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  1. New Delhi, May 30 Come June and the country’s largest telecom service provider, the state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will start offering the lowest STD rates, between Re 1 and Re1.20 per minute. In fact, for some special plans, the rates would drop to a low of 70-80 paise per minute. The current STD rate is Rs 2.40 per minute. The BSNL rate cut would complete the tariff reduction process started by Bharti Airtel last month and followed up by Vodafone Essar. While Bharti slashed the STD rates to Re 1.50 per minute Vodafone had cut it to Re 1.30 per minute. An advantage of the BSNL scheme is that the new rate would be applicable to landline phones also. According to the plan, STD calls on BSNL’s own network would be at Re 1 per minute while calls on other networks would be at Re 1.20 per minute. Landline STD calls on all networks would be at Re 1.20 per minute because here the system cannot distinguish between the networks. The scheme would be applicable to pre-paid as well as post-paid schemes. Lifetime schemes, however, would attract a tariff of Re 1.50 per minute. BSNL officials said with the new STD rates, to be effective from either June 1 or 5, BSNL tariffs would continue to be the lowest. BSNL has a GSM mobile subscriber base of 36.68 million while its landline user base consists of about 31 million, making it the largest telecom company by gross subscriber base. In the GSM mobile space it ranks third after Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar. The latest round of tariff war started initiated when the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India removed the access deficit charge (ADC) on STD calls from April 1. The Companies were quick to pass on the benefits to the consumers.
  2. i am unable to call icicibank 18003453499 no , i even call *333 they are unware of such facilty for BSNL toll free numbers
  3. i also talked with CC they are juat unaware of such facility , poor people
  4. N191 Nam Issue

    i have N191 handset it does not show any signal i have gone to service centre they told programming of the mobile has been changed for CONNECT mobile ( in punjab ) and it is not possible to revive it for reliance , can anybody help me to revive it for reliance please help
  5. Kannel With Cdma

    i want to setup kannel as sms gateway on Linux (debian) , using any any low end cdma reliace mobile , please tell be has anyone able to setup? i tried with Gtran GCP 4020 but it struck at ATI command , please share ypur exp for setting up the same , and also give kannel configuration and most important handset , please help robby
  6. there is one link after login called "My Profile" , i never undestand why they have provided this, the website has only the option for "bill management", we can not modify our services like call waiting, voice mail, etc. through the site. Reliance should start this, what do you feel?
  7. Download Bitpim

    i have Gtran GCP - 4020 ,please tell me how to configure it for Bitpim , i tried all model but bitpim does not recofnise my mobile please help
  8. Thomas K. Thomas New Delhi , Jan. 17 IN a blow to Reliance Infocomm, the Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) today said the fixed wireless terminal (FWT) phone being offered by the company was equivalent to a limited mobile service and not a fixed line telephone. This means that 24 lakh Reliance Infocomm FWT subscribers will have to pay access deficit charge (ADC) to state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Reliance Infocomm had filed a petition with the TDSAT challenging BSNL's demand for ADC payments. The telecom tribunal in its ruling has said that the Reliance service was similar to the `Walky' offered by Tata Teleservices. Though the petition was filed against BSNL Chennai circle's claim of about Rs 27 lakh, Reliance Infocomm's net outgo to meet similar demands from other BSNL circles after this judgment is estimated to be between Rs 60 crore and Rs 100 crore. In September 2005, responding to Tata Teleservices petition against BSNL, the tribunal had rejected the challenge and said that "Walky" was WLL (M) service, a service with limited mobility and not a fixed telephone service contrary to the licence granted to the company. The tribunal also held that Tata was not entitled to the benefit of ADC, a levy collected by BSNL to fund its rural telephone projects. Fixed line telephone operators are exempt from paying the charge and BSNL alleged that Tata and Reliance were offering mobile type service in the garb of fixed line telephone to escape ADC payments. Tata Teleservices has challenged the TDSAT order in Supreme Court and now Reliance may become a party to the case. During the hearing in TDSAT, Reliance contended that its service was different from that of Tata Teleservices since mobility was possible within one base station. The TDSAT, however, ruled that "since it is held that the instrument supplied by the petitioner in this petition is also capable of being used outside the premises and choice of use is left to the subscriber, it loses its categorisation as a fixed line phone for the reasons already mentioned in the earlier petition. Therefore, we need not once again go into this question for answering the contention of counsel for the petitioner that in spite of the instrument supplied, the service provided by the petitioner is that of WLL-F."
  9. Rajesh S Kurup in Mumbai | January 16, 2006 10:19 IST Toeing the line taken by Reliance Infocomm, other Indian telecom majors – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Tata Teleservices, Hutch and Airtel – are readying for the rollout of 'OneIndia' plans that offer a single tariff structure across various circles in the country, by January 26. The only exception is Idea Cellular, which has no intentions of joining the bandwagon. "The telecom players are gearing up to launch 'OneIndia' services this month, with most of them intending to launch the services by around January 26. The companies are trying to cash in on the Republic Day spirit. The rollouts will take place around January 26, maybe not on that day itself, it being a holiday," a telecom industry analyst told Business Standard. IT and Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran had earlier announced launching the 'OneIndia' plan in January this year. And with the minister mooting the plan for the PSU, the other players are following suit. According to Kobita Desai, principal analyst (telecom), Gartner, "All players will begin rolling out a single plan to stay buoyant in the industry and to tide over competition. Reliance Infocomm has already rolled out its 'OneIndia' plan and others will not like to be far behind." BSNL officials said that the company was ready with the scheme and will be offering the services under its 'IndiaOne' brand. "It is all ready, we are just waiting for approval from the higher-ups. The scheme would be launched either on Pongal day on January 14, or on Republic Day. This is yet to be finalised," they said. When contacted, sources in TTSL were of the opinion that the "company will roll out customer-friendly initiatives and 'OneIndia' is part of the plan". However, the exact launch date nor the tariff plan was revealed. Ditto is the case with Hutch and Airtel, with officials confirming that a similar plan is being considered and would be rolled out once the competition heats up. Meanwhile, Idea Cellular is one company that has no intentions of joining the bandwagon. Vikram Mehmi, CEO, Idea, said, "Integrated players with their own national long distance network can take a hit on their NLD margins, but it may not be viable for pure play operators". A 'OneIndia' plan would result in erosion of average revenue per user as the players would be offering services at lower prices, but they expect to make good the losses with increase in volume over a longer period of time. Telecom Democracy * The country will have a uniform STD slab for both fixed line and mobile services, irrespective of distance of calls. * Reliance Infocomm as been the first off the block, with its recently-launched 'One Nation One Tariff' plan. * All major operators are also drawing up plans to match the Re 1 tariff of Reliance Infocomm.
  10. ya many time i face my inability to call icici helpline and many other call in TV shows , TRAI should think in this line , i have mailed to TRAI , you also mail them ,
  11. Gcp 4020

    ok my dears i have both GCP 4020 and 350R but i still did not get any solution , please send any software or any other way to get voice recordings ....................
  12. Best RIM Tariff For you?

    hi i am ready to help you , i have some exp in web based programming , actually i am an IT enginner , let me know if i can help you
  13. Gcp 4020

    please help me , in transferring the voice recordings to my PC as such there is no option in software for this please help
  14. Beware Of New Entry Level Handsets

    i think it should be GSM as these fones are operating in high frequency as energy is directly prop to frequency so more radiation shlould be there but at same time battery (Power ) consumption in CDMA is more as compare to GSM what i found , so these are two something contradicting , what other people have views on this ?
  15. Insurance Claims - Help

    5 December 2005 New Delhi: The National Insurance Company and Oriental Insurance Company have suffered a loss of Rs142.63 crore as they extended their tailor-made insurance polices to the mobile handsets of Reliance Infocomm without risk analysis and reinsurance protection. NIC and OIC have so far suffered a loss of Rs142.63 crore (NIC Rs126.58 crore and OIC Rs16.05 crore) while General Insurance suffered a loss amounting to Rs41.37 crore, on the basis of paid and outstanding claims and expenses. While underwriting the unconventional policies, which had serious financial implications, the operating officers did not exercise due diligence and caution and did not ensure the compliance of guidelines issued by IRDA, General Insurance Public Sector Association and the Head Offices of NIC and GIC, which resulted in the loss. No responsibility has been fixed for the regional or divisional offices having exceeded their powers and exposing the companies to such heavy risk and loss.