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  1. Hack your Nokia 6225

    this is for USB to Serial .... give a try and see if it works ....
  2. Hack your Nokia 6225

    Chirag, use the link below to d/l the drivers. This one definately works ... I have been using for more than a year now .... Lemme know if you have any problems. Infrared has to work with PC suite without any drivers ... if doesn't work it shd be a hardware problem(your PC or Mobile) http://rapidshare.de/files/18966590/TUSB34...dapter.zip.html TUSB3410_Serial_Adapter.zip
  3. All Kind of Softwares

    Hey Tanveer, try downloading Xvid codec... even these kind of movies will have .avi extension and now a days most of the movies available for download are in Xvid format rather than Divx .... you can download them at http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Koepi_XviD.htm check out ... rgds, Vamshi
  4. All About Nokia 6585

    Use the volume control button on the left hand sind of your handset. same as #1 Yes Reliance has disabled it. You can activate the mini browser in you menu but cannot use it ... ( Reliance has disabled this too .... you have to buy the cable seperately and download the PC Suite software from nokia site ..
  5. Sony Handcam As A Webcam

    You can use a software called Trackercam which converts your handycam format to the suitable format for Yahoo. I have used it and it works very well .. you can download the software from the link below .. http://www.pantiltcam.com/TCamWeb/download...up_5_2_1_10.exe
  6. Nokia 6225 Review!

    my mail id is abhijit3k@yahoo.co.uk and i need the applications, kindly send it to me. do u have any software to send sms through PC ( I am using Nokia 6225) 33171[/snapback] Sending SMS thru PC feature has been disabled by Reliance. All the other GSM variants have this feature of sending SMS thru PC Suite. I dont understand the reason for which Reliance has disabled this feature ..
  7. Nokia Pc Suite

    I have been using the PC Suite for over a week now. Not many changes except for Modem options. The initial one had options for GPRS and EDGE and this CDMA version doesn;t have it. I have NOK 6225 and am fully satisfied with it though reliance has disabled few features. Especially with PC suite I can add ringtones and put images transfer images, install applications, games etc ... I have a big chunk of games for NOKIA mobiles. Lemme know if anyone using 6585 or 6225 or 3205 need em ... you can transfer them using PC Suite.
  8. Truly Wireless Internet Service In India

    Tata Indicom also has the same offer. But they offer the connection for Rs.4500 with 2 year locking period. If you purchase the air card then it will almost similar to that of Reliance. but Reliance has better coverage in terms of cities all over India.
  9. Handsfree With Fm Scan Radio

    Prashanth, You can buy a handsfree with FM radio. YOu can get chinese made stuff. it will range from Rs.60- Rs.200 Check out. Rgds, Vamshi
  10. Adding Ringtones To Nokia 6585

    Using Nokia PC Suite which is available for d/l for free from nokia site. You can either connect it thru cable ot also do it via IR. Check out ....
  11. New Nokia

    The GSM version of 6255 is 6260 and it is priced around 17K. So by the time 6255 is launched it's price would be something around 15K Lets see. If Reliance gets the required spectrum of 1800Mhz then we will have more handsets supporting EvDO and they would definately compete with 6255. Lets see and hope for the best.
  12. Setting Up A Wi-fi Connection

    A range for a normal Wi-Fi router will be around 100 meters. If you have a laptop and want to be mobile at home while browsing you can set it up at home. Or if you don't want to have too many cables going around at home in case of more than one comp you can go for this. If you have any clarifications call me @ 93412 68750. Vamshi
  13. Bsnl Dataone

    Deepu, you are right. But BSNL as an introductory offer is waiving off download charges till June 30th. I thought if the speed is good then I can use it till then and may switch over to reliance if it is impressive. I am kindda thinking to go for it.
  14. Setting Up A Wi-fi Connection

    Is it for your home or Office ? If it is home it is very easy. I have set up one using a D-Link wireless router. If it is for Office then it is better you let the professional team work on it. Now there are many networking companies offering such services.
  15. Bsnl Dataone

    Deepu, THis is a review before launch. I am looking for a review on the performance after launched. Any one using BSNL DataOne ?