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  1. Samsung Launches Mpower Series Of Cdma Handsets !

    Ok .. Now the facts !! I have been using the 569 for the last 2 Months and have clocked usage of 132 Hrs. I have put a 2GB Memory Card. The Problems Which have started cropping up in the last 10 days : 1. TO RECORDED CONV. DOES NOT PLAY AND U NEED TO TRY UR LUCK BY TRYING TO REPLAY IT SO THAT IT JUST MAY PLAY THAT ONE TIME. 2. WHILE CHARGING IT MENTIONS "OVERHEATING" ON THE SCREEN AND IT GETS QUITE HOT IN THE LOWER PART 3. SLIDER IS ALREADY WOBBLY. 4. PHONE HANGS QUITE A BIT SPECIALLY WITH THE LAST RECD/DIALED NOS WHEN THE SLIDER IS CLOSED. 5. IT SWITCHES OF AND TURNS ON BY ITSELF maybe once in 2 days now. 6. MENU OPTIONS ARE A BIT COMPLICATED. 7. NO VIDEO RECORDING. I thinks thats abt it for now.
  2. Samsung Launches Mpower Series Of Cdma Handsets !

    I hav been using the 569 for More than a month and I think it is just fantastic.
  3. Samsung Launches Mpower Series Of Cdma Handsets !

    Another New One By Reliance .. Priced At Rs.9,999/- Any Reviews ???
  4. Samsung Fleta Cw619

    This is a new DUAL SIM one at Reliance .. Any Reviews on it ?? Priced at 14850/- at Bangalore.
  5. Samsung Launches Mpower Series Of Cdma Handsets !

    Yes I think This is the one ... Has anyone used it and is it worth the buy ??? The choice is between this one and the Nokia 6275 ... Any Suggestions ??
  6. I saw the hadset at the Reliance Webworld but they did not have any info abt it. Can someone let me know the Phone Book Capacity and how the handset is. This question couldnt be answered by the Samsung Customer Care (30308282) The Answer i Recd was " ITS A NEW HANDSET SO WE DO NOT HAVE INFORMATION ON IT AS YET" . There is o mention about it on their website also.
  7. Body Panel For Nokia 2865 And 6235

    I stay in Bangalore, if anyone can provide a dealer who keeps Panels for 2865 I can take it from him otherwise can buy it from chennai also. Called Customer care they gave all wrong nos. of service centres in Bangalore. Can you please provide the Tel No & Address of the shop ! Thanks
  8. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Hi All, There are Mixed Reviews Regarding the C-810. I need inputs as to whether LG 6600 or C-810 is better as I need to buy one of these. Thanks,
  9. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    I dont know if this works but you can try it out. I copied it from a post sometime back. The Setting are Reliance WAP Settings Connection Name: Reliance Mobile World server dial:#777 User name: SC810@wap.relianceinfo.com Password: PaEs98nsde Proxy Server IP: wapgw.ricinfo.com Proxy Server port: 8080 Means Proxy / Port = wapgw.ricinfo.com:8080 Wap Site = http://rworld.co.in Please let me know if it works. Coz will purchase the handset only if it has R - World.
  10. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Hi All, Just want Info from the C-810 Users .. Does the Handset have R-World and is the C-180 Mentioned in the website the same handset ?? Thanks
  11. Lg Rd 6600

    Hi LG 6600 Users !! I wanted to know how the Bandwidth is if I use the 6600 for my Laptop thru Bluetooth to connect to the internet compared to the Nokia 6275. I am currently using the Nokia 2865 and it is fast. Regards,
  12. New Lg6600

  13. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    Thanx for the Update .. How is it compared to the LG 6600 and does it have a flash Light ??
  14. 1.3 Mega Camera + Stylish Cdma Slider New Mobile

    When do we get to see the Samsung MAX in the market and at what Price ?
  15. New Lg6600

    Hi all, Thanks for the reviews on the 6600 .. does anyone have a clue as to when the Samsung Max is being launched and is it worth waiting for over the LG 6600.