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  1. i m replying u using airtel gprs from coolpad288...but its too slow it took around 5 min to reply u....and many times it gives problem while connecting.....u can use r-world but i dont know abt its speed and finally u cant use any tata zone service.....i will suggest u that if u want to use net frequently dont go for this cell...go for any nokia phone in the same price range....
  2. ^^^ @omprakash My dear friend, in Vodafone you will get the gprs speeds upto maximum of 8 to 15kBps if you connect your phone to pc. But the gprs plans of vodafone are very costly. Regards. can you pls tell me about airtel gprs and can i get ota settings for the same online...
  3. thank u very much ....can u tell about its speed and working after connecting to pc...
  4. its 9200 in the mobile store with a offer of gift voucher worth 5000 and 8500 in subhiksha without any offer.....