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Found 14 results

  1. LYF Flame 7S Review

    I bought this from Reliance Digital in Hyderabad and been using it for 3 weeks so far. I bought it primarily for using Whatsapp and making phone calls. Here is my experience on both JIO and Handset: PROS: Data connection is ON almost 24x7. Speeds are like 3G, sometimes faster. Few times data connection does not work at some places, not that big a problem. I am satisfied. Signals quality is ok. Several times signals just disappear (those bars on top left corner). I thought my handset problem but two of my friends are using JIO SIM on Samsung and Lava A7+ phones and they have same problem. Hence not a handset problem but network problem. It happens like 5-7 times per day and it remains like that for 2-15 min. Bit less satisfied. Network Coverage is much better. I am using TATA DOCOMO and Aircel too and many times both don't have network but JIO has. Incoming/Outgoing calls are really tough business. JIO to JIO/Reliance/Aircel, all phone calls go smooth, connected in one try but for the rest you have to keep on trying anywhere from 2 to 20 times to get connected. Same for incoming from others. Completely unsatisfied Handset is okay. does not hang even if lot of apps are running. CONS: Handset Voice quality is very bad. I can understand only 50% of what other person is talking about and same for the person on other end. It is one of the worst voice quality in any handset I have ever experienced. Battery drains out very fast on 4G data ON 24x7. It does not even last till evening. I do use lot of whatsapp. I will advise to buy a better handset like RedMI 3S or something. Strange thing is when you look at the bill, Phone charger and Headset are listed as separate items from phone and charged separately. Just look at the bill. I paid 3499/- (Yes, I took 1 rupee back which every shopkeeper never thinks of giving back. As usual, gave it a vely old lady-beggar standing outside )
  2. I recently got my Jio sim through my friend. he generated the preview offer code on fake imei as get jio sim on my phone was not showing up, he sent the imei and i changed my imei and received the jio sim from store. today I got message for activation of my jio sim but i'm not getting any signals on my note edge N915P so i tried the sim on my mom's moto g4 and i activated it. it works fully fine on that phone but no signal on my note edge. what could be the problem? how do I get jio sim working on my phone? i'm constantly worried about this as ever since i updated my note edge to MM 6.0.1 i sometimes have to network reset to get signals on my bsnl sim which i am using right now.....
  3. Reliance is now trying to lure customers and coming up with new offers. Today I received SMS on my 4G DATA CARD SIM (which I am using in my handset). Mumbai Circle.
  4. I have been using Reliance CDMA for many years. But, I turned my CDMA phone off for few months. Today, when I turned it on, I noticed that it's not catching signal anymore. Then I read the official announcement on Reliance's website, which states that they will upgrade every CDMA user to Reliance 4G. But, I also noticed one thing: we have to SMS the new SIM card number from the older CDMA number. I don't have any other Reliance number, to contact their support, and when I tried dialling 30333333 from a Tata DOCOMO number, it says that the number is wrong. As the CDMA number isn't working anymore (because the services have been shut down), how am I supposed to activate the new 4G SIM, because SMS cannot be send from this number?
  5. Now that it is almost final that RCDMA will be migrated to RCOM 4G, the next step is to upgrade our smartphone. Many of us may be using imported phone which might work on 4G. I request all seniors to suggest which phones will be working with RCOM 4G. Currently I am using Droid Maxx which is a world phone acc to motorola. Will it work with RCOM 4G or I need to change this ?
  6. Got the new Zenfone 2, Gold, LTE, 2.3 GHz, 4GB, 32 GB EMMC, 5.5", 5MP/13MP in hand. Just 17k on Flipkart sale. Great feel in hand for now. Initial experience with the Asus Zenfone 2 - First the cons - 1. The screen though very good by a 17k phone standard does not match to the HTC One or the SMOLED's of the Samsung. It's brightness is a little less though the color gradients can be adjusted. Few shots - 2. The camera too is quite good but still not as good as the HTC One's (before the pink tint issue). But color saturation is better. 3. Plastic body compared to the all aluminum of the HTC One M7. 4. Lots of Asus apps. And by lots I mean lots. 5. Still on android 5.0. A flagship should be on the latest version. Pros - 1. I was most afraid of the battery life and that is quite decent in fact, especially after taking the new update it has increased quite a bit - So take the update immediately. Incidentally the update failed on wifi continuously but went through in first attempt through the mobile data. Still I have ordered the Asus Power Bank for my long trips. 2. Great metallic feel back cover and soft golden hue color. Great build quality. 3. Camera with HDR is pretty decent though not top of the line. 4. Fast charging really works. In 5 minutes it can give you a couple of hours backup. 5. Lag free and very fast even after so many crappy apps. the 2.3 Ghz processor and 4 GB of RAM really works. Some Asus apps are pretty decent in fact. 6. 3G speeds are pretty decent for Meerut (UP-W circle) on Airtel. Initial verdict - For a flagship of a company it still needs to go some miles compared to HTC and Samsung. But for the 17k price tag (in fact I can buy 3 for the price of a S6) I will take this any day over those over priced phones. It does 100% of what those flagships do and then some more. Where it lags just slightly in the body and the screen can easily be overlooked. Fantastic piece of hardware. Recommended as one of the best value for money flagship offerings in the market today. Enough of the CDMA crap.
  7. Press Trust of India March 16, 2013 The department of telecom has asked Bharti Airtel to stop offering third generation (3G) services in seven circles where the company does not hold spectrum. "Airtel has been asked to stop 3G services and file a compliance report by 3pm on March 18," sources said. The DoT has also asked Airtel to pay a penalty of Rs 350 crore for offering 3G services beyond permitted zones. The company sources said Airtel has already approached the Delhi High Court against the order. Telecom minister Kapil Sibal had approved the recommendation of a DoT committee to impose Rs 50 crore penalty each on seven licences of Bharti Airtel that entered into 3G roaming agreements with other operators to offer services beyond permitted zones. Airtel won 3G spectrum in 13 out of 22 telecom circles in 2010 through auction and entered into a quid pro quo agreement with other players who won the spectrum in other service area where it did not have spectrum to offer 3G services. DoT has held that it is illegal to offer 3G data services beyond a company's licensed zone or circle. On December 23, 2011, the DoT had issued a letter instructing various telecom service providers including the Bharti Airtel to immediately stop providing the intra circle roaming service in all service area. The operators, however, had moved the tribunal (TDSAT) challenging the DoT order, saying it would harm customers and investment in the sector. In July 2012, the tribunal had delivered a split verdict. While one member of the two-member bench favoured the DoT's claim that roaming agreements were illegal, the other supported the operators who had challenged it.
  8. Airtel Launches 4G LTE Broadband in Kolkata Today Official Webpage >> http://www.airtel.in/4g/index.html#4G As always expected from Airtel, the plans are horrible.. Low Quota, High Price and Post FUP Speed of 128 kbps
  9. Govt is planning 4G spectrum auction by end of this year. This is really ridiculous as users have still not embrace 3G due to high cost. Even telcos are worried about their investment. Telcos are in big trouble if this happens. If they dont bid, then new cos will get it and will offer 4G at almost same price. IF they bid, then they need to invest again billions. This makes no business sense. Govt should also think how they are going to support industry with such policies.
  10. MP, Chhattisgarh's New Year To Begin With 4G LTE Broadband Services Source Consumers in MP and Chhattisgarh can expect 4G services form Augere Wireless Broadband India to cost about as much as 3G data services does. Consumers in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh after experiencing 3G are one step closer to experience the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications through TD-LTE technology, which will enhance the user's experience of wireless broadband including web, online gaming, video streaming and social networking even while on the move. Augere Wireless Broadband India, a wireless broadband company which had bagged BWA spectrum in MP and Chhattisgarh, will offer 4G broadband services under the ZOOSH brand to residential and business customers in Bhopal in January and by April it will offer the services in 14 cities of the two states. Lars Stork, chief executive officer, Augere Wireless Broandband India, said to The Mobile Indian, "Consumers in MP and Chhattisgarh can expect our services to be priced nearby what they pay for 3G data services." It will be interesting to see what Reliance Industries, the only player that bagged a pan India BWA spectrum licence, will offer in terms of data plans because that will be the trend setter in this space. Other winners of BWA spectrum include Aircel (8 circles), Tikona Wireless (5 circles), Airtel (4 circles) and Qualcomm (4 circles). Regarding data plans, Stork said, "We will not be offering unlimited data plans as we have seen instances where it has been misused, which leads to loss of revenue." Stork further said, "We are excited by the development happening in the tablet space in India, especially the recently launched affordable Aakash tablet. We are in talks with tablet manufactures to offer our services bundled with their devices along with stand-alone services through dongles." Vijay Jain, chief technical officer, Augere, said, "For bundled services, we are looking at devices from multinational as well as Indian players. If we get a good response, we would prefer Indian players simply for the price point they offer." To kick start its 4G services on Tuesday, Augere Wireless contracted Swedish telecom company Ericsson for three years to supply and maintain telecom equipment for its proposed 4G services. . To ensure optimal network performance Ericsson will also be responsible for providing managed services and network operations for three years. Ericsson will plan, design, build, operate, maintain and provide spare-parts management for the 4G network for Augere. Augere is already offering WiMax services under the Qubee brand in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  11. So I finally decided to try out BSNL WiMAX (Mobile WiMAX 802.16e) as it launched recently in Trivandrum. I couldn't find anyone who used it for their experience or reviews, so I decided to try it out myself. Being a new technology that meets the requirements of 4G, its surprising that we are able to use Mobile WiMAX here when even 3G is expected to start after several months only. The EVDO service from BSNL hasn't lived up to the expectations as there were too many network issues and even BSNL officials won't recommend EVDO now and would suggest opting for 3G or WiMAX instead. So they are fully focused on building a good WiMAX network nationwide while the other operators are still bidding for a BWA license. BSNL offers Mobile WiMAX through 3 types of equipments... an outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), an indoor CPE and a USB dongle. They will give you the connection after checking the feasibility in your area only. So if the signal is very weak in your place then you will have to opt for the outdoor CPE which consists of an antenna to be fixed on top of your building and connected to a receiver near your PC using cable. However there is no portability with an outdoor CPE setup and makes it similar to Fixed WiMAX setup. The more portable option is the indoor CPE which looks like a normal DSL router with 2 large antennas. This equipment is recommended if you have average signal in your area. Even though the device needs to be connected to your PC via LAN, you can place the device anywhere (with a power plug nearby) and you can even use it in other places (under different towers) where there is BSNL WiMAX coverage. The most convenient device is the USB dongle as it doesn't need power and easy to carry around with a laptop. However there are reported technical issues with the USB dongle device at the moment and hence BSNL is not recommending it for now. Once the issue is sorted out you can swap your indoor/outdoor CPE with a USB dongle if you opt for FMC (see below). The device cost is as follows: Outdoor CPE: Rs.5000 Indoor CPE: Rs.4200 USB Dongle: Rs.2800 I would not recommend purchasing the device outright as you have an option to pay monthly (FMC - Fixed Monthly Charge) instead, which needs a refundable deposit of Rs.2000. You can pay Rs.50 (Indoor/Outdoor CPE) or Rs.40 (USB Dongle) per month instead which allows you the freedom to swap the device later if needed. It also gives you warranty for the device as long as you have the service active. BSNL WiMAX has different plans for different states and in Kerala the only plan available for home users is "512 to 2 mbps download speed with unlimited data usage for Rs.999 + tax" So I heard about the newly launched service and I got the contact number of an official who handles BSNL WiMAX in Trivandrum and he told me that I can just send an SMS to book the connection. He also gave me the contact number of a marketing executive and so I called him to book the connection. He told me about the issue with USB dongle at that time and promised someone would come the same day to check feasibility in my area. However they couldn't make it that day and came the next day with the indoor CPE equipment. The device is an "ICOMM 610 Indoor CPE" They switched on the device and got connected immediately as the device was pre-configured with BSNL test service login. Fortunately for me the signal in my area was extremely good as the Base Station tower was just under half a kilometer away. They say that a base station tower can handle around 5 kilometer radius with an indoor CPE. The minimum CINR value required is 10 dB and I was getting above 20 dB with full range shown in the device indicator lights. They asked me to browse and check myself, I tried some downloads and noticed an average speed of 2 mbps. As the download speed was good I decided to go ahead and filled up the application form. Since the test equipment that they brought along was a new one, they gave me the same device after removing the BSNL test login from the configuration page. I was told that they would create a new login (needs to be done in their office in Bangalore) for me which I have to configure in the device settings page. Since it was the weekend they couldn't get me the login the same day and I had to wait until Monday to get the login details, and I finally got connected to BSNL WiMAX on Monday. It seems they are leasing a common IP adddress for WiMAX users since I notice the same IP address whenever I connect. Static IP address option is available at an extra cost (for Business plans). I notice that the "common IP address" that they provice is listed on an RBL which is a concern, though I think its the BSNL IP range that is blocked. I did some downloads and noticed that the download speed is always stable and I do get up to 2 mbps download speed as promised: I noticed an issue with the default DNS servers as resolution of domain names either takes long time or doesn't resolve at all. So I changed to external DNS addresses in the LAN configuration and it has been fine after that. Even though the download speed was very good, the upload speed was very bad at I was getting an average upload speed of around 65 - 75 kbps only. So it will be a problem if you have file uploads to do and will decrease your torrent ratio if you have torrent usage. I also noticed that the download speed gets affected when there is an upload in progress. I have checked VPN connectivity and it is working fine. Applications like Remote Desktop are also working fine. My verdict: After using the service for a couple of days it does look very stable and the download speed hasn't dropped as I get 2 mpbs constantly. A 2 mbps download speed plan with unlimited data usage for Rs.999 per month and mobility too is definitely a very good plan and I don't think any other broadband plan in India can beat that for now. Being a new service it is good to see BSNL doing well in the initial stages itself and I hope the service will get even better.
  12. News Snippets

    I am opening this topic so that anyone can post News Snippets in short... Snippets should be relevant to this Forum unless of course they are major news headlines, which can also be posted.... I am hoping for frequent contributions from all dear members...