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  1. I have a problem in Nokia 5310, the handset hangs, after some time it works properly for saome time before hanging again, what could be the problem, can anybody help please
  2. Preventive Cure For Swine Flu

    Take some kacha saunf, Grind it in mixer, Mix a teaspoon in water and drink the concotion atleast once in a day, It helps in Preventing Swine Flu. The Above is not a confirmed Preventive measure but no harm in taking it, Pune Badly effected, Please take care of your self and your family especially the little ones in your family
  3. Non SMS Stuff

    Shiney Ahuja
  4. Non SMS Stuff

    ^^^^^ Good ones Kumaar, carry on the gud work.
  5. Non SMS Stuff

    TALKING SLOWLY These two guys meet after not having seen each other for many, many years. First guy asks the second guy, "How have things been going?" The second guy speaking very slowly, tells the first guy, I.....w...a...s......a...l...m...o...s..t........m ...a...r...r...i...e..d" The first guy says in amazement, "Hey, you've lost your stutter!" The reply comes, "Y..e..s, .I......w..e..n..t.......t..o.....a.....d..o..c..t .o..r......a..n..d. . ..he...... t..o..l..d..... m..e.... t..h..a..t....... i..f....... I...... s..p..e...a..k.......... s..l..o..w.l..y.......... I .... w..o..u..l..d........ n..o..t....... s..t..u...t..t..e..r." The friend congratulates him and then asks about how he was almost married. "W..e..l..l,........ m..y........ f..i..a..n..c..e..e.......a..n..d........ I...... w..e... r..e........ s..i.t..t..i..n..g...... o..n.......h..e..r....... p..o..r..c..h...... a..n...d.... t..h..e... d..o..g... w..a..s..... s...c..r..a..t..c..h..i..n....g......... h..i..s......b..a..c..k......s.o..... I..... t..o..l..d.... h.e..r...... t...h..a.t........w...h..e..n....... w..e.......a..r..e..... m..a..r..r..i..e.d,........ s..h..e...... c..a .n...... d..o....... t..h..a..t..... f..o..r..... m..e...... a..n..d....... t..h..e..n....... s.h..e...... t..h..r..e..w....... t..h..e..... r..i..n..g..... i..n..... m..y....... f ..a..c..e" Why should she throw the ring in your face for that?" asks the friend. "W..e..l..l, .... I........s..p..e..a..k........s..o........s..l..o. .w.l..y,.....t..h..a..t..... .b..y.....t..h..e...... t..i...m...e........ s.h..e........ l..o..o..k..e..d...... .a..t ....... t..h..e ..... .d..o..g,..... h..e..... . w..a..s..........l..i..c..k..i..n..g........ .h..i..s ......... b..a..l..l..s."
  6. Non SMS Stuff

    EXPENSE STATEMENT EXPENSE STATEMENT 3/10 Ad for female stenographer 100 4/10 Flowers for new stenographer 30 6/10 Weeks salary for new stenographer 1500 9/10 Roses for new stenographer 100 10/10 Sweets for wife 15 13/10 Lunch for stenographer 280 15/10 Weeks salary for stenographer 2000 16/10 Film tickets for wife and self 100 18/10 Play ticket for steno and self 2000 19/10 Icecream for wife 50 22/10 Steno's salary 3000 23/10 Champagne and dinner for steno and self 2000 25/10 Doctor for stupid stenographer 5000 26/10 Necklace for wife 20000 27/10 Ad for male stenographer 100
  7. On Saturday, telecom companies said in one voice that prices cannot fall to such levels under the existing regulation. The average cost of a minute-long call comes to around 50 paisa now, which includes termination charges of 20 paisa (money paid for a call to other networks). As a result, companies will loose 40 paisa if they have to turn Raja's dream into reality. A call to the same network will entail a loss of 20 paisa. In the case of national long distance calls also, operators said they cannot offer tariffs which Raja claims are possible because apart from termination charges they also have to pay carriage fees which is around 65 paisa per minute. "There is no way we can reduce tariffs to Raja's level as that would only mean losses," said a member of the Cellular Operators Association of India, a lobby group for GSM service operators source : rediff
  8. Non SMS Stuff

    MAID AFFAIR A wife suspected that her husband was having an affair with the housemaid. She thought of a plan to take him by surprise. One Friday she told the maid to take the day off and that night she went into the maid's room, switched off all the lights and, in pitch darkness, slipped into the bed. Sure enough at midnight, there were footsteps and a figure opened the door and slipped into the maid's bed beside her... After a few passionate kisses, the wife suddenly switched on the lights and asked, "Surprised?" "I sure am, ma'am!" stammered the chauffeur
  9. Non SMS Stuff

    ^^^^ Thanks Kumaar Shah & Greatest OLD RAPIST Two old men meet on a street corner. The first old man said, "Where have you been for the last couple of months?" The second old man replied, "I was in jail." The firsst old man asked, "You were in jail? Why were you in jail?" He replied, "Well, about two months ago I was standing on a corner, and this beautiful young woman rushes up with a policeman, points to me and says, 'He is the man, officer, he is the one who attacked and raped me'." The first old man said, "What? And you let her get away with it?" Second old replied, "Well, I'll tell you, I felt so flattered, I admitted to it." __________________
  10. Non SMS Stuff

    CHINESE CUSTOM This Chinese man moved into his new home in Australia. His Aussie neighbor, being the nice Aussie bloke that he was, decided to make him feel welcome. He went next door to wish him welcome. He was shocked to see the Chinese man in his nice backyard chasing ten chickens around like mad. "Must be a Chinese custom" he thought to himself. Deciding he could put off the welcome till a later date, he went home. The next day, he decided he was going to welcome the Chinese man When he looked through his window, he saw the Chinese man urinate into a cup and drink it. "Must be a Chinese custom" he thought to himself. Deciding he could put off the welcome till tomorrow, he went on with other stuff. The third day, he was determined he had to welcome the Chinese man. At his gate, he saw the Chinese man with his ear pressed against a cow's big fat butt. He became angry and went up to the Chinese man. "I'm sorry sir, I want to wish you a welcome, but I cannot stand your crazy Chinese customs!" He yelled in the Chinese man's face. The Chinese man looked confused and answered. "Solly sir, I think you awe mistaken. These awe actually Austwalian customs. I was told, to become an Austwalian, you have to chase chicks, get piss drunk, and lissen to boohll-sheet."
  11. Non SMS Stuff

    REFLECTIVE MIRROR After living in the remote wilderness of Kentucky all his life, an old codger decided it was time to visit the big city. In one of the city’s stores, he picked up a mirror and looked in it. Not knowing what it was, he remarked, “How about that! Here’s a picture of my daddy.” He bought the “picture,” but on the way home remembered that his wife, Lizzy, didn’t much like his father. So he hung it in the barn, and every morning before leaving for the fields, he would go there and look at it. The man’s many trips to the barn began to draw Lizzy’s suspicion. One day after her husband left, she searched the barn and found the mirror. As she looked into the glass, she fumed, “So that’s the ugly bitch he’s runnin’ around with.”
  12. Non SMS Stuff

    Thanks Kumaar Shah, Some more SOME THOUGHTS "U love someone U marry someone else. The one u marry becomes ur wife or husband. And the one u loved becomes the password of ur mail id" --------------- There's only one perfect child in the world & every mother has it. There's only one perfect wife in the world & every neighbour has it. --------------- Three dreams of a man: To be as handsome as his mother thinks. To be as rich as his child believes. To have as many women as his wife suspects... --------------- The Japanese have produced a camera that has such a fast shutter speed it can take a picture of a woman with her mouth shut! __________________
  13. Non SMS Stuff

    HONEYMOON The honeymoon couple, Banta and Preeto, left the wedding reception and hailed a cab to take them to their romantic boutique hotel in the hills. The driver wasn't too sure how to get there, so told the couple he would ask directions when they got closer to their destination. Meanwhile, Banta and Preeto couldn't wait to get busy, so they got down to business in the back seat. During the couple's moment of passion, the cab driver noticed a fork in the road, and said, "I take the next turn, right?" "No way, get your own," said Banta, "this one's all mine __________________
  14. Non SMS Stuff

    MAGICAL DESK A man went into a second-hand shop in search of a desk. He spotted one he liked - it was just right: not too big and not too small with a few handy drawers - so he asked how much it was. "A thousand pounds, sir." "A thousand pounds? For a desk? That's absurd!" "A-ha, but this is no ordinary desk! 'Tis magic. Observe." The shopkeeper turned to the desk and said, "how much money has the gentleman got in his pocket?" The desk moved about and tapped a leg on the floor five times. Sure enough, the man had five pounds in his pocket. "Amazing! I'll take it." So he took it home showed it to his wife. "Nice desk. How much did you pay for it?" "A thousand pounds, but before you ask me why, let me demonstrate." He thinks of a nice easy low number for the desk. "How much money is in my wife's bank account?" At this, the desk goes berserk, all the legs banging away for over five minutes. "How the hell did she get all that?" The desk's legs fell apart and drawers fell down
  15. ^^^^^ Raja never does what he preaches, would be very difficult for him to bring down the costs to these levels