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Found 2 results

  1. 99% of people know how to change mode from NV to RUIM using DFS, This is for the rest 1% who don't know. Download DFS and install on PC. Phone Drivers I'm using a LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA model, so illustrating for the said model Know your SPL/MSL code: Dial ##443336772# Shows MSL code near the bottom of the screen, write it or memorize it. Put the phone into DIAG mode: Dial ##3424#, Enter SPC/MSL code and press ok. Select enable and press ok. Your phone is in DIAG mode. Enable Debug in Developer Options of the phone. If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tap on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. Put the phone in Charge only Now that your phone is connected, Run DFS on PC & Select Ports marked in red. Select LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM16) -> this can be any number, its 16 in my case. Once the above port is selected it should it indicate like shown in pic below marked in red. Double click on LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM16) marked in yellow. If properly connected, it should look like its shown in red in the pic below. Enter your SPC/MSL in the SPC field marked in yellow and then press the SPC button. It should say Device Unlocked in the log window of DFS shown below marked in orange. Now select programming marked in blue and then select read in config marked in red. Select the Ruim Config marked in yellow, change it from NV_ONLY to RUIM_ONLY. Once the mode is changed from NV_ONLY to RUIM_ONLY as shown below marked in red, select write marked in yellow & finally select Reset at top right corner of DFS marked in pink. Your phone should reboot and if your phone is capable of taking a RUIM SIM, all features like voice sms and data should work at this time. I try to make my tutorials as noob friendly as possible, if you still have doubts or confused, don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Mods, I clubbed together the news snippets in one single post instead of creating separate topics in different sections so that readers could just go through main news from this post. Please create subtopics if required. Sony Ericsson officially launches Xperia Play and Xperia Arc in India Sony Ericsson has officially announced the availability of the two Android Gingerbread phones in the country, pricing the Xperia Play at Rs. 35,000, and the Xperia Arc at Rs. 32,000. HTC Desire S launches in India with Gingerbread, at Rs. 25,490 The phone was announced as an Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone, and is the 2011 product refresh of the original HTC Desire, sporting the same aluminium unibody style, same 3.7-inch SuperLCD screen with Gorilla Glass, and the same autofocus 5MP camera, capable of 720p HD video recording. The Desire S has more RAM than its predecessor, at 768MB. It offers better connectivity, with HSDPA 14.4Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps, and Wi-Fi b/g/n with DLNA. It has an updated Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset, with a new 1 GHz Scorpion processor and Adreno 205 GPU. It has a slightly larger battery, at 1450 mAh, but which is rated to provide substantially better battery-life with the Desire S - up to 455 hours standby time (3G), and 9 hours 50 minutes talktime (2G). The Desire’s optical trackpad has gone missing though. HP Stingray spotted, a full-touch webOS phone A new full-touch HP webOS phone has been spotted, with leaked images of a Pre-like keyboard-less device assumed to be the Stingray floating around the web. Samsung Galaxy S II to release in May, gets dual-core speed bump to 1.2 GHz The Samsung Galaxy S II was introduced back in February . First expected to arrive by March, it now seems the earliest any retailer will stock the Galaxy S II is 29th April, over in Germany. Samsung Mobile India however, announced a bigger delay, stating a June release date. We don't know who to believe. A lot must be going on backstage, and now Samsung has announced via its official Estonian Facebook page that its flagship Android phone will now ship with its dual-core processor upgraded to a 1.2GHz clockspeed, instead of the original 1GHz specs.