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  1. Jio Mobile

    Last 2-3 days Jio speeds have become pathetic for me in Andheri to Bandra belt at least. Both JioFi and on handset the speeds are below 1Mbps. That's worse than even RCOM 3G/4G. Idea/Voda 4G speeds are all above 20Mbps. Maybe it is because of 1.6 Cr free subscribers but Jio needs to do something like cap the data use or something as this is not going to work out. Earlier, i used to get 40Mbps and above speeds. At least 10-20 Mbps should be minimum for 4G.
  2. Bought the JioFi2 3 days back and got multiple SMS's since today morning that verification is done and sim is activated with unlimited offer etc. But I still keep getting "invalid sim network locked" message every time I login to the web interface The sim LED/icon shows RED for few seconds then shuts off. If i press power button once then it lights up red again (along with wifi icon which lights up as WHITE). Any idea what i should do now ?
  3. OK, so I got the Jio SIM by generating the code with linked APK using a Sprint Galaxy S6 but obviously the LTE bands are different so SIM doesn't work on that handset. Put sim in a different S6 and activated by calling 1977. Now I can use it in iphone and other 4G handsets and it shows 20-30 Mbps data speed. Only problem is that it shows 2GB data balance (and 100min calls or such) so i tried many times to run my Jio apps on the sprint S6 while connected to hotspot of iphone 6 with Jio SIM and was able to create jio login/pass and then after many tries at one point i was able to click "avail this offer". But the balance still shows 2GB. Any way to get it show unlimited (or 75GB) data balance etc. ??
  4. Above process works fine, managed to get the Jio Sim Coupon Code. Thanks Vikrant. Used Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint for the above. Plan to use it on iPhone 6 or Moto G3 as I don't think sprint S6 supports Jio LTE bands.
  5. Offtopic but, anyone has any idea how to stop this on Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint ?
  6. Getting around 40-50Mbps with Airtel 4G in Bandra to Andheri, Mumbai. However, one irritating problem is that if a call comes in or I make a call, it switches to 3G and then doesn't go back to 4G for quite some time. (at least on iPhone 6). I have to reset radio to get back to 4G quickly. Are others facing this issue too ? or is it specific to iPhone 6.
  7. If even RCOM customers are going to get 4G by Jan 2016 then it will be great ! I got one RGSM number ported to Airtel just to try out their 4G speeds and it's quite good. Around 45 Mbps on iphone6 and 35 Mbps on laptop x220 Only problem is that if a call/sms comes then it switches to 3G and goes back to 4G only after some time and occasionally I have to do a radio switch off-on to get it back to 4G. Though this problem may be there for Jio also but probably the switching logic in handsets will get improved soon.
  8. ^ found this website which seems good to check any phone vs network compatibility: http://willmyphonework.net/ It says SM-G920P will not work with airtel 4G but iPhone 6 (A1586) will work.
  9. I have got an Airtel 4G connection and trying to use it on Samsung Galaxy S6 (sprint - SM-G920P) but it never shows 4G - I have tried selecting GSM / UMTS OR LTE / CDMA OR Automatic. Have checked that SIM is 4G capable and 4G service is on. Also added APN (airtelgprs.com and proxy IP and port) as found on the net for airtel 4G, but I only get 3G. Any Gurus care to explain if this model (SM-G920P) will work with airtel 4G ? I also tried with iPhone 6 (A1586) and selected LTE OR 3G but no 4G icon. Neither are the data speeds very good - around 3-4 mbps on S6 & ip6. As per the internet, this model (A1586) should work with Airtel 4G.
  10. OnePlus invites

    Do you have any invite left ?
  11. I have bought an item from amazon.com (US) and given the New York address of shopandship for my account. This is the first time I have used shopandship so I want to know if I need to inform shopandship about the order or do i wait till it shows up on the website ?
  12. Best Tech Replica

    Wow ! Brilliant copy. How did you find out that its not genuine ? From the OS details or some other give away ?
  13. I am unable to receive bank SMS / OTP etc on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 with GSM SIM (Vodafone / Reliance). I have tried the various SMS apps (like 8sms, gosms, easysms) etc and switching between hangouts and native sms messages app. Any Gurus have any ideas how to fix this ?
  14. Rev B won't work on M7. It works fine on M8 How does one check if Rev B is working on HTC One M8 (sprint) ? I am in mumbai and Rev B is working on my Reliance Pro 3 Dongle.