for Delhi circle?
  6. You are right, I didn't get data while I was on roaming. RCDMA, one of the best network for Roaming users have become the worst network now.
  7. I'm on roaming in Pune Cannot connect to Reliance network. I'm always connected to Tata Docomo and H+ speed is pathetic. Download is not more than 0.3Mbps and upload is appx 1.5Mbps Its strange that even when reliance network is present here, I'm not able to connect to it. Rather they connect me to Tata Docomo.
  8. Does anyone else having problem with Instacare app recently?
  9. The site ask me to remove adblocker. Could you please post the news in text format here?
  10. Did RCOM rest their 4G launch timer to 24Hrs?? Hahahaha. Typical reliance. Anyway, glad to hear that I'm not alone in Delhi who cant connect to 4G. Guess it was a test run and they gonna start 4G again very soon.
  11. In Shalimar Bahg, Delhi... I cant latch onto 4G anymore (since 3~4 hrs). My phone is connected to H/H+ now. Anyone else in Delhi having a working 4G connection?
  12. How to check for VoLte?
  13. Getting 4G symbol. The connection is like EVDO Rev-A... Takes time to connect. Have random speed from 4mbps ~ 16mbps (mostly on the lower side). Right now I got 17mbps which is good i guess. H+ connects instantly, do not break during calls. Rather the download speed increases during calls (this is what I observed). The 4g connection breaks when I receive or make any calls Or I receive/send any sms. Internet connection shifts to H+ during calls.
  14. I started getting 4G at Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi area in the evening. Speed is not impressive though 4~9mbps (mostly on the lower side) Tho making phone calls is problematic as whenever I try to make a call 8 out of 10 times I get message that "Network is Busy". Maybe they are working on the towers nearby.