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  1. Anyone observing heating issues with it - someone reported it after 15-20 minutes Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  2. Wait till the launch, you will be drooling over it
  3. (Apologies for not putting this in the S3 megathread) I have a Verizon Galaxy S3 which has stopped turning on. For the last few days it would turn off abruptly without any warning message or sound. When turning off it would not go via the usual shutdown route. Just a black screen and no buttons responding. I would pull the battery and then restart it. The problem became more frequent and today morning it shut down again. After that when restarting it was stuck on the GS3 splash screen. I pulled the battery and since then it has not started again I have tested using two different batteries over the last few days and same result. Now neither battery is turning the phone on. Also I had checked the emmc brick bug using gplay app and it said sane chip and also memory test passed Was on stock rooted 4.1 Service center said they cannot fix it as it is a non India IMEI. They did not even look at it, told this over the phone Any idea please? It is my primary phone and am totally lost without it
  4. Verizon Galaxy S3 not turning on - help please

    Tried testing it. It seems surely hard bricked - without battery on charger/usb - it shows red led and on connecting to pc it tries to install drivers and fails for qhsusb_dload - with battery (tested on 3 batteries) - nothing - vol up/down+power+home does nothing - no download mode. - ried putting debrick file in sd and booting from it but did not work - so it is not a bootloader brick Can it be JTAGed? I will be in Kol till weekend and then Mum for few months starting next week, would you have a look please if any of you has some time? @gauravjc @::Hitesh:: @KanishkGandharv @parin Else will buy replacement mb
  5. The Off Topic Thread

    Oh and to rub further salt to wounds, people got tabs for Rs -621 (yes negative), lumia for Rs900 and 16gb sd cards for Rs180
  6. The Off Topic Thread

    People who got Moto E for Rs 1500 and orders canceled also got Rs 1500 as wallet refund, so effectively they can buy Moto E for Rs 3499 again if they so want Source - desidime
  7. Requirements - no frills - will be used only for calls and SMS and occasional camera - good signal/voice clarity - good battery important - sturdy as will be subject to rough use - preferably micro USB charger - single SIM RCDMA will do, (dual SIM either with GSM/CDMA will be a bonus) - everything else is optional - as cheap as possible - need within 1-2 days* so available on Flipkart is preferred (as I have Flipkart First free shipping with 1 day delivery) - reputed brand (Samsung etc) preferred over Micromax/Haier/ZTE as it will be a gift *existing Blackberry giving app 523 error **I would have extended budget and bought a Moto E if it was available for CDMA, but then again it is a touchscreen and not as sturdy as a BB/normal phones ***I had looked at the ZTE D286 on Flipkart but seller rating is poor @rajanmehta
  8. Verizon Galaxy S3 not turning on - help please

    It used to start after pressing the power button. When it turned off and after a batter pull, the following is the sequence 1. put in the battery 2. press the power button 3. phone vibrates 4. press the power button 5. phone vibrates again and splash screen comes This was before it went dead completely. I was using a zerolemon extended battery and to test using stock battery I have ordered a new one from ebay. Earlier stock battery seems bloated though both batteries were holding normal charge and phone was working with both of them (with occasional abrupt switching off over last 3-4 days) Plugged into charger but no led or no activity. Will test using PC once new battery arrives
  9. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Guys saying it is a gimmick, yes it is. But also true that people are buying in bulk using robots - http://compare.buyhatke.com/promo_pages/xiaomi/?utm_source=xiaomi_nav is an example. Many of these are resellers who are making good profits and making it impossible for normal users to buy one
  10. Any ASP / HTML expert here ?-- Need Help

    Instead of width="1024" height="790" try width="100%" height="100%" in both <object> and </object> see if it works? e.g. <div style="position: fixed; z-index: 9999; width: 100%; height: 100%"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%" src="www.youtube.com/embed/pfHxl46KyZM? rel=0&autoplay=1&controls=0&loshowinfo=0&autohide=1"> </iframe> </div>
  11. Are E-Commerce Websites Compliant With Indian State/Center Tax Laws?

    You are debiting tax system simplification & thread topic is " E-Commerce Websites Compliant With Indian State/Center Tax Laws? " I am talking with current tax system, which we have to follow and I am clear about my wish : not to lose any employments of local residents due to unhealthy competition. You see, any MNC like Amazon or wallmart can put tiny amount (for them) and they can spoil local business. Why Amazon USA collecting state tax while delivery on particular state address. In my view ebay.in is fraud, they are supporting anti tax practice and arranging deliveries. Uniform tax system (GST), Govt is planning but accounts must be on computer system for smoother flow, online work etc. which is currently not suitable for Indian condition, in Hyderabad, in day time 4 hrs. power cut applicable, Industries need to close 3 days in week due to power shortage. All the best. I am not debating whether e-commerce websites are compliant with current laws or not. That has already been answered by many more knowledgeable members, and to me it seems the jury is out on it - and there is no conclusive proof that e-tailers are engaging in fraud Let me explain my earlier post. I just happened to spot in the OP that you plan to file a public interest litigation against unfair trade practices of e-tailers, so I responded. Because the irony is, that this PIL, if filed, will not be in public interest of the consumer This leads to the crux of the problem - India has archaic tax laws, and due to non-uniform taxation imposed by states the situation is in a mess. Why should a resident of WB have to arrange for a waybill when someone from neighboring OR does not need to? GST aims to do away with it - but as you rightly said, GST is not yet implemented Your post itself highlights more pressing concerns which merit PILs - 4 hourly power cuts for example. We have seen examples of good-intention-ed but misguided PILs in India (e.g. based on a single PIL the HC banned tinted glasses in all cars - without taking into account the pros and cons clearly) Edit - also there is a MNC vs local business debate that you have brought into the argument. I will not debate it, but historically competition has been good for the industry and for the consumer - in all industries. India is a mature enough economy now and non-essential FMCG local businesses do not really need underhanded protection Anyway, we can agree to disagree. All the best to you also
  12. Are E-Commerce Websites Compliant With Indian State/Center Tax Laws?

    Err no, in fact many ebay sellers clearly say they will not ship to WB and some parts of UP and NE (a few examples) because here waybill is required (and it is the customer's responsibility to get the waybill - ridiculous!) My guess is you are looking at the wrong problem. Waybill, CST, entry tax - are all anti business and ultimately anti people. If ecommerce websites stopped shipping due to lack of waybill then who is the end loser? The customer. Not the etailer, not the archaic government - but the customer who cannot buy something cheaper and quicker online If you really want to file a PIL, focus on an uniform tax which should do away with the multitude of VAT, CST etc
  13. 2061 also possible, or never also possible
  14. I am not using it, was an emergency purchase for someone else First comment was it looks el cheapo!
  15. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Ae90 is also cheaper - rs 8099 on snapdeal iirc Edit anyone has a user review of this please
  16. Bought micromax gc222 from fk
  17. Any reputed brand available at around 5k? Dual sim with gsm+cdma is fine. Touchscreen or smartphones not ok. The Samsung primos duo seemed good but discontinued?
  18. Internal memory 59kb!
  19. Can we control our child's mobile fully using spy software?

    Step 1 hysterectomy / vasectomy Step 2 enjoy
  20. Err no, trial will not begin in Aug 2015, quoting again
  21. Moto G from Reliance is not working as expected.

    @addybtech welcome to the forum First a bit of gyaan, the key to tinkering with anything is reading - all the questions are already answered in great detail by @Hitesh in his various posts. Of course since you are new you probably are not able to understand them, but what I am trying to say here is, read up and try to learn - the joys of being able to tweak yourself are great! With that out of the way, The rooting guide is here - http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/36771-how-to-unlock-boost-moto-g-boot-loader-and-install-recovery/ follow posts 1 and 2 then 27 Once rooted, go here http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/36863-how-to-remove-hands-free-activation-and-bootloader-unlock-warning-on-moto-g/#entry310017 post 4 on how to freeze the OTA app (use the same app as given in post 1) Hope this helps
  22. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Yes you can use a Jabra, apologies I thought you wanted stereo headset, my bad
  23. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    http://www.infibeam.com/Mobile_Accessories/i-TrueBlueVoice-Bluetooth-Headset-TBV-S91/P-E-MA-True-Blue-Voice-TBV-S91.html Try searching for it in black though
  24. People are working long hrs 6 days a week, and it is a game changing technology, many do not understand that 4g lte rollout at this scale over this large geography has never been done before anywhere in the world, that is why wait for a bit