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  1. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    [Plus points] Call Recording, POP3, [Minus Points] No java Applications, Slow featuers, Camera Can the contacts be sync with outlook?
  2. Reprogramming Right Soft Key In N6235

    Has anybody tried this 2865?? Because i am trying this and i am not able to do so. Please update...
  3. How To Save Sms From Nokia 6235 To Pc?

    This is the best with any Nokia cdma..... SMSCaster
  4. Serial Port Connection For Bluetooth Dongle..

    ^^^ Thanks for the update, but i dont think so that would be the problem, Bcoz if the handset does not supports Serail port connection it clearly gives an error saying this phone does not support serial port connection. I have just checked with N70m. any way can u tell me how to check SPP profile in 2865. I have checked all the settings in phone.
  5. Serial Port Connection For Bluetooth Dongle..

    ^^^ Its only the Serial connection that i am not able to make. Rest i am able to connect. Like File transfer, Dial up networking etc. On both the dongles. When i attempt serial port connection it goes on connecting mode wihich later fails.
  6. Hey friends is anybody able to make serial port connection with Nokia 2865 And any bluetooth dongle. I have Blue soleil as well i just tried with widcomm. not able to make connection port connection with any of them. it goes to connecting mode and then results in connection failed. Has anybody worked on the same issue?
  7. SimpleDNS

    I know the above commands. But how can the domin administratir be seen from cmd?? Is there any one into learning ethical hacking?? might be we can exchange knowledge. Ashok u have aslo set up Google analytics for this site. How r the results? how many views u have??
  8. SimpleDNS

    ^^^ good work bro.. but there r plenty of sites doing the same thing of looking the DNS of Reverse DNS. Can the the above information be available through CMD??
  9. Usb Cable For Lg Rd 6600.

    everybody kindly be informed that lg6600 does not support FTP service for bluetooth dongle. So dont buy the dongle it will not useful in case of 6600.
  10. Lg 6600 - New Stylish, Fully Loaded Handset Launched

    Hi, The first drawback of this of the phone is its operating system. Those who r not used to use the operating other than Nokia will have a tough time with this phone. Well still checking the battery and the signal is not strong for this phone. But the first thing I hated was that the phone cannot receive any unsupported file formats. It will not receive any file that is not supported by LG. Like wise Nokia can accept any file even if it says file format unsupported. (U can later use the file right??) U will have to use the software only to transfer the pictures and the videos. Like if u have to transfer some jpegs it will receive and convert in its own file format and then save it. You cannot copy paste anything directly into the memory except for mp3. Everything has to be converted and then stored. It will not accept anything from the computer dongle from PC. As it has No FTP service from dongle. Only Dial up connection is supported. But what is the use of dialup connection when there is no RConnect in the handset. *) The plus point of this phone is its Security. The phone in all has good security (comparatively to Nokia S40). To lock Ur contacts, messages and phone as well with a number password. *) The sms memory is good. Enough no of sms can be stored. *) A large number of contacts can br saved. Let me know if anyone wants to know more. I will try to give maximum feedback. As I will not available next week due to my exams.
  11. Htc Mogul / P4000 / Utstar 6800

    Hey HP and Sadik r u still trying to crack this nut or have you gave up.
  12. Lg 6600 - New Stylish, Fully Loaded Handset Launched

    Yesterday i bought the Lg6600. And this is the second time in my life that i have bought a LG phone. And let me tell u guys this is the last time that i will be making a mistake by buying a LG phone. Now y that for. I have found a lot problems, or shortcomings in this phone. Just ping me and then we will discuss the same..
  13. Lg 6600 - New Stylish, Fully Loaded Handset Launched

    can anybody tell me whether this handset is available in black color or not?? I am willing to buy.. but i have heard that Black color handsets are now available.. r they.. shall i wait or go on with silver??
  14. Nokia 6088

    Completely agree with u ani.. 2865 is the best creation in CDMA from nokia. how dare nokia launch just a cheap phone like 6088. VGA camera.. 2Mb memory.. just 500 contacts.. no infrared no bluetooth no mp3 no external memory card
  15. Eagerly waiting to use my RIM no on GSM hanset. Hope so this works out fast...!!!