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  1. Blackberry Or Nokia Or Htc

    Hey Recently my friend asked me which Reliance CDMA handset he should buy given his constraints, and i realised how I'm disconnected from this forum these days and I had to tell him, give me a day or so and I'll get back!! So i'm making a come back here and i would be around on the forum more often now! I went through several posts trying to figure out which handset would suit my friend's requirements. I would like fellow forum members to make their comments. My friend is looking for... 1. Will be on Reliance CDMA network for as long Number Portability doesn't come 2. Has an existing Reliance CDMA number and doesn't want to change it till such time. 3. The current handset is in such a state that he feels embarrassed in business meetings (N6235) 4. Budget is 12k. (But given the handset is good, can stretch the budget) 5. Bluetooth, 512mb+ memory, Camera are must & Email, Browsing would be loved to have. 6. A Nokia Loyalist so far. (isn't sure abt Samsung, Blackberry or HTC performance and issues) From my observations on the posts around, I narrowed down that Nokia 6275 still seems to rock and the prices haven't really gone down. (Thats insane) Other's that I managed to narrow down were Samsung F309, HTC Wave & Blackberry Pearl. Can you pls comment or recommend on any handset?
  2. 5th Anniversary For Rimweb! (23-12-2008)

    Happy Birthday RIMweb !!
  3. Please Vote For Rimweb!

    Voted and activated. :-)
  4. I'm thankful to each of you for Voting for Studio4. You all really made a difference in my company by extending your support. Though the voting ended on Nov 5, the audit process for the votes is on till Nov 24. The final Audited Shortlist of companies would be out by Nov 25, as per their latest communication. My fingers are crossed!
  5. If u have got a verification email and once u went there and got "Registration Failure", it just means that your email id is verified. Just login normally and vote. I guess SMS voting is the easiest and fastest. And akshat, i've been quite occupied with work and life at my end. I miss RIMweb as much! :-) But i'm in touch with alot of u offline and that helps! Thnx for being there with me! We have reached Rank 80... and by tomo we got to make it to Rank 30. need roughly 150 votes more for that! Keep voting guys! :-)
  6. During 2.30-3.00pm their systems were apparently down. You can vote now! And pls do ! :-) Thnx guys for voting... Each vote will help!
  7. Rimweb Turns 4 !

    One more rock-solid year for RIMweb!! Thats awesome! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all RIMwebians! Enjoy!
  8. Free Unlimited Storage On Yahoo Mail

    Absolutely Hetal, I've been using Google Apps with Arun's help for several webdomains of mine. Will be soon using it for Colleges in Mumbai as well. I think what sets google apart is its suite of applications around its Gmail. I cant imagine my life without GoogleDocs, GoogleCalendar or Gmail ! My office colleagues are soon getting used to all GoogleApps! Its amazing to see their faces smile!! I've never had Spam issues with Gmail either. Ensure that u report to Spam for every such mail that lands in ur inbox. and similar ensure that u mark NOT SPAM for every mail that wrongly goes into SPAM folders. By just doing this a few times, our office accounts are safe now! we r saving huge monthly broadband bills now just coz SPAM doesn't get downloaded in our MS Outlook anymore! Google Rocks!
  9. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Battery Life really s**ks in 6275 as compared to all other Nokia CDMA handsets. I've bought it for 9800 in Mumbai (with bill). Visit Maruti Communications, Kurla (W). Opp Asha (IndianOil) Petrol Pump, LBS Marg. Just outside BKC Complex.
  10. Best Classic Handset

    Classic Handsets have become a rage in the market. After a long time, we have something from the Reliance Domain which is "affordable". Lately that was a bit amiss! So now that there are so many Classic Handsets, and each has its pros n cons... can we throw some more light on comparing those handsets to each other? If price is not an issue, which one do you feel is the BEST CLASSIC PHONE ?? Lets rate it in its Categories... Best B/W Classic Phone & Best Colour Classic Phone and so on and so forth...
  11. Lets Ask Arun

    I've disappeared into heaps of work! There used to be days when i'd login thrice a day or even more and moderate the posts every now and then. But with more responsibilities i login rarely. Thats exactly why Arun keeps adding moderators as and when required to control the load on the forum. I absolutely adore the way Arun manages this forum! There are months you wont see him here, but u wont find anything hanging around for a lack of decision. Thats why u see RIMweb where it is today!

    Thnx a million... Its so nice of you'll to remember my b'day. Arun ensured that i come to this thread and read this as well. Thnx so much, Arun!! Thank you so much, once again!
  13. RIMweb 3rd Anniversary Meet !

    CCD in Bandra?? Guess there are 3 out there! Which one? The one at Carters??
  14. Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

    Merry X-mas ppl!! Ashok(soft), u seem to have really enjoyed... Was getting ur sms' till late night!
  15. Career Help

    Go for whatever you enjoy doing!! That should def pay you well in the long run, with peace of mind and loads of money! :-)