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  1. Today I met someone who is currently working in Tyotya but earlier he was working with RCOM. I asked from him, why RCOM network is so bad and why RCOM officials do not react or resolve things fast. He smiled and gave me information that as RCOM was my previous employer so it is not good to say anything about them but the main problem in RCOM is the corruption. officers are more or less corrupt and just try to make money instead of doing their job perfectly. RCOM GSM is failure only because of corruption level in RCOM. He also confirmed me that RCOM is having one of the best technology but officers do not implement because officers delay to resolve the network issues. I do not know it is truth or false but it seems truth as Anil ambani do not have time to see day to day affairs in RCOM.
  2. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    Yesterday I had purchased this phone. Nice handset and good call quality. i do not know much technical about handsets. please help me how can I do browsing setting to get EVDO advantage. Please help me Atul
  3. Lg 6300 ( CDMA )

    When this handset is going to available in the market... any update for another models going to launch in india by reliance. I think the main drawback with reliance cdma is customers do not have any good option for good handsets. AK
  4. Bad Network Quality!

    Despite of chinese equipment, I was also told by someone who is working in RCOM that initially RCOM had put full pressure of completing call on its existing CDMA network to save cost without any upgradation in technology and increasing lines. THeir GSM network was based on CDMA network. When your GSM handset try to make call then your number connect call using their cdma network. And it was become mess. Now RCOM gradualy rectifying their mistake and making independent GSM network and putting pressure on cdma network only for routing the calls . But it will take another 9-12 months to complete the whole project.
  5. Bad Network Quality!

    Only MTNL and BSNL are on chinese equipments till now. And new operator like LOOP(not sure ) and Unitech are on chinese equipments
  6. Every operator have problem. I feel the main problem with reliance is that their response toward customer problem is not upto mark. I am not saying that they donot respond but I mean they are not perfect in responding. I am using reliance mobile since 2004 and not faced any problem till date. But on 8th this month my number was migrated to prepaid without my consent. I called customer care and lodge a complaint. As usal no response. I wrote a mial to serviceassurance, nodal officer and appelete office on 10th . Same no resposnse. i wrote mail to corporate office and was surprised to have a call from them. She assure me that my number will be again post paid if I deposite Rs 250 as security as migration fee and same security will be refunded in your next bill. Usally migration fee is not refundable. I asked her to give assurance in writing and I got mail within 5 min that I will be adjusted migration fee as well as my cheque of previous security amount will be sent with in 30 days. She had also mentioned the cheque amount of previous security. So point is in reliance technicle and typical issue wil be solved only after many follow ups to senior person. At lower end no one feel responisibility. Rcom have to improve in this respect that they have to fix responsibility at lower level because every customer have to contact RCOM for their problem at lower level first. Regarding other operators , every operator have unsatisfied customers. Please visit http://www.consumercomplaints.in/?search=airtel. you will find thousands of unstaisfied customers from airtel, tata or vodafone. I feel overall reliance cdma is better then other operators in overall respect.
  7. Bad Network Quality!

    May be I am wrong but pardon me the best GSM network in the world either on Nokia-Siemens network or Ericsion network. Chinese network is cheap but quality is not upto mark. In india too AIrtel, Vodafone are not with chinese network even new operator Tata-DOCOMO is also on Nokia-Siemens network. You can ask from anyone who had taken TATA-DOCOMO coneection. There is no problem in network since first day.
  8. Bad Network Quality!

    Actually RGSM network was created by chinese firm and other operators network made by either siemens/nokia/ericssion. RGSM tried to save investment on network but everyone knows chinese quality and service.
  9. Invites Thread

    request for invitation........... thanks in advance atul
  10. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

  11. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

  12. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    It doesnot matter that what you feel............ but it matters that what they think............ Rim is slow starter and follower not a leader.
  13. Reliance Launches Mobile Service In Badrinath

    This I am listening from CC guys for the last 20 months. Whenever I call CC and asked about status in nainital/ranikhet/almora/kasoni/bhimtal, I always get answer that service will be started on this month end (may 31, june 30, oct 31) etc. I am not able to understand how many days Rim have in a month and next month when u querry then u must be get answer that serice will start on 30th june
  14. New Nokia 2865 Cdma

    Abhi ek paheli suljhi nahi aur doosri shuru ho gai yaaro.......... Arre bhai 6265 ki samasyaa kaa hal to nikal jaaye pahle ki woh kab launch ho rahaa hai...... Doosra pahle shuru ho gaya........ Isko bolte hain....... Ki abhi gaon basa nahi aur kutte pahle bhonkne lag gaye. < Pls refrain from posting in CAPS as its considered as Shouting >
  15. You are right... these web world and express are not providing world class service... all are stupids