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  1. You will need to get your phone software (binary) upgraded at an LG service centre. I have had the same problem too but i now OK after the binary upgrade. Hey remember with the binary change you will lose any MMSes or SMSes inbox / outbox. But worth it to get Rworld working again!
  2. Is Instant Messaging Available On R World/wap?

    Yessssss! Under Membership in Surf you will find Yahoo link. One of these are for mesenger you can access Yahoo Instant Messenger. I tried it last evening & it worked like a charm. Still many pages deep but its not bad.
  3. R World On Brew

    Ditto for my LSP-350R. It is also brew based, other text based apps work fine but.... sometimes...for ringtones, it shows " loading please wait......" and sometimes, i am able to save the ringtones, usually after clearing (resetting) r-world memory via phone menu. Yeah! My pal had the same problem. He did a Reset RMenu on the phone and then launched it again. It worked fine. Actually the ringtones sound quite cool. Rgds.
  4. R-world Popularity

    Have you all tried Hutch o Aitel? Their GPRS service and content s**ks big time- and you pay for monthly subscription plus for airtime - vey expensive. I prefer RWorld content any day. Great new games at 4 bucks - try out the 1 day Cricket o JamBowling. Beuaty is there's no airtime charge like the others. I confirmed this many times since my prepaid does not get debited after using videos or any other service.