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  1. The only option seems to be losing data. Can anyone help to recover data ? Any possibility if handset send to blackberry ? Please help. Willing to pay for data recover.
  2. Blackberry Q10 forgot password, how to unlock or recover data. 9 chances over with wrong guesses. Only 1 chance left. I am in Bangalore. Kindly help me in unlocking phone or recovering data.
  3. Download to pc and install to BB, right ? How to install, just copy the file to memory card and run it ?
  4. Is it possible to use GPRS internet in Blackberry mobiles without activating BBS ? I tried with Bsnl [APN: bsnlnet] and Tata Docomo [APN: tata.docomo.internet] But its not working.
  5. Thanks for the valuable suggestions. Will analyze and take one model. Will keep you all informed.
  6. I am looking to buy a GSM business smartphone with the following features, please suggest a good model Budget 15k Qwerty Keyboard must Touch optional 3G HSDPA Wifi 5MP camera or more Android / Windows / Blackberry / Symbian Operating system - Suggest the best Usage - full time connectivity, mails, messenger and social networking Good battery back up [more than 1200 mAh]
  7. Go Vegan

    Are you a proud non-vegan ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W7h0C1330U
  8. Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics Navision Trainer. please help.
  9. Go Vegan

    Our Gastro Anatomy: The Logic Of Going VEGAN
  10. Blood Required

    Urgently require AB Positive blood today(Tuesday 15/06/2010) before evening for a patient (CRITICAL) admitted in KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum. Kindly contact Mr. Subair V P at 9745005346 or Shyraj at 9446330101.
  11. Blood Required

    Required O-ve Blood at Trivandrum. Contact Sajeev 9946559434
  12. if it were dual standby with good battery back up, then i will stick with Nokia..
  13. Give Earth A Hand

    where there is a will there is a way..
  14. Give Earth A Hand

    Small Drops Make A Big Ocean