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  1. You will need to get your phone software (binary) upgraded at an LG service centre. I have had the same problem too but i now OK after the binary upgrade. Hey remember with the binary change you will lose any MMSes or SMSes inbox / outbox. But worth it to get Rworld working again!
  2. Yessssss! Under Membership in Surf you will find Yahoo link. One of these are for mesenger you can access Yahoo Instant Messenger. I tried it last evening & it worked like a charm. Still many pages deep but its not bad.
  3. Ditto for my LSP-350R. It is also brew based, other text based apps work fine but.... sometimes...for ringtones, it shows " loading please wait......" and sometimes, i am able to save the ringtones, usually after clearing (resetting) r-world memory via phone menu. Yeah! My pal had the same problem. He did a Reset RMenu on the phone and then launched it again. It worked fine. Actually the ringtones sound quite cool. Rgds.
  4. Have you all tried Hutch o Aitel? Their GPRS service and content s**ks big time- and you pay for monthly subscription plus for airtime - vey expensive. I prefer RWorld content any day. Great new games at 4 bucks - try out the 1 day Cricket o JamBowling. Beuaty is there's no airtime charge like the others. I confirmed this many times since my prepaid does not get debited after using videos or any other service.