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  1. dear members, very soon good news for all of us no more data complexity , single rate , single plan for all mobile users no on net off net no more network usage no wap no net connect pre mintues single charge of 10p/10kb , whatever you use wap. net connect , off net this all very soon ( approx 1-3 weeks) and also new plans similar to GSM where 99rs /2gb etc there may be price point / quota difference in 1x /EVDO let us wait for occasion
  2. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    Absolutely correct
  3. 1X Data Service Not Working

    Working now
  4. Which Credit Card To Go For?

    kotak is closing movie benefits w.e.f 20 sep now will be applicable only if monthly billing is more than 5k will be changing this too in near future.........
  5. A small help is required from members. can somebody with BIS service activated ping and post the the ip details/status . when pinging from normal connection , it is timed out. >ping radagbis040.relianceada.com Pinging radagbis040.relianceada.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss), list of server required to be pinged for IP address in BIS is radagbis010.relianceada.com radagbis020.relianceada.com radagbis030.relianceada.com radagbis040.relianceada.com
  6. MTS Onam Offer In Kerala

    before that , offer will be on ganpati utsav
  7. Samsung Mpower Muzik 219 Cdma

    yes , it does have its Airplane Mode called as OFFLINE mode
  8. Use RCOMWAP apn instead of RCOMNET
  9. Finally reliance launched new net plans Only for GSM we can call it simply net POST PAID: RS 99 usage 2.5GB prepaid : RS 5 for 1 day rs 51 for 15 days default and excess usage charges for pre-paid/post paid are 10p/10 KB use it for any thing you want net , modem , mobile internet , push mail WAP etc
  10. Dear There is no catch , it it simple 1 GB per month for 12 months. It includes WAP as well as internet usage. No day and night distinction everything allowed . be it push mail or streaming audio/video so 94/12= less than 8 rs mein 1gb free with 277 min local tata . Great offer
  11. when earlier ?? it is officially launched 2 days ago , that too with voda/airtel, i suppose anyway why anyone use RGSM on such handset when there are so many issues at least for GPRS/Data
  12. already ended on 20th march :(
  13. one reason may be mumbai/maharashtra license with Tata teleservices(maharashtra) ltd. while for rest all circle it is Tata teleservices ltd.
  14. as per latest update DOT has decide to allocate the empty levels in level 8 to mobile services, as exisiting levels are almost full beginning is allocation of 8000 level to a operator very soon. other vacant levels in level 8 to be alloted later. so get ready 8000xxxxxxxxx the mobile call while 802xxxxxxxxxxx banglore bsnl landline and similarly 803xx,804xxx, 806xxxxxxxx also landlines