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  1. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Rcom 4G Speed @ My location. Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala. Yesterday got latched to 4G and Data now showing 4G while connecting. Voice covergae is still a mess. Tested it in my home but while using YouTube I found that JIO is not so stable as Rcom 4G I can easily watch 720p video with Rcom 4G while indoor but not able to do in JIO. Still testing.. will post a detailed report..
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Kerala Circle As of now no official confirmation from Reliance what happening to their 2G voice. Spoken to some of their higher officials they are confirming that no further upgradation from ReLIANCe. Only 4G will upgrade that's too becozz of JIO. Also They are launching VoLTE to solve the voice coverage issue in November only. Until then voice must be a hell! Also they are launched LTE Data in Kerala in a phased manner I have seen some of their employees are using from yesterday on wards
  3. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In Kerala Circle today evening one of my 2 postpaid numbers Migrated to GSM 2G. There is no pre sms regarding this. I cant make calls while evening and when i called to my number its says "The number is switched off" then i inserted the 4G sim into one GSM handset and its started working. Now can make & recieve calls but only in 2G GSM No CDMA I donnow how long to wait for 4G
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    From today onwards no EVDO for Kerala circle.. they are changing to GSM on 11-07-2016
  5. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    As recvd launching date of 4G
  6. I m now made my usc s3 to non sim but still data not working i got the dumb file and written it to nv. Transferred mdn to it. Call & Sms still working without sim but data not. Please help.
  7. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    I think the issue solved now . FOr the past 48 hours I am using EVDO without any glitch. I think some server related issue with them. not with the luck of customer care person we choose. I have complained 4 times i got it solved just 1 hour after giving the last complaint. But they called me after a 24 hour later to confrim my issue solved or not. One rimweb member told their server is shfiting from ANdra to Mumbai thats the reason for this. any way now i am enjoying EVDO.
  8. Google Play Store not working on EVDO

    Now For the past 3 days I am not able to install any app from the play store using evdo. its get stucks showing downloading loop
  9. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Yes I am also facing issues from dec-11 th No proper evdo service. Sometime gets sometime not connecting. But my two bro have using same Vzw SGS3, Sprint SGS2 without any data issues in my home and office. I dont know why reliance blocking my evdo only. Speedtest.net apps sometime clocks around 2.01 mbps speed and 1.0 mbps upload sometime its searching for servers.Most of the time When I make the data on suddenly i get the service for the first 20- 50 secs after that no data sometime it works. Dear gurus pls help
  10. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    my evdo data stopped again
  11. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Now i am getting the services again. I think evdo service has been restored. Now i am getting flawless connection for the past 1 hour...thanks all for the suggestions and discussions.
  12. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    the services is still not up in Malappuram (near to Calicut). I am still facing the problem. I called Cc today morning they confirmed there is a problem and will be solved immediately but not given any time span. I think that with only with Old numbers becoz my two bros are using evdo flawlessly, in their SGS2,SGS3 without any problem. waiting for to service to up again....
  13. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    I am also facing same problem in my VZ Galaxy s3. 3g was working like a charm upto 24th night. On 25th morning it stopped working, no 3g now only 1x possible. Please help gurus.
  14. Reliance EVDO/1X Data Issue

    Dear All, I am using My Verizon Galaxy S3 with EVDO for last 1-2 months. Evdo was working like a charm. Since yesterday Morning I am not getting evdo or 3g, only 1x ,if i switched the network to CDMA only mode using phone info app for verizon s3. My bro hav same verizon s3 using evdo without any problem till this time. I hav updated nv items and prl using cdma ws but no use. So please help gurus....
  15. Dear Joshm And friends I have gone thru ICS for more than 1 month. its very buttery and smooth. But some glitches and bugs may be becoz of its not official. Anyway good option if u wanna try ICS on your fassy. In my usage statistics its not fit for business people. As I need to do many calls and smses, 2-3 hrs of internet, video, music, games etc and basically for business purpose. I m not getting proper sms delivery acknowledgement, i m missing the search option for a missed or received call number by simply giving some of its digits, Facebook integration not working smoothly. So i decided to go back to official gb eh03. What are steps to go back to gb please help me