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  1. Hello, My brother is coming from the US next week. I have asked him to get a Palm Pixi Plus mobile phone. Can someone help me in getting it activated on Reliance? Regards, Devesh
  2. cmahendra, please upload the apk file. I am only gettin error ............ waiting for data connection.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the great post. I too was about to do the same. Update it with the latest firmware to break the idiotic lock which reliance has put on the router. Now I do not need to do so, since you have already sucessfully done it. However the latest firmware is : V1.0.1.10 http://www.smc.com/files/AY/FW_SMCWBR14-3GN_v1.0.1.10.zip Can you upgrade the firmware and check if that works? Now I think you can use modem of any service provider with the SMC router, so long as it is supported by firmware and not stuck with just Reliance. The list of modems which are supported can be viewed in the attachment :
  4. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Hello, The FM of the mobile stinks. I do not get good reception anywhere. Can other users tell me if it is same with them or if there is some problem with my set.
  5. Thanks a Mill Arun for this post. However when I copied to csv from my LG 6000 phone, it mixed up the mobile and home numbers. It put all the default phone nos. in one column which was phone1. Is there some way to differentiate the mobile and home nos.? Devesh
  6. Lg Rd 6500 - Anyone Seen This One?

    Hello, LG is tempting us with the TV ads of LG RD 6500. However there is no information available about this model either on the Reliance or the LG website. Funny, it says Americas Largest selling phone but I do not find any reference to the phone anywhere on the whole WWW. If anyone has any info on this phone, please post it here. I am looking to upgrade my LG RD 6000 but currently non of the phones appeal to me. The LG 6500 looks good and so does the Nokia 6265. But there is no launch information about any of them.
  7. Help Me Buying This Camera In Mumbai!

    Hello, I too sell the camera. I can offer the same for Rs.7000/- plus vat.
  8. All about LG RD6000

    This is so because the phone was developed for the US market where they wanted to charge the customers for every photo download via MMS. However bitpim has not been developed by great minds of this forum but by Americans who like Indians do not like to be fleeced by the Service Providers. The phone used to receive MMS from other phones as well as by email. I dunno what the status / problem is currently. Maybe Relicance has some servers down.
  9. All about LG RD6000

    Dear Nellore, Please read the entire thread and you will find all the answers. The LG 6000 is a click and send phone, you can send mms directly to any reliance phone or any email id (yahoo works, gmail works, haven't checked other msps) from the phone itself. You anc download all the photos to the pc with a data cable with the help of a software called bitpim. Please atleast take pain to read what others have written before making stupid complaints. For all its shortcomings, the LG 6000 is the best phone being offered by Reliance currently. The only one with a decent camera. The cameras of all the other phones **** esp. the 6130 and the nokias.
  10. AC line Shock on Cable For Lg Rd 6310

    LG RD 6310 ???!!!. When was this model introduced ??? Maybe you mean the LG RD 6130.
  11. For a sub 15K cameras we would recommend the Kodak LS 743. It has got all the features of the Nikon 3700 but wtih a 4 MP sensor against the 3 MP of the Nikon. The lens is german, Schnieder (one of the best in the market), and the body is metal alloy. The lcd quality too is brilliant. IT comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and a charger included. If you hunt around, you can buy this beauty for Rs.13900/- all inclusive with 1 year Kodak India warranty. The movie mode is better than the Nikon, we have checked out both cameras personally. The move mode is quicktime in Kodak as opposed to avi in Nikon. I sell digital cameras online on Ebay.in and Rediff.com. So this advice is coming from professional in the feild.
  12. Digital Cameras as a breed consume a lot of power. The sensor also consumer power in addition to LCD and Flash. 2100 Mah is minimum recommended. Nowadays 2300 and 2400 Mah batteries are also available. If you hunt around and bargain, you could get 4 2100 Mah batteries for as low as rs.300/-. However if possible choose a camera with Li-Ion batteries as this would give better performance than Ni-Mh batteries.
  13. The self potrait mode which Rahul is referring to is more commonly called the self timer mode.
  14. Lg Unveils New Mobile - The Vx 8100

    LG unveils new phones at CTIA Published on March.14.2005 16:39 by Mimi Article Index: 1. LG has announced new CDMA mobile phone at CTIA Wireless 2005. VX-8100 – an update to VX-8000 dual-band CDMA phone with clamshell design. It features: dual TFT color diplays built-in 1.3 megapixels camera flash and with video capture Bluetooth EV-DO high-speed data 512MB Flash Memory, 256MB SRAM miniSD memory expansion slot MP3 player What more does one need in a cell. Hope this is launced in India soon. Sure beats the Nokia 6255 by a long margin.
  15. Where To Find Drivers For Usb Cable- Rd 2130

    Installation of third party usb cables is a 2 part process. 1) Install the driver for the cable with the cable plugged in the usb port but not the phone plugged in. The driver will be provided by the cable provided. Usually it is the PL2303.exe 2) Once the cable is installed you will see an extra com port in your device manager. Now run the R connect installer given in the cd with with cable or which can also be downloaded from the relianceinfo.com site.