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  1. WHAT?! Where the hell is reliance?
  2. A handset without wifi hsdpa, umts, 3G features is NOT an iPhone killer
  3. Htc Tytn Ii In India?

    Can someone tell me how / if / when will this phone ( HTC TyTn II ) will be available in India? Can I purchase it right now legit in India? Meaning with bill and warranty?
  4. umm...no its not very difficult with this plan. They cant loot you yaar!
  5. yep. and more over the rental is daily and NOT monthly...
  6. Highway Murder Attempt Caught On Camera

    ya saw it on tv. it was horrible!
  7. Hello all, I am planning to go to the US for a couple of years. I want to buy a new GSM handset. The following are my main requirements: 1. MUST have VoIP functionality over wifi 2. MUST be expandable ( Symbian OS / Windows Mobile OS ) i.e. additional applications should be easy to install 3. MUST work in the USA 4. MUST be sturdy Now the not so important requirements are: 1. Good music player ( OGG, MP3, WMA, AAC etc.. ) 2. Must play videos ( DivX, mpeg, WMVs, RM etc... etc... ) 3. Must be quick. Not sluggish. 4. If it has a touch screen, that'll be great! BUDGET: 15K-20K The budget is kind of flexible. Accordingly I've been able to find out the following phones: 1. Nokia N81 8GB 2. Nokia N78 3. HTC Touch 4. HTC Touch Cruise I can install skype on the HTC phones as they run Windows Mobile but I cant do that with Nokia phones BUT they have a built in SIP client which works over WIFI which is great. I THINK that client can be configured with any VoIP service. Any suggestions here? I also know that there are brands such as i-mate, O2 selling Windows Mobile devices. Can someone shed some light on good phones which meet my requirements? How good is the GSM coverage in USA? Do they use the same GSM frequencies as we do? What is better UMTS or HSDPA? Help me out here please! TIA!
  8. No. This is like the one india plan but you pay only 30 bucks as a rental as opposed to the 299 rs rental on other operators!
  9. Reliance Gsm Roll Out?

    I guess the tariffs have come down in Mumbai. Quite significantly too. But they're still looting us. Hopefully reliance will bring in better competition. Lets hope they don't cannibalize their CDMA business...
  10. srk006, ambani hai bhai. usko spectrum nai milega toh aur kisko milega?
  11. Just for your information guys, there are no such cameras available that can see through your clothes There are X-ray cams but they cant see you naked
  12. bawahaahahahaha.....abhi bhi time hai. Slaves of Redmond software, get ready to pay the price - WITH YOUR FREEDOM and PRIVACY This is ridiculous. Throw that Mukhi out and pull up the cops for even pitching such RIDICULOUS idea!
  13. Problem Of Disconnection

    Open up a command window like this: Goto Start Menu -> Run -> type cmd.exe -> Press Enter key Then type -> ping google.com -t And this should solve your problem!
  14. Vodafone Gears Up For Launch

    lets just wait and watch. these guys are all talk no action. hopefully they'll come with some unlimited talk plans ( in particular hours, particular nos etc... ) for affordable prices!
  15. Trai Objects To Hike In Tariffs

    what are the costs of calling up non-MTNL cellphones?