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  1. Spice D-1111 Cdma/gsm Pda

    As per http://gizmopassion.com Spice Mobiles have come up with a Windows-enabled dual-SIM GSM+CDMA handset, at a price tag of Rs 18,499, a fist in India. "Spice D-1111′ is based on the Windows Mobile 6.0 platform and comes with a 2 MP camera, stereo Bluetooth, expandable memory up to 2GB, Push mail, access to Microsoft Outlook, the company said in a statement. The company claims that it’s India’s first Dual Mode (GSM+CDMA) Windows Mobile phone, comes pre-loaded with Opera Mini. According to a company press release, Spice Mobiles is offering one month free subscription of emails2SMS service on the handset." For details see http://www.spice-mobile.com/model_fer_d1111.aspx .
  2. Free Missed Call Alert On Reliance Cdma

    For Bangalore XX is 19, it seems to b working.
  3. One simple reason for sticking to Reliance is, at least in the bigining, it provided better reception in our area/working place, compared to other networks.
  4. Which Is The Best Lg Mobile?

    ^^^ It seems LG3100 what s available in market is nearly one year old stock, so, to that extent it s shelflife will be less. Also one of LG s warranty limitation for battery is '....12 months from the date of mfg ....'. Though, LG may be bit liberal with this clause, better to buy from more recent stock or buy LG3600 which came to market later.
  5. 'spice D-88 Gold' Is It Different ?

    ^^^ Ple check the Spice link http://www.spice-mobile.com/ServiceCenterLocator.aspx One M/s Hotspot.... Ph No 08060005566 is listed as service centre.
  6. Sms Charges For Google Search 9773300000

    ^^^ It seems CC itself gets new info later than public/press. I sympthacise with CC agent, he just gives the info he gets form his monitor, 'lazy'/ overenthusiastic agent may give incomplete/wrong info. When I checked with CC about Google SMS, agent fist simply said NO info. It s good to know that there is some official/semi official (?) responce thro a'r.world' member.
  7. Sms Charges For Google Search 9773300000

    ^^^ Thanks for the 'correct' info. Mumbai circle customers will benifit most, for others its std SMS & not a premium SMS. Is it because RIM SMS servers are located in Mumbai ? OR another way of improving revenue.
  8. As per CC clarification today, SMS to 9773300000 will be treated as 3rd party SMS & will be charged Rs 3. each , but Google link says "There are no premium charges for this service, only the cost of sending a standard SMS. Incoming messages from Google are not charged" . Does ' standard SMS' means "local', any clarification ?. Obviously, these SMS s will not be included in any 'free' SMS quota. http://www.google.co.in/mobile/default/sms/
  9. 'spice D-88 Gold' Is It Different ?

    Full features in the SPICE link 1)' Open market dual GSM + CDMA handset which is technically superior and equipped with Reliance, TATA & Virgin settings. Insert any CDMA SIM Card & handset automatically detects its settings'. 2)D-88 GOLD will work as a Remote Control: 'Ever dreamt of a mobile that could also operate as a remote for your computer or laptop? With the D-88 Gold, your dream is now a reality! Thanks to the integrated HID technology, the D-88 Gold empowers you to operate your PowerPoint presentations and Multimedia files – all at the touch of a button, and that too, without being tied to your workstation ' http://www.spice-mobile.com/model_fer_D88gold.aspx
  10. Reliance Lg Rd 2030 Upgrade

    Yes sir, you will get the same no for your new handset. Whole process of activation takes about 30 min. ID proof is required.
  11. Reliance Lg Rd 2030 Upgrade

    ^^'chandannasta' You may need to change the LG2030 handset to have 'new' basic feature like FMradio, betterSMS software,colour, & to avoid 'strange-looks' of onlookers ! Replacement set need not be costly, check LG3600(~ Rs 1700 ).
  12. Please ref Only Free 512 MB Memory card seems to be new.
  13. Motorola V9m

    I understand that in USA depending on the network, Motorazr2 is available in 4-5 different versions. 9m is one such version.
  14. R-surf :: No Info On Rim Website

    I think they won't. No Rsurf info, as it will affect their other RWORLD revenue (for which the user pays). So its purely commercial mindset !