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  1. Unable To Use Internet On Samsung Galaxy 3 (GSM)

    Have tried that as well without any result Do i need to activate rcomnet separately??
  2. Hi, I am using Reliance GSM Postpaid in Mumbai. I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 3 with Android 2.1 I have subscribed to Mobilenet 99 plan - However i am able to only browse (that too, at pathetic speed) but not able to use any apps like Android Market or Gtalk. Please help. Talking to Reliance customer care so far has been a waste of time - they haven't heard of Android as well it seems. regards, Nandi
  3. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Guys, Am facing a problem with my N6275 Keypad. I guess its probably because of dust entry. Can anyone highlight how to open the keypad? Some of the keys are not functioning. regards, Nandi
  4. Reliance Netconnect Activation Problem

    Didn't know about the USB Connector part, that might have changed my decision. Browsing speed is pathetic from 10-15 to 11-45 PM ... as i am using Freedom @ Night. I am getting between 8 kBps and 20 kBps. And the speed feels much slower than using my LG RD5130 .... Any advice? regards, Shuvabrata
  5. Reliance Netconnect Activation Problem

    My connection started the next day. As per Reliance there was some server problems at their end. I went for PCMCIA, cause i was not too happy with USB as it involves a cable and i had pretty bad experiences with my cable. And my laptop has PCMCIA and the card is bought looking at a lifetime of 2-3 years ... Hence i went for it. thanks Shuvabrata
  6. Reliance Netconnect Activation Problem

    NO outgoing calls ... Not even *333 or *363 ... Other connection settings are fine ....
  7. Dear All... Bought my ZTE Datacard from Borivli WebWorld today ... with a postpaid GSK ... After installation, activated it with *228 .... and it said "Successful Activation" .... But unable to use any services on that number ... when calling from my cellphone it says "Plz Check the Number You have dialed" ... *333 is saying that it will take 72 hours to activate .... Can anyone throw any light on this? Please Help. regards, Shuvabrata
  8. Thanx bob a lot. Will do accordingly. The local webworld is quoting a rate of 4000 for the USB Modem. bbye Shuvabrata
  9. Is there any speed difference between the USB modem and the PCMCIA datacard? Which one would you recommend? I am using an Acer laptop which has PCMCIA slot. Please advise. regards, Shuvabrata
  10. As far as i know EDGE on Airtel network is available in very few cities .... I am getting download speeds of 15 - 20 kBps in Reliance .. after 12 in the night ... throughput 55-65 kbps What is your experience?
  11. Hutch claims a EGPRS (EDGE enabled) speed of 248 kbps, compared to RIM's 115kbps ... On standard GPRS though, its about 86 kbps ... Hence in metros i guess, speeds should be similar ...
  12. Thanks Arun. But the IT guy in my office seems to favour TATA / Reliance. regards, Shuvabrata
  13. Dear All, I have been using Reliance NetConnect on my LG RD5130 via USB for a year now. I am on Freedom @ Night plan and i download approx 2 GB every month. I am facing frequent battery problems on my phone and some one suggested that it might be because of using heavy data traffic. So i have decided to go in for a data card. Now i would like to go in for an unlimited plan as i am not able to access Net on Weekends / Holidays in the current plan. Below are the rates that i am getting from various operators: RIM - Card @ 4200, Unlimited @ 1500 per month TATA - Card @ 5200, Unlimited @ 1500 per month HUTCH - Card @ 4500, Unlimited @ 399 per month (this is a corporate plan that i am getting), market rate - 799 per month AIRTEL - Card @ 4900, Unlimited @ 899 per month Can you guys help me choose one? 1500 pm is too expensive for me. I am not getting any broadband services at the place where i stay. regards, Shuvabrata +91-9323976883
  14. R Connect Displaying Wrong Usage

    please upload your bill copies ... Shuvabrata
  15. R Connect Displaying Wrong Usage

    I am also waiting for my bill on 22nd. My unbilled amount has kept on increasing with my R-connect usage (in free hours) .. lets wait and see ... Shuvabrata